Yeast for medicinal purposes

Since ancient times, brewer's yeast is used for treatment. They can be combined with different products and used to treat various ailments, in particular, for hair treatment.

What is the use of yeast?

In their composition they have a unique product, which is obtained by self-digestion of yeast cells. As a result, a new product appears, containing all the substances necessary for the body, as well as initiating the formation of new cells. That is, the organism rejuvenates.

Thanks to the action of yeast, you can save yourself from the threat of various diseases, and also significantly improve the working capacity of the whole organism. To be more specific, the benefit is as follows:

- yeast can relieve of diabetes, furunculosis, stomach diseases, ulcers, skin diseases;

- they contain vitamins of group B, as well as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, so necessary for the body;

- they normalize the work of the intestines, gently take care of the skin of the face;

- yeast for hair is simply necessary, positively affect the structure of the nails;

- because of the content of amino acids and antioxidants, they increase the resistance of the body and remove harmful substances outward;

- restore strength after the disease;

- help in weight gain and improve appetite;

- promote wound healing;

- help with great physical and nervous stress;

- used in the treatment of obesity, and also contribute to its prevention.

But along with the above pluses, there are disadvantages, but they are much smaller:

- Take brewer's yeast for medicinal purposes with caution, so as not to gain unwanted weight gain;

- there can be puffiness, that is, fluid retention in the body;

- categorically forbidden the use of yeast in diseases of the kidneys, gout;

- with the admission, side effects may occur, especially if the substance is intolerant.

Beer yeast must be taken correctly, in a timely manner to achieve a positive result. It is advisable to consult a doctor and determine the scheme of admission.

So, scientifically proven, brewer's yeast for hair is an indispensable natural remedy used for their recovery. This is a wonderful cosmetic product that effectively acts and pleases with its accessibility.

Yeast for hair is used not only as an internal means, but also in the form of masks, for example:

- We take a large bulb, squeeze out the juice from it, add half a teaspoon of salt, vegetable oil and a tablespoon of yeast diluted in water, mix everything and apply to the head until half an hour's washing;

- We dissolve half a pack of yeast in sweet water and set this mass to wander, then add a little mustard powder and a tablespoon of honey, apply the resulting mush on the head for two hours, then wash it off;

- Yeast dilute with milk, add egg, vegetable oil, mix everything, let it brew for about fifteen minutes and apply to the scalp, spread over the entire length of the hair, for a couple of hours;

- to remove dandruff yeast is bred with kefir and applied to the head.

These and many other recipes for the preparation of masks for hair and scalp, in which yeast is used as the main ingredient, are simply irreplaceable for hair. Hair becomes beautiful, healthy, full of strength and pleases the eye.

But a couple of recipes that use yeast for hair growth:

- dissolve thirty grams of yeast in warm water, add two tablespoons of tincture of pepper, stir and apply to the roots of hair, we wrap the head with cellophane, then with something warm and hold for at least twenty minutes, then wash it off;

- dissolve the yeast in the herbal broth of chamomile, or sage, or nettle, insist for about thirty minutes, then add the yolk, a tablespoon of burdock oil, a couple of drops of ethereal, stir and distribute evenly over the entire head.

Brewer's yeast for the hair, testimonials on his own, conclusions:

  • First, the reviews are either positive or neutral;
  • Secondly, yeast, a substance, of course, useful, but there are no miracles, it is necessary to act in a complex way, in this case it means the effect on the hair;
  • Thirdly, a very affordable means, without any chemistry, that is, natural;
  • Fourthly, if used wisely, beforehand, consulting with a specialist, everything will be fine.

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