Tigar Winter 1: reviews. Tigar Winter 1: the advantages of winter tires

The acquisition of tires for the car becomes for drivers already a kind of ritual. And this has its own explanations, since the safety of the movement depends on this element. This is especially true for the winter period with unfavorable weather conditions, in which it is necessary to approach the issue with particular attention.

The hero of today's review is just winter tires, which will be analyzed both the manufacturer's statements, and reviews. Tigar Winter 1 is positioned as a reliable, stable and wear-resistant rubber. Is it really so? Let's start by looking at what the developers themselves say about it.

Manufacturer Information

The company Tigar is located in Serbia and was founded in 1935. The main specialization is the production of automotive rubber for all operating conditions. Great experience allows us to constantly improve our products, achieving high results.

At the moment, the company operates under the direction of a well-known manufacturer Michelin and uses in its projects the developments that are inherent in the premium segment. The products are positioned as budgetary, but with an application for high quality. The list includes tires Tigar Winter 1, reviews of which we will analyze at the end of the article.

Brief information about the model under consideration

Analyzed rubber is a winter solution for cars. It is worth noting in advance that the manufacturer is more focused on the weather conditions inherent in Serbia, so count on high rates in severe winters is not worth it. This rubber is designed for regions with mild winters and relatively high temperatures, otherwise the constituent mixture can harden, so the characteristics are greatly reduced.

The main features, according to the manufacturer, is the ability to maintain stability on any type of road in winter. Equally important is the reliable coupling in pair with the maneuverability, which will be useful for high-speed driving. Whether this is true, we can learn by reading about the winter tires Tigar Winter 1 reviews and comparing them with the characteristics of the manufacturer.

Absence of thorns

The manufacturer decided to avoid spike rubber. This gives its advantages, which we'll talk about a little later, such as reducing noise. However, this strategy makes you think as much as possible of the composition of the rubber mixture, because the provision of adhesion to the road surface under any conditions entirely relies on the very rubber Tigar Winter 1 TG. Feedback shows that this decision caused a mixed response from users.

It is also important how the tread pattern will look. It promotes a competent distribution of loads and an increase in the area of contact with the track. If the protector in such a model is not selected correctly, this can lead to the risk of side skids even when driving in a straight line.

Special composition of the rubber compound

It is on the composition of emphasis developers, creating this model line. It was necessary to achieve maximum softness, without losing at the same time in strength and retaining durability. Silicic acid, which binds the components together , has helped in this , giving them the opportunity to be tough even when outwardly the rubber seems soft. It allows you to maintain the coupling characteristics even at low temperatures and provides confident driving on the frozen roads. As they say about Tigar Winter 1 owner's reviews, the softness was even higher than one could imagine.

Tread pattern and comfort

In the issue of drawing a tread pattern, the manufacturer did not abandon traditional solutions used in winter non-studded rubber. As a result, she received a typical V-shaped pattern, pursuing several tasks at the same time. First of all, such a wedge-shaped structure of the arrangement of the tread blocks promotes the course stability, easily coping with loose or freshly fallen snow. As a result, the problem of drifts disappears during a sharp entry into the snow mash after driving on the cleaned asphalt or ice. As shown by the Tigar Winter 1 225 * 55 K17 reviews, the tires are really good at driving on snow and avoiding aquaplaning on the water.

According to the manufacturer, this type of pattern allowed to reduce the rolling resistance, which had a positive effect on the dynamic characteristics, as well as on the overall fuel consumption. As shown by testing, as a result of the application of this technology, 5% less fuel is spent while driving, than with tires of another manufacturer.

Do not forget about the safety of high-speed maneuvering. On the side of the tire Tigar Winter 1 (reviews note the positive side of this solution) are large individual blocks of the tread, allowing you to cope with the loads that arise when turning, and providing an excellent link to the road surface at this time.

Strength and durability

As mentioned earlier, the use of silicic acid made it possible to reduce tire wear when driving on an aggressive surface, for example, purified dry asphalt. However, this would not be enough to protect rubber from all dangerous external factors.

For protecting the tires from damage resulting from impacts, for example, on the curb or rails at the crossings, a powerful double cord responds. As shown by the reviews, Tigar Winter 1 thanks to him get less deformation when hit or hit a sharp object, which creates an additional protective effect. As a result, the probability of a puncture or cut is reduced. This is true even if you drive very carefully. After all, on a winter track, the danger can carry in itself even a piece of frozen ice.

Protection against aquaplaning

It should be noted that in regions with mild winter climate thaws are quite frequent. As a consequence, a good rubber designed for movement at this time should be protected from aquaplaning both in water and in liquid snow porridge.

Two deep longitudinal channels, located along the entire length of the tire, are responsible for efficient drainage of the liquid from the contact patch, ensuring safe movement even in deep puddles. However, with a poor road surface, you should not forget about safety measures anyway. It is desirable to adhere to a reasonable speed regime, corresponding to the situation on the road.

The lamella system and its role

It's hard even to appreciate that plays a big role in rubber - the blocks of the tread or lamella, because they combine as a result into one peculiar "organism". In this model, the lamellas are designed in such a way as to quickly get rid of the snow that is sticking in them. This is especially true in view of the absence of spikes, which could provide coupling with a fully clogged wheel.

Here, the main role in retaining stability is played by edges, the effectiveness of which, with clogging of the lamellae, narrows. Their construction allows to use qualitatively the time and easy deformation that arise during the rotation of the wheel in order to push out the snow and increase the coupling characteristics. As the reviews show, Tigar Winter 1 feels good on the snow, but with ice it has problems, even despite the large number of individual blocks.

Main features of the model according to the manufacturer

First of all, this rubber is positioned as a budget option, which, however, is not much inferior to the brand elite segment. Among the main advantages listed in the test are:

  • Reduction of noise due to the refusal to use thorns.
  • Reduced rolling resistance and, as a result, reduced fuel consumption.
  • A well-designed system of slats allows the tire to be quickly cleaned and forms a large number of edges directly influencing the dynamic and course characteristics of the tire.
  • The system of moisture removal in the form of two main channels copes with its task and prevents aquaplaning in any situations.
  • The central protector rib is designed not only to provide course stability, but also to assist in maneuvering to maintain the linkage with the track. Works together with side blocks during maneuvers.
  • Silicic acid increases the service life, reduces wear and increases the softness of the rubber compound.
  • The metal double cord provides resistance to damage as a result of impact and helps to avoid punctures.

These moments were noticed during professional testing and are offered by the manufacturer as the main strengths of the lineup of tires. Is this really so, you can understand, after reading about tires Tigar Winter 1 XL reviews of drivers who have been using this rubber for a while.

Positive reviews about tires

As practice shows, some aspects of different drivers can be perceived completely from different angles. So in this case - under the impact hit one of the characteristics of Tigar Winter 1 235 * 55R17 103V, reviews of the softness were very ambiguous. We first consider positive opinions, and then we will understand why some users did not speak about it in the best possible light.

  • Softness. Rubber really turned out to be very soft and does not dye even at low temperatures. Some users say that it really justifies the name "Velcro", because the blocks of the tread are so soft that they are glued to their hands.
  • Resistance to aquaplaning. Here, all drivers note good results, because the tires allow you to quickly pass the areas completely flooded with water, without any problems.
  • Low noise, even in the case of an increased size Tigar Winter 1 XL. Reviews show that the noise of tires is even lower than that of summer options. This speaks in favor of this model, especially if the car does not have a very good soundproofing.
  • Excellent cross-country ability in snow and snow porridge. Here, too, the manufacturer managed to conquer its customers. Rubber cope with any amount of snow and row well, keeping the hitch with the track and avoiding drifts.
  • Strength and durability. Despite the high softness, the rubber well survives the blows, avoids cuts and stuffing in the tread pattern and is not erased in the first season, allowing you to save on buying a new set.

These are the main points that users who skated one or more seasons in different conditions celebrated. Let's now analyze the negative aspects of the same feedback, and then compare this information with the characteristics provided by the manufacturer.

Negative points based on user reviews

As mentioned above, some drivers alone can be considered a positive side, while others, on the contrary, will criticize the tires for them. It was not without such a divergence of views in this case.

Softness of rubber, which raises enthusiastic reviews of some drivers, others are very harshly criticized. This is often caused by the style of riding. With quiet motion within the limits of acceptable high-speed limits, inconveniences should not arise. But if you are a fan of aggressive driving, it is worth considering that soft rubber, especially with a high profile, with a speedy entry into the turn, can behave unpredictably and even fly off the drive. This attention is paid to those drivers who, as a result of careless treatment, faced a similar problem when they write about Tigar Winter 1 215 * 55 R17 reviews. But they do not hide that partly this problem arose through their fault.

The second negative aspect is the behavior of tires on ice and in icy conditions. Many drivers were dissatisfied with it, but this result is typical for almost all models on which there is no spinovka. Therefore, when driving on ice, it is better to reduce the speed so as not to be in an unpleasant situation.

Comparison of information from the manufacturer with feedback and conclusion

As you can see, most of the manufacturer provided the latest information on rubber. It does well with snow and water and is really suitable for a temperate climate. The only significant problem that can not be avoided by changing the driving style is a very poor coupling with clean ice, as the reviews say. Tigar Winter 1 in the rest - tires that have turned out pretty successful and can be recommended for purchase.

This model of rubber can be bought in the event that you are an experienced driver who can correctly assess the situation on the road. It will last you a long time because of its durability and will give comfortable driving without acoustic noise effect.

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