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Pilates for weight loss

What is Pilates for weight loss? This is a complex of exercises aimed at the interaction of all the muscles of the body. Physical load is suitable for any age, shape and level of preparation.

During the training, experienced instructors will learn how to breathe and move properly. Pilates lessons will benefit everyone, even those who do not need to lose weight. After all, this type of fitness allows you to strengthen all the muscles, become flexible, improve posture.

If you set out to lose a few pounds in order to feel more perfect and renewed, you should definitely take up this unique kind of recovery. Classes are conducted under specially selected music, which means that apart from the undoubted benefits to your health and appearance, you will get a true aesthetic pleasure and relax, you can distract from negative thoughts and experiences. Thanks to the lessons of Pilates and sounding musical works, harmony of the surrounding world will enter your soul, you will learn a new way to enjoy life.

Pilates for weight loss is a whole program for improving the soul and body, absorbed the best of the western and eastern methods of achieving physical perfection. Quiet, quietly sounding music, special adaptations (dumbbells, balls, barefoot, rugs, etc.), exercises that affect the muscular corset of the body - all this Pilates.

Born as a special gym for rehabilitation of the injured with a damaged spine, Pilates gradually turned into a whole school that studies the work of all muscle groups. Since almost all muscles are involved in this sport, from fingers to toe, the body receives a good load and develops harmoniously, without distortions inherent in bodybuilding.

In addition, doctors recommend this type of fitness for people who have problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system (injuries, joint pains, postural disorders, intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis, etc.), weight loss pilates will also benefit patients with Unstable blood pressure, normalizes the activity of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. During the sessions, the mobility of the joints improves, different parts of the brain are involved, and the work of the muscles is optimized. A person learns to breathe correctly and balance the body.

It is almost impossible to get an injury in Pilates training, since all exercises are done in a slowed pace, with a deep study of all muscle groups. No sudden movements, no long pauses, only complete coordination of movements during exercise and relaxation of body parts not involved in a specific exercise. By alternating the load on the muscle and stretching, the muscles that form the correct posture are strengthened. In Pilates, one of the basic requirements is the smoothness of the transition from one exercise to another.

Pilates with the ball perfectly develops the flexibility of the spine, making it mobile, and therefore healthy. Exercise using barefoot helps to develop coordination of movements and the ability to keep balance. Classes with dumbbells of small weight strengthen the muscles of the legs and hands, increase the effectiveness of exercises for the press.

Lose weight with Pilates can only be provided on a regular basis. Deep elaboration of the press and muscle-stabilizers leads to strengthening of other muscles of the body, to better coordination of movements. Especially pilates for weight loss is useful to women, because it directly affects the muscles of the small pelvis. Doing it and pregnant, as it is impossible to harm a child in this form of fitness.

If a person regularly, 2-3 times a week, is engaged in Pilates, his stamina is increased, smoothness in movements, slender figure and elasticity of gait appear. He proudly carries his body, because he has the right posture and a conscious sense of balance.

What else is good for weight loss pilates? The fact that after regular classes in the gym you can continue your studies outside: in a forest clearing, at home, at the dacha, near a lake, etc.

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