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We strengthen the muscles of the chest

To date, many bodybuilders as a result of bench press have a luxurious chest - pumped pectoral muscles. However, not only bench press is able to provide a load on the frontal deltoid. There are other exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest. And yet, the use of the correct technique of performing a bench press forms the muscles of the chest.

If a person has a flat breast shape, the effect of the bench press will be much larger, since the amplitude of the movement of the fretboard increases, and the main load goes to the pectoral muscles. If a person has a thorax in the form of a "wheel", the future bodybuilder will not receive such an effective pumping of the sternum muscle. To get out of this situation, experts recommend moving the neck closer to the cervical area of the body.

How to properly pump the muscles of the chest

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this exercise should not be abused. If you swing your chest muscles every day, there is a risk of becoming disproportionate. Also, excessive bench press performance will result in insufficiently pumped deltoids, narrow shoulders. In this form, you will not look like a mythological titan, so do not forget about the fact that the shoulders also require training.

The main advantage of bench press is that it is executed from a stable reclining position. Regular (but not excessive) performance of this exercise will significantly add strength and give a good load on the upper muscles of the chest.

Bench press does not allow movements with jerks. If you tear off the pelvis from the bench, the risk of injury increases. It is extremely necessary to know your working weight. The isolated muscle strength should help you squeeze the heavy weight of the rod.

To influence the range of the action of this exercise, it is recommended to change the grasp distance (the distance between the brushes). The width of the grip is responsible for that part of the chest that will undergo stress during the exercise. A wide grip sweeps the outside of the chest. The middle grip gives the main load to the middle muscles of the chest. Internal shares are worked out with a narrow grip. It should be noted that during the bench press the triceps heads are pumped.

Inclined presses with a barbell are performed in case of pumping the upper chest. Exercise is performed with a neck or dumbbells on an inclined board. The outer zone of the pectoral muscles is worked out by diluting the hands with dumbbells.

Push-ups on the uneven bars

When this exercise is performed, the main load enters the lower zone of the pectoral muscles. If the bars have a width of 70-85 cm, the upper and lower muscles of the chest are pumped. If the athlete has a higher height, then the bars should have a larger width.

The muscles of the chest expand during the exercise "pullovers". It is worth noting that this exercise does not have much effect on the increase in volume. The most common mistake in training a breast is that the athlete does not concentrate enough of the chest muscles. Muscles should be stressed during the whole approach during the exercise. It is worth taking into account the fact that for each body requires an individual program for training the muscles of the chest, so do not blindly follow other people's programs without studying the specifics of your body. Pectoral muscles should be stretched from time to time. During the training between the approaches it is necessary to raise the arms in different directions, thereby stretching the pectoral muscles. To achieve a full stretching effect, dumbbells are the most promising here.

It is extremely necessary to maintain proper nutrition between exercises. If the body takes unhealthy food, then the great effect of training is very difficult to achieve.

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