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Black Label (whiskey) - a unique heritage of John Walker

Black Label - whiskey, won worldwide recognition and won hundreds of titles and awards. The secret of such a grandiose popularity lies in the excellent taste, inimitable aroma and impeccable quality of alcoholic beverage, the former favorite of Winston Churchill himself. Its composition boasts the interaction of 40 varieties of single malt whiskey, the age of which reaches 12 years.

Historical facts

The history of the birth of the famous Scotch tape dates back to 1876, when John Walker decides to open a small store, the production and sale of unique whiskey blends. At that time, the taste of all noble beverages differed sharply from the current scotch, more resembling a bitter medicine than a balanced mix of shades. Many connoisseurs tried to give him a more noble taste, but it was only John Walker. He struck the whole of Scotland, and soon the whole world deep, rich, but at the same time soft and heterogeneous taste of his masterpiece, which was later named Red and Black Label (whiskey with a red and black label).

Walker's business grew and expanded, and the glory of his drink spread throughout the country. The small grocery store eventually turned into a solid company John Walker & Sons, and in 1908 the Johnnie Walker brand was patented. In 1909, the grandchildren of John George and Alexander were released a line of exclusive tape: White, Red and Black Label. White Label did not survive to this day, hitting the letter of the law, prohibiting the sale of whiskey with aging less than three years (the age of the blend was 2 years). And whiskey Johnnie Walker Black Label and Red Label, having traveled a length of a hundred years, won worldwide fame and recognition.

Legendary trademark

A bottle of Black Label, however, like the entire line of whiskey Johnny Walker, is decorated with an advertising hologram of a cheerfully walking man with a hat and a monocle. The idea of the trademark belongs to the Walker brothers, as well as the famous slogan "Johnny Walker, born in 1820, is still confidently moving forward," under whose auspices the company has worked for 80 years. The brand's modern motto sounds a bit simpler: "Keep moving!", Pushing to continue to drink whiskey.

The unique heritage of the Walker family

Black Label - deluxe whiskey. He ranks first in global sales of scotch. The technology of its manufacture has not changed since 1909: the malt drink is poured into oak barrels and is aged for 12 years. In this case, each of 40 varieties is processed separately, and only after the allotted time the beverages are mixed. Kupazh form a variety of scotch, collected from the plains, highlands, islands and provinces. That is why the taste of whiskey turns out to be unique, rich, diverse, like the nectar of ancient Greek gods.

Unearthly taste of Scotch whiskey

Each variety, from which the flavorful bouquet of whiskey develops, bears in itself a special, inherent only to it shade, character and aroma. But, coming into contact with other drinks, he does not give in to them, carefully preserving their taste and aromatic personality. Therefore, in Black Label (whiskey, reviews of which are very enthusiastic), each note is discernible, opening in the mouth with a deep, velvety sound.

Uncorking the bottle, you will get a chance to enjoy the delicate fragrance of citrus, the smell of fresh sea breeze, pleasant smoke from the fire and the aroma of quality tobacco. Aroma, like a delight for the olfactory strings of the soul, will awaken a passionate desire to feel and taste the drink. The latter will not deceive expectations, surprising with an amazing correlation of silky tenderness, scorching bitterness and balanced sweetness. The first sip is marked by a pleasant wine taste, rich notes of dried fruits, prunes and raisins. The soft mix will gradually grow into the sound of sherry and vanilla, leaving a long, multi-faceted aftertaste in your mouth.

Black Label - whiskey, in which everything is perfect: and the flavor, and taste, and color. The color of the legendary drink is dark golden, reddish-brick, with sparkling orange gleams, as if beckoning to the world, free from domestic problems and worries.

Recommendations for use

Black Label alcoholic gourmets are advised to drink in pure form or with ice, small, unhurried sips, trying to feel the whole range of taste. It does not drain with a volley, like vodka, do not drink through a tube, like a cocktail, and do not mix with soda or Coca-Cola. Etiquette of the use of scotch says: this alcoholic drink does not welcome the cold, it is taken to warm in the hand until the room temperature is reached, then you will feel all the richness, the whole palette of flavors that Black Label (whiskey) gives. Testimonials to confirm this.

The legacy of John Walker - Black Label (Black Label) is unmistakably determined by a beveled red label and a funny hologram at the bottom of the bottle. Whiskey will be a perfect addition to any party and a feast. Elite scotch will give you and your guests a true pleasure, incomparable with anything. Just be careful in proportions - a strong, seasoned drink can quickly knock you off your feet, covering an avalanche of hops. In addition, Black Label - whiskey, the price of which is not always available to ordinary citizens. The cost of one of its bottles (0.5, 0.7 liters) varies within the range of $ 30-70.

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