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Delicious rassolnik in the multivark

Today, many kitchens have such a wonderful device, like a multivarker. This compact device "knows how" to cook almost everything, starting with milk porridge, ending with baking.

Very delicious in the multivariate soups are obtained, and even to cook them in this wonderful unit is even easier than on a conventional stove. To prepare the first dishes you can use the same recipes that were used for cooking soup in a conventional saucepan. It will only take into account some subtleties.

The big advantage of the multivark is that all the ingredients used to make soups are laid almost simultaneously. That is, now you do not have to "guard" when boiling broth, lay in turn vegetables, depending on the timing of cooking each product. In a multivariate, nothing is cooked, all vegetables will retain their shape, despite the long preparation period.

Let's try to cook a pickle with a pearl bar in a multivark. Such soup can be cooked on a meat broth, and you can choose a vegetarian option by welding rassolnik with mushrooms. Excellent and obtained rassolnik, cooked with chicken giblets - hearts, ventricles and liver.

When cooking soup in a multivark, meat on the bone is best not to use, because the sharp edges of the bone can damage the coating of the bowl. Therefore, you need to either boil the broth in advance on the stove, or use meat without bones. In the latter case, it must immediately cut into pieces.

So, if we cook a pickle in the Panasonic multivarquet with a bowl capacity of 4.5 liters, then we need 1 measuring cup of pearl barley, four potatoes, one carrot, a bulb, a little vegetable oil for frying. Two or three (depending on the size) of salted cucumber, a spoon of tomato and a half liter of water or a ready-made broth. If you plan to cook rassolnik with meat without cooking the broth on the stove, you will need three hundred beef grams. When cooking the mushroom pickle you need to take the same amount of fresh mushrooms.

When cooking soup in a multi -bowl with a smaller bowl volume, you must reduce the number of products accordingly.

So, we begin to prepare rassolnik in the multivark. We will wash the pearl barley and fill it with boiling water for half an hour. To rinse the cereals do not use the bowl of the multivark, as it can damage its coating.

We cut carrots and onions, as usual for soup. Pour a little vegetable oil into the bowl of the multivarka, pour in the vegetables and turn on the "baking" mode, setting the time to 30 minutes. From time to time, stir vegetables with a silicone spatula. And ten minutes before the end of the program, we add to the frying cut into small cubes salted cucumbers and pieces of meat (or mushrooms, if cooked mushroom pickle). Mix it and add the tomato paste. Close the lid and wait for the timer signal.

Turn off the appliance, pour boiling water into the bowl, put the prepared pearl barley and chopped potatoes. If we use ready-made, pre-cooked broth, it also needs to be heated to a boil. Finished meat from the broth cut into pieces and put in a bowl. At this stage, you can pour in a bowl about a hundred grams of cucumber pickle, but this is already a matter of taste. We stir the soup, add salt, if necessary, and other condiments. We close the multivark and choose the "quenching" mode, setting the cooking time - two hours.

After the timer signal sounds, put the laurel leaf and the cut greens (you can dry) in the pickle. Leave for five minutes in heating mode. Our rassolnik in the multivark is ready, you can serve to the table, adding sour cream to the plates.

Similarly, you can prepare rassolnik in a multivark with rice or red lentils. Only rice does not need pre-soaking, it's enough to simply rinse it well in cold water.

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