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Repair of Washing Machines Miele

I am glad to welcome you! Repair of washing machines miele! If you found this article, you are faced with a problem that is called "we have a broken washing machine, a bale of laundry and what to do" I will try to help you. Do not rush everything. If your washing machine has stopped pressing the laundry, first check the drain pump filter in the lower right corner, unscrew it and see if there are any foreign objects in it. If there is, remove it and turn on the AGR (washing machine) on the water set after It will pick up water stop and in forced mode put it on the drain or squeeze, the problem does not go away then proceed to the second stage you need to open the task to the wall of the AGR or the front depending on the styralka. After opening in the bottom of the SMA there is a plum pump to it fit two or three branch pipes need the side pliers to remove the largest branch pipe that goes from the drum to the drain pump, check its main foreign objects that do not reach the external filter, stop here, but if it Empty then with a high probability it can be said that the whole problem in the drain pope is changing it and keep using it.

Let's review one more type of breakdown, repair of washing machines miele:

Over time, the owners of washing machines can notice that their washing machine has stopped picking up the powder. Yes, the machine turns on, the drum is spinning, but the detergent remains in its tray at the end of the wash. Fully or partially.
Of course, there is no need to talk about any normal washing in this case. But before solving the problem, it is necessary to correctly determine what exactly it is caused.
1) Operating errors
Perhaps, due to inattention, the powder (or conditioner) was placed in the wrong compartment. In modern models of machines there can be several. If you really messed up the compartments for detergents and bleaches, it's no surprise that the washing machine does not take away the powder.
2) Bad powder
If the problem is observed after the change of detergent, then the output is obvious: you need to change the brand of the manufacturer, returning to the powder that you used before.
Cheap and not very high-quality compounds can be poorly washed with water and therefore will remain in the tray.
3) Weak water pressure
If the water flows very poorly, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that the washing machine remains a powder. You can check the head by turning off the cold water tap.
If the water from the water pipe began to flow slowly, you can wait a while. Perhaps, this trouble is caused by repair or plumbing works. But if such a problem has been observed continuously, consultation with a utility specialist is necessary. Probably, communications in the house were worn out and obsolete, and on the walls of pipes accumulated a huge amount of calcareous and other deposits, hampering the flow of water into the tap.
4) Clogged filter mesh.

The water that enters our homes can not boast of crystal clearness: most often it contains impurities in one or another concentration, including solid particles.
Some of these substances could be clogged by a coarse filter, which is located at the rear of the apparatus on the hose. This part is clogged, prevents the free passage of the aquatic environment. As a result, the washing machine does not wash out the powder.
You can cope with the problem yourself. To do this, close the cold water tap, unscrew the hose and clean the filter with a brush with a stiff bristle and any detergent.
5) Damage to the intake valve
Thanks to the operation of the valve, water is set by the machine during the washing process. If the valve or its parts (for example, the coil) fail, the membrane partially overlaps. As a result, the water hardly reaches the machine, and the powder remains in its compartment without washing completely.
6) Water supply nozzle failure
It's simple: if the nozzle is faulty - the water pressure may deteriorate noticeably. What this can lead to, has been repeatedly mentioned above.

In addition, the nozzle could become clogged. In this case, its thorough cleaning is required.
As can be understood from all of the above, the reasons for the poor washing out of the powder by the washing machine may be different. If the fault is due to carelessness or inattention of the owner or short-term problems associated with repairing communications in the house, then one should not panic ahead of time.

If the trouble is caused by the wear and tear of certain parts of the machine or water pipe, the master's help will be needed.

If this helped you, then I did not waste my time writing this article. If your SMA has broken something else, write and in the place with you we will try to fix the problem.

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