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How many eggs can I eat on an empty stomach without harm to my health?

In order to answer the question about how many eggs you can eat on an empty stomach, you first need to understand what benefit and what harm to our body brings the yolk, protein and their combination.

Do eggs increase cholesterol?

It is generally believed that eggs contain a large amount of cholesterol. Many people are frightened of this word, but, in fact, without cholesterol, our body could not function fully. It can not be excluded from the diet, but it is necessary to normalize consumption. And although it is commonly believed that eggs increase the level of this element in the blood, it is important to remember that the yolk contains phospholipids that help the body cope with the negative effects of cholesterol.

Do eggs affect the functioning of the body?

The main organ that is exposed to cholesterol is the liver. It is in it that all the processes of its splitting and processing take place. But the liver itself produces up to 80% of the daily cholesterol, so the question of how many eggs can be eaten on an empty stomach so as not to affect its performance is of interest to many. But in fact, if you suddenly decide to reduce your cholesterol intake, then your body will be forced to increase its production by itself.

Which eggs are more useful: raw, boiled or fried?

If you decide to eat eggs on an empty stomach, then you can not take raw in any case, because, firstly, in this form your body is very difficult to absorb, in fact, you can become infected with salmonella. Fried eggs in the oil also will not bring your body much benefit, so it's best to choose your hard-boiled or soft-boiled.

So how many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?

The answer to this question is very simple - as much as it is harmless to your body.

Traditionally it is considered that you can consume no more than 3 pieces per week, but this figure can be different for different people. If you have any problems with the digestive tract or liver, then determining how many eggs you can eat on an empty stomach, it is better to stop at the round digit - zero. Believe me, eggs are not the only product that ensures the intake of cholesterol in our body, so, if possible, it is better to avoid their use, so as not to cause even more harm. If you do not have any digestive problems, then you can afford to eat one or two eggs a day a couple of times a week.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many eggs you can eat on an empty stomach. For each person this figure may differ, but the main thing is that there should be no harm from this.

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