How to automatically configure MMS on "Tele2" and can it be done manually?

The MMS service is no less popular than sending text messages. At each person sometimes there can be a necessity to send a picture to other subscriber, for example to share impressions from rest. Modern gadgets, as a rule, automatically configure the Internet and MMS after the SIM card appears in the device slot. In some cases, when this does not happen, you have to make a request for settings or manually register them at the appropriate point in the phone. How to automatically configure MMS on "Tele2"? When can I need to manually configure the device to receive and send multimedia messages?

Get Settings: General Description

As mentioned earlier, the sending of settings is initiated automatically by the system as soon as the sim card is registered on the network. The process of accepting these parameters is performed on the client side (by saving them in the device). In fact, in order to start using the MMS service, it is only necessary to save the settings received from the operator in the form of a text message. However, not all subscribers accept the sent parameters on time. For example, a person purchased a new gadget, inserted a sim card into it, and immediately received several text messages, among which the MMS parameters. Most likely, such a person will ignore such notifications, since he does not currently have any needs for this service. But in the future, he may have a fair question about how to connect and configure MMS on "Tele2".

Request for MMC parameters

If the client of an alternative cellular operator had to be in a similar situation, then you can exit it in several ways:

  • Perform a request for auto-tuning through the operator's service;
  • Perform a similar operation through the web interface of the personal cabinet;
  • Prescribe the settings in your device.

Attention! You should enter the correct data if you are puzzled by the question of how to set up MMS on "Tele2". Detailed instructions with recommendations are contained on the official resource of the operator. Below in this article we will also describe how you can configure yourself.

How to automatically configure MMS on "Tele2"

If the option of manual input of connection parameters is not interesting to the subscriber and the question of ordering autotuning for MMC was raised before him, then we recommend using the voice service to receive them.

To get and apply the parameters necessary for using the MMS service on your mobile device, dial 679 (the connection is free, as well as receiving settings). After applying to this number, the subscriber from whose device the request was made will receive a text message. After that, the person will simply need to click the "Save" button on the smartphone's display.

If you clarify with the contact center operator how to set MMS on "Tele2" automatically, then he will also recommend making settings for the connection through the personal cabinet.

When Manual Tuning may be required

Interference of the subscriber and the need for self-tuning may occur in the following cases:

  • The settings sent by the operator were not "received" by the device;
  • When the SIM card was inserted, settings were not received;
  • The received message with settings was deleted.

Sometimes the inability to send a multimedia message can be due to the fact that this service is simply turned off. Despite the fact that it is basic and is available on all SIM cards by default, the subscriber himself could previously turn it off. In this case, it is first necessary to puzzle how to connect MMC to "Tele2". How to manually configure the settings on your gadget, read on. Below, you will learn how to configure the settings in the device menu.

We prescribe parameters for the MMS service on devices running on the Android OS

So, if you use a gadget on Android , and you can not figure out how to automatically configure MMS on "Tele2", it's time to manually set the necessary parameters.

In the device settings, you should find a section for mobile networks. Here you need to add an additional access point. In the parameters requested for it, we enter the data:

  • The home page address is (a similar value should be written in the field "Access Point (APN)" -
  • The type of the access point is mms.
  • Proxy -
  • MCC - 250.
  • MNC - 20.

The values for the fields "login" and "password" are not required.

Setting up the service for the iPhone

For owners of apple devices, the procedure for entering parameters is not much different from the one considered earlier.

To add follows MMS-proxy -, APN MMSC (similarly, as on "Android" devices).

After the settings specified above are set on the device, you must restart it - this is done in order for the settings to take effect. Before proceeding with the procedure of entering parameters into the corresponding menu of the device, it is recommended to try autotune (how to automatically configure MMS on "Tele2", we told earlier).

Another recommendation after a successful configuration is sending a test multimedia message to any number, you can even on your own. This is necessary in order to register a device with the settings you have entered on the network - this will allow receiving similar messages from other subscribers in the standard form, and not as a link to the MMC gallery.

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