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Kim Yong Jin: Biography and Movies

Today we will tell you who Kim Yong Jin is. Films with her participation, as well as a biography, we will consider below. It's about the South Korean actress of television and cinema. She achieved wide recognition due to her work on the series "Staying Alive", where Sun Kwon played the role.


Kim Yong Jin was born in 1973, on November 7, in Seoul. At the age of ten she and her parents went to the United States. The family settled in the urban district of New York called Staten Island. At school I took part in a drama club. Played in a musical called "My Fair Lady." She became a student of the Higher School of Music, Art and Acting. She graduated from it. I entered the Academy of Acting in London. Then she studied at Boston University. After his graduation, the actress participates in various programs on television, and also starred in serials in small roles.

In 1997, he played in the movie "A Magnificent Holiday" of Korean production. Filming took place on the territory of New York. After the completion of work on the film, the actress decides to return to Korea. There she is invited to participate in the television series "Wedding Dress". After much hesitation, she rejects the offer. In 1999, Kim Yong Jin starred in the successful Korean film Shiri. She also works on several Asian films. In 2004, again sent to the United States. Receives an invitation to take part in the series "Staying Alive". In it, she plays the role of Sun. Thanks to this work, the actress becomes world famous. Since 2012 she has been shooting in the TV series "Mistresses". It appeared on the screens in 2013.


The actress participated in the talk show "Look" by Mark Gentile. Worked on documentary films. Participates in comedy shows. I signed a contract with an American agency that works with a lot of Hollywood stars.

Personal life

Kim Yong Jin became the wife of Chon Hyok Pak. He is her former manager. The wedding took place in 2010 on the territory of the island of Oahu, immediately after the completion of work on the final episode of the series "Staying alive". Now you know a little more about Kim Yong Jin's personal life. Growth, weight and films with her participation are also worth mentioning. On the movie talk in the next section, and the growth of the actress is 168 cm, weight - 50 kg.


In 1998, Kim Yong Jin starred in the role of Gina in the series "Wedding Dress". In 1999, Li Pan Hee played in the film "Shiri". In 2000 she won the role of Jon in the film "Ginko". In 2002, Kim Hee-soo played in the movie "Yesterday". From 2004 to 2010, she starred in the series "Staying Alive" as Sun Kwon. In 2005, Seo Yong-Hee played in the film "The June Diary". In 2008, she won the role of Yu Zhi Yong in the film "Seven Days". In 2009, played Chon Hye Kon in the film "Harmony". In 2012, starred in the role of Kyung Hee in the movie "Neighbors". In 2013, Karen Kim played in the series "Mistresses."


The actress starred in the series "Mistresses." It is based on the format of a British multi-series film of 2008-2010 with a similar title. In the center of the story line is the life of four girlfriends. Each of them consists in uneasy and even dangerous relations. Work on the project started in 2012. The premiere took place in June 2013. In September 2014 the project was extended for the third season, and subsequently for the fourth. The author of the script was KJ Steinberg.

Casting for the main roles started in March. Kim got the role of a psychiatrist who maintained a relationship with her patient, recently deceased. Production of the film originally took place in Los Angeles, later transferred to Vancouver.

The actress also starred in the television series "Staying Alive". It can be attributed to the genre of Robinsonade. The painting is a laureate of the Golden Globe and Emmy awards. In the center of the storyline is the story of the passengers of the plane flying 815. They fly from Sydney to Los Angeles and suffer a catastrophe. As a result, get on a mysterious and mysterious tropical island, which is in Oceania. Each series includes the main storyline, as well as a minor storyline. The latter, as a rule, narrates about the main character of the episode at a different time. In the beginning, in this way, the scenes from the past of the heroes are revealed to the viewer, and closer to the conclusion - also from the future. Also in the film there is a storyline, telling about the events that occurred 3 years after the disaster in the US. Mainly the series was shot on the territory of the island of Oahu.

The pilot episode was shown in September 2004. He collected 19 million spectators from the screens. The whole series consists of six seasons. The project is considered to be the most expensive. The series was supported by critics, and it is popular with the public. The film was shown in May 2010. In total, the audience saw 121 series. Based on the plot of the film, comics and literary works are created. There is also a video game based on the series. Some of the characters in the film were created specifically for certain actors. The pilot episode became the record holder on the budget, but as a result, the series brought incredible commercial success to the creators. Now you know who Kim Yong Jin is. Photos of the actress are attached to this material.

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