Can I get married in a leap year? February 29?

Signs are an integral part of our life. People, relying on popular beliefs, determine their course of life. A lot of fictions are connected with February 29. Young girls are wondering whether it is possible to get married in a leap year. The material will tell you about the roots of this superstition.

The negative image of Cassian

Every fourth year in our calendar for one day is longer and is not 365, but 366 days. Catholics on this date honor the memory of Oswald of Worcester. The Orthodox faith celebrates the name-day of the holy Roman John Cassian. It was a real man who lived in the second half of the 300's. A man is known as a good monk and theologian. History shows that this was a kind and humble Christian who dedicated his life to the Lord. But in folk tales he has an ambiguous role.

According to legend, this saint was different from others in bad temper and disobedience. It is believed that as a child he was abducted by demons and brought up in lies. In many pictures, a Christian is depicted with demonic, evil features. Many people believe that this character bears the ruin and misery of the earth. That's why people believe that you can not get married in a leap year, start new business and move to another home.

Folk myths

One of the legends tells us that the angel sinned before God. But the merciful Creator did not punish a strict saint.

According to one version? The Creator placed a disobedient subject on the man who beat him on the forehead for three years in a row. On the fourth, a leap year, the sinner rested. Another legend says: one day, Nicolas-saint and Cassian met a man whose carriage was stuck in a swamp. The first angel undertook to help the poor man. But his friend did not want to get his hands dirty. God, having learned about this, punished the unkind saint. Since then, his name-day people celebrate every 4 years. Because of Cassian's dislike for people, many people wonder whether it is worth getting married in a leap year, looking for a new job and building a house.

Another belief says that this saint faithfully protects the gates of hell. And only once in four years it gets a day off. When the guard relaxes, the entrance is guarded by the apostles.

Another world

Unlike the Slavs, Europe has acquired other traditions. One of the people's decisions prohibits not only this day, but throughout the year to sign important documents and make serious decisions. In the West, such a theory had an absolutely logical explanation. The fact is that until the 18th century, February 29 did not have a legal status. This day did not actually exist on paper, so the final deals were outlawed. In order to avoid trouble in the future, people tried to avoid paper work.

If people are thinking in our open spaces, whether it is possible to marry in a leap year, then in Ireland the attitude to the situation is completely different. For a long time in this country, women had the right to offer a hand and heart to a man on 29 February. The guy did not dare to refuse. Everyone who did not agree to the offer had to pay a fine in the form of a kiss or buying an expensive thing for a disappointed bride. In other parts, the evil groom gave the insulted young lady 12 pairs of silk mittens, dresses or money.

Strong figure

The history of this tradition is very deep. According to legend, St. Bridget agreed with St. Patrick that once in four years the girl has the right to call the man herself to marry. It was not satisfied with the fact that the woman should have waited for the first step from the gentleman. Even today in Scotland and Ireland, where this tradition is common, people do not think whether it is possible to get married in a leap year.

But the young lady, who was planning a wedding, was to wear a red skirt on the eve of the day to warn her potential spouse.

The woman, the initiator of the agreement, is a real historical figure. Bridget was noted for her strength and independence. She defended the rights of the beautiful half of humanity and actively participated in the political and religious life of the country.

The other side of the coin

This tradition became the basis for a wonderful Hollywood melodrama "How to marry for 3 days." The main character of the film goes to Dublin to offer her hand and heart to her boyfriend. But in fairy Ireland, she meets a man who really conquers her soul.

In Europe, many couples decide to marry in a leap year. Statistics show that 95% of such original proposals end in agreement.

Unlike our region, where February 29 is considered a day of misfortune, other countries believe that the person who was born on this day is in great luck.

Therefore, everything depends on the worldview and the mentality of the people. A person who believes that all days can be divided into bad and good, will depend on the calendar. In the case when a person pays less attention to superstitions and signs, her existence will be filled with joy and happiness. Many Slavs should take an example from Europeans, for which February 29 - another reason to have fun.

Year of the widow

There are many new, unkind signs. For example, you should not mortgage a new house, as all its residents will be seriously ill. It is not necessary to move to another apartment, because there the owners are waiting for failure. Elderly people are not recommended to buy clothes, in which they must be put in a coffin. It is said that such persons, after purchasing, do not live long. Pregnant women should not cut their hair, because a child can be born sick.

They are wary of those who plan to marry in a leap year. Signs say that a person who decides to take such a step falls into a curse. The family will disintegrate, the newlyweds will change each other. One partner can die young, and his half will remain forever a widow.

But none of these gossip has scientific confirmation.

The opinion of the church

But very few people know that in our territory there used to be a good tradition for a leap year. During the belief in such a period, the girl herself could choose a young man who would go to her. But people forgot about this custom.

The Church believes that there is no mysticism at this date. You can marry any day, if the Sacrament does not contradict the church canons. People make themselves prejudiced, and if the couple thinks about whether it is possible to get married in a leap year and postpones the wedding, most likely, their decision is not yet final. Lovers need time for reflection. During this period they will have a chance to check the sincerity of their feelings and intentions.

Negative coloring of the last day of winter, when unclean force crawls to the ground , originates from the Gentiles. In turn, February 29 for Orthodoxy - the opportunity to honor St. John Cassian the Romans, a good Christian.

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