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We expand gastronomic knowledge: what kind of fish is black caviar?

Black caviar is a treat that appears on our tables on special occasions. From the gastronomic point of view - this is an exquisite delicacy, very useful in its nutritional properties. On the biological side, it is, first of all, the eggs of fish of certain breeds. But what kind of fish black caviar, we'll talk and find out in our article.

What kind of a delicacy?

Black caviar is commonly called eggs of sturgeon fishes. The size of eggs and the taste of different fish species may be somewhat different. However, the common features are easily traced: the eggs of all sturgeons are a very delicate substance, covered with a thin film. It should be handled carefully during production as well as during use, as the film of eggs easily bursts and the contents simply pour out.

Black caviar is used as something that is overvalued and rare (in fact, it is). In the absolute majority, these are small portions on a slice of bread, smeared with a thin layer of butter.

Excursion to the world of sturgeon: fish with black caviar and product features

A number of sturgeon fishes include several breeds that live in different parts of the world. Therefore, we can use fishery products of Russian, Arabian, and European origin.

Let's start the same acquaintance with different varieties of delicacy to find out what kind of fish black caviar is and how it can differ.

Beluga caviar

Beluga black caviar is the most expensive variety of all. The peculiarities of its appearance are, first of all, in the size of the eggs: they are much larger than in other black caviar varieties (have a diameter of about 2.5 mm).

The color of beluga caviar is gray, it can be of different shades. When packaging for sale on the labels are made signs that correspond to one or another shade. For example, light gray caviar has the designation "0000" on the label, dark-gray "0", and the one that has black color is designated "X". There is also a more rare unusual shade - golden. This color is inherent in eggs of adult beluga-albino and is especially revered by connoisseurs of this exquisite delicacy.

The aroma of caviar of beluga is far from the usual fishy smell. Rather, its smell is closer to hazelnut.

The cost of beluga caviar is determined by exceptional taste and nutritional qualities, as well as the rarity of the fish itself.

Sturgeon caviar

Black caviar sturgeon caviar is the most common caviar on the shelves of the whole world (referring to the countries importing it). From sturgeon caviar sturgeon outwardly and in taste is different.

The taste of sturgeon black caviar is special: it is perfectly balanced and therefore pleasant to our taste buds. For this, this product is considered valuable, but in terms of money it is more affordable than beluga caviar.

The size of eggs of sturgeon is smaller than in beluga. If such an egg crush, then inside you can see a darkish embryonic vesicle among the yellowish substance. The color of sturgeon caviar is marked on cans with different designations: black caviar is represented by the letter "B", dark gray - "B", well, the lightest, light gray - "A".

Servlet calf

The caviar of stellate sturgeon stands out among other varieties of black caviar. First of all, it is the smallest in diameter and has the highest density. Also in its composition, a lot of fat in comparison with other varieties of this delicacy.

On packages of sturgeon caviar there are no color designations. Unlike sturgeon, the embryonic vesicle is lighter here than the outer color of the eggs. The liquid inside the shell has a whitish color resembling milk. This can be seen by crushing several grains of the sturgeon caviar and examining them.

Treatment and use of black caviar

Now that we know what kind of fish black caviar is. It's time to find out how it is processed in factories before you submit to our table.

The most famous and beloved by connoisseurs is caviar grainy, pasteurized salted. It is her that we most often see in shop windows in hermetically sealed glass jars and jars. Such caviar is stored in the refrigerator, the terms of product use are strictly maintained with the package open.

In the freezer, black caviar can not be stored in cans, as this breaks down its structure: egg shells burst.

In cases where eggs extracted from sturgeon fish are immature or damaged during extraction, it is made of eggs. With this method of processing, the film is preserved, which is covered with fish eggs. This is very rare in our stores.

Black caviar from Sevruga has grown fond of the consumer, being processed under the press. This caviar is called pajusna.

Let's sum up the results

Black caviar is an exquisite delicacy. It is appreciated all over the world and try to supplement it with the festive table to the extent possible.

But this delicacy is not only valuable, but also delicate. Keep black caviar carefully, in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer. The ideal temperature for storing eggs as long as possible is -2-3 ° C.

The caviar is kept in the open for a short time. Eat it quickly, as even under good conditions it quickly deteriorates. Cans of caviar always give instructions on storage of both closed and printed product.

This was our gastronomic journey to the world of precious delicacy. Now we know exactly what kind of fish black caviar is. We also learned that it can be of several varieties and can be handled differently before getting to us on the table. It remains only to wish that we often spoiled ourselves with black caviar!

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