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Persie's tomatoes: variety characteristics and growing characteristics

What can be better than self-grown and harvested vegetables? Absolutely natural and energy-filled tomatoes are especially delicious. Today we will dwell on this sort of tomato, like Percy. We will describe its main characteristics and features of cultivation.

Description of tomatoes Perseus

This sort of tomato was bred already in the late nineteenth century, on the territory of Moldova. Tomatoes Percy (they are Perseus) - this is a fairly powerful, determinant plant with stunted and lush bushes. The height of these bushes is about half a meter. The main characteristic of tomatoes Perseus - mid-ripeness. The first fruits can be obtained no earlier than 3.5 months after the appearance of sprouts. The first harvest of tomatoes is represented by larger fruits weighing about one hundred and twenty grams. The subsequent tomatoes grow smaller. The shape of the fruit does not differ from any other variety - rounded and slightly flattened. Bright red, dense pulp of tomato Percy has a fantastic taste and aroma. In addition to excellent taste and a fairly large size, tomatoes have excellent transportable qualities. Appearance and taste of tomatoes is preserved even with long storage and transportation, which is very convenient if you are growing tomatoes Percy for sale. Most gardeners noted the resistance of this variety to diseases of various kinds and remarkable indicators for harvesting both in the greenhouse and in the open ground. In the following sections, we will talk about how to plant and grow this variety of tomatoes in your area.

Preparing the seeds for planting

If you first decided to plant tomatoes Percy, then it is better to get seeds from experienced gardeners or in a specialized store. Since this variety is not hybrid, you can safely use seeds from the past harvest. It is enough to choose a healthy bush and collect the first fruits. The collected tomatoes are kept warm for several days before softening, after which seeds are selected and washed through a sieve. Within two or three days, the washed seeds are dried on paper, after which they are removed into paper bags. Be sure to sign the date of collection, because after six years, Percy's tomatoes will lose their germination.

Tips for growing seedlings

If there is no opportunity to purchase a special primer for seedlings, just mix the soil with compost and humus. The sowing of tomatoes takes place approximately two months before landing in the open ground. Before planting, the seeds are soaked in a growth stimulant or a weak manganese solution. Seeds are ready for planting if the sprouted roots are not less than 2 mm. Seeds are planted in a loose soil to a depth of 1.5 centimeters, at a distance of not less than 3 cm. Do not ram the soil, just sprinkle the seeds on top of the earth. Boxes with seedlings cover with a film and put in a warm place until the appearance of the first shoots. As soon as the majority of shoots appear, move the boxes to the well-lit windowsills. Lack of light and too thick seedlings lead to weakening of shoots. Do not over-sprout sprouts, to avoid the disease of the "black leg."

Planting seedlings in the open ground

Plentifully pour the seedlings - so it is easier to remove from the ground. Planting is performed to a depth of not more than 20 centimeters, with a distance between the bushes about half a meter. Under each planted shrub pour at least two liters of water. After collecting the first fruits cut the lower leaves, so that the bush is better ventilated and not subjected to fungal diseases. As the cultivation of Percy tomatoes periodically loosen the soil around the bush and remove the weeds. In droughty weather, water the bushes. Harvesting is performed as the fruit ripens.

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