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Indian nuts: description, calorie, benefit and harm

Nuts are considered the food of the future, and it is not accidental. They are very nutritious and rich in vitamins and trace elements, necessary for maintaining the body in tone.

The main supplier of cashew nuts to our country is India. From there we also bring so-called Indian soap nuts, but they are inedible and are used only when creating hygiene products, so if there are Indian nuts in the salad or other dish recipe, then cashews are meant. Our article is about them.


Despite the fact that nuts are very caloric, nutritionists recommend to include them in a complex of products that contribute to weight loss. Of all, the Indian nut for weight loss is considered the most suitable. Fat in it is slightly less than in other nuts. These are unsaturated fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9. In addition, many of the B vitamins (niacin, riboflavin, folacin, thiamine, pirodoxin and pantothenic acid), vitamins A and C are also in cashews. Indian nuts are suppliers of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and Sahara.

Zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium biometals are contained in them in an optimal ratio and in easily digestible form.

Cashew Benefits

Before you tell how to use cashew slimming, we'll tell you in what other cases these nuts help, and for what they are loved in the countries where they grow.

Indian walnut (a photograph of it in front of you) is an overgrown fruit sapling of fruit, looking like a quince or pear.

This is the colander, which is considered a nut, the Indians are used to treat colds, and also as an antiseptic. Cashew is a famous aphrodisiac and activates libido in both men and women.

The regular addition of Indian nuts to the food helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, dissolve low-density cholesterol, increase brain activity and strengthen overall immunity.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered another unique property of cashews - the ability to destroy cancer cells. This is an additional argument in favor of including Indian nuts in the list of products that are daily on the table.


It is important to consider that only fresh, indian or nutless Indian mold can be used for food. What is the smell of benign cashew? Gentle, sweetish-fruity and very pleasant. If there is a mustiness, then such a nut is not suitable for food, because there is a risk of provoking an allergy, dysbiosis and even intoxication.

A good Indian nut (this picture clearly illustrates) has an even milky-white color, without yellowing and foreign stains.

Cashew, like almost all nuts, can cause rejection, so people prone to somatic reactions to food, it can be recommended only after a blood test for the presence of antibodies.

Cashew in cooking

The Indian nuts are loved by the chefs not only for a pleasant taste. Cashew come to the retail network already ready for use. They do not need to be cleaned or fried. They are perfectly combined with a variety of products. They are added to both sweet and salty dishes. The intricate form of nuts suggests using them as decor on cakes, ice cream, cakes and salads. Indian nuts will not spoil any dish. Grinded nuts go to sauces and all of the above dishes.

When compiling a menu of a lean table, Indian nuts will also come in handy. From milled cashews make milk, cottage cheese, thick cream and delicacy cheese.

Cashew in diet food

In 100 grams of cashews - 600 calories, but those who want to quickly lose weight, the menu includes Indian walnut. For weight loss (reviews confirm this) cashews are irreplaceable. The reason is that nuts quickly give a sense of satiety and contribute to the development of hormones that improve mood and tone up. But it is not a secret for anyone that the intensely losing weight because of the acute sense of hunger is irritable and lethargic. Indian nuts, the useful properties of which we listed above, you need to eat in very small quantities, not more than 30 grams per day, that is, 8-16 pieces, and one by one, thoroughly and long chewing. Only with such use of such an energy-intensive product, the effect of losing weight will come without fail and quickly, and the mood will remain even and positive.

Next, we offer several recipes for dishes containing Indian walnut. The reviews say that they are ideal for inclusion in the menu of people suffering from overweight, but forced to lead an active lifestyle.


Walnut milk is prepared immediately before use in food, because, like the usual cow, in a warm room it quickly turns sour. The maximum shelf life in the refrigerator is 24 hours.

The process of preparing milk is simple, but with unaccustomed use it can seem time consuming. Nuts are ground in small mortars in a mortar. To them is constantly added a little bit of hot water. The result should be a homogeneous paste. This paste is diluted with water and then filtered through several layers of gauze.

Tender and fragrant milk is drunk with honey or sugar, added to coffee and tea, in a word, used to make a wide variety of drinks and other dishes. Below we will give recipes of the most interesting and universal.

The application of nut milk is similar to the use of cow's milk. In monastic kitchens in fasting days, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and Indian nuts are in great demand. The benefits of these nutritious and delicious gifts of nature are truly invaluable.


We will teach you how to make delicious cheese from 150 grams of cashew, which is nice to eat, smeared on toast, in addition, this cheese is conveniently cut into slices and put into salads instead of Feta milk cheese, and also it is unusually good in fillings with stuffing of vegetables and fruits .

To make cheese, you need nuts (150 g), 60 ml of natural lemon juice, vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons, salt - 1 teaspoon, half a cup of water and 2 cloves of garlic.

Nuts for half an hour to soak in boiling water, lightly dry and grind in a blender to the state of the paste. Garlic grate on the smallest grater. Cashew, garlic, butter, lemon juice, water and salt to combine and stir. Try the taste and, if everything suits, then once again whip the mixture until smooth.

In a deep dish put the sieve so that it does not reach the bottom. In a sieve lay gauze, folded into three layers. Put on cheesecloth cheese mass. The edges of the gauze should be raised, fastened with an elastic band and placed for 12 hours in a cold place to express excess water. It will be a little.

Then take heat-resistant dishes, lubricate its bottom and walls with vegetable oil and put the resulting raw walnut cheese into it. It will easily settle. Preheat the oven and place the cheese in it for 40 minutes. The readiness is determined visually. Cheese should be browned and covered with cracks. Further it will have to cool at room temperature, covering with a damp cloth, and then wrap it with a food film and put it into the fridge for another two hours. During this time the cheese will acquire an ideal density and consistency.

Dates stuffed with walnut cheese

When you are on a diet, you really want the food to be delicious, original and satisfying, is not it? Cashews will improve the taste of any dish. Eat a large number of dates, stuffed with walnut cheese will not work - on strength one or two, since the saturation will come very quickly, from the first bite.

Indian nuts are harmful to the figure only in large quantities, and one date stuffed with walnut cheese will quickly quench the feeling of hunger, raise the spirits and not cause remorse because of high energy value, because these calories will be burned for a very long time without provoking the deposition of fat.

The dates are stuffed like this: the fruit is cut, the bone is removed, and instead of it is put nut cheese, mixed with crushed nuts.

Cake filling

Cashew is a delicious filling for pies from any dough. It is done so.

Nuts (half a glass) should be passed through a meat grinder or rubbed on a grater. To nuts, add sugar - 170 grams (you can have a little less) and 1 egg.

A tablespoon of wheat flour lightly fry in butter, cool and put in a bowl with chopped nuts, sugar and egg. All good stir, and the filling is ready!

Jelly with cherries on nut milk

Agar-agar or gelatin should be diluted in accordance with the instructions on the package and make a gelling solution.

Prepare 0.5 liters of nut milk. Add brown sugar to the milk, stir and boil. Mix with gelling solution and vanillin, pour into molds and put in the fridge for freezing.

200 g of granulated sugar melted in a deep frying pan, dip the frozen cherry in the sugar (400 g) and, gently stirring with a silicone spatula, bring the berries to caramelization. On the frozen jelly put glazed cherries and cashew halves.

Green salad with nut sauce

For 150 grams of fresh spinach and sorrel scald with boiling water, tear your hands in small pieces and pour nutty sauce.

For the sauce you need apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil, garlic (2-3 cloves), fresh dill, celery and parsley, green onions, salt and 0.5 cups of Indian nuts. All ingredients, except for the oil of vinegar and salt, pound in a mortar and lightly diluted with water. Salt, add oil and vinegar to taste. Ready to combine the sauce with spinach and sorrel.

This sauce is recommended not only with the salad given here. He will well shade and other foods that are usually cooked with mayonnaise.

Stuffed Tomatoes

With strong tomatoes, cut the bottom with a flower bud, and from the middle of a teaspoon scrape out the seeds. For the filling, take Indian nuts, carrots, avocado and potatoes. The ratio of products has no strict order. Everything depends on the taste preferences of the cook.

Carrots and potatoes must be cleaned, boiled and cut into very small cubes. Cashew pound in the mortar. Remove the stone from the avocado, and cut the flesh as well as the rest of the vegetables. All the ingredients are combined in a bowl, add salt, pepper, stir and fill with the resulting mixture of tomatoes.

In the same way, you can stuff a baked Bulgarian pepper, baked aubergines and zucchini.

Green sauce

Our green sauce is good for both salads and second courses from meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and rice. Green color is obtained due to the presence of avocado, and a delicate, creamy taste - thanks to Indian nuts. The composition of the sauce is extremely simple - cashew, avocado and lime juice. But the preparation of it will take time.

To start with a glass of nuts, you need to make nut milk, as described above. Do not throw out the squeezes.

Two tablespoons of flour lightly fry to a light yellowish shade, combine with nut milk and bring to a boil. A little bit of salt and pepper. The result is a thick and tasty mixture.

Nut cake combine with the pulp of avocado and whip with a blender for 10-15 seconds. Add the juice of one lime and a slightly cooled nut mixture. Stir and use in a dish.


A thick cream of Indian nuts is a wonderful independent dessert dish. Also it is convenient for them to stuff cakes, for example, eclairs.

To prepare the cream, flour the wheat flour lightly on vegetable, better refined, olive oil.

Prepare the nut milk. Combine it with flour, a few drops of cognac and honey. Stir and warm on the stove.

Cashews contain less fat than other nuts, and due to the fact that they contain only slow carbohydrates, they are recommended in diet for weight loss.


Thick nutty jelly like everything. For him, you need to take 400 g of nuts and crush in a mortar or grind with a blender. Pour in a nutty mass one liter of boiling water and let stand for 20 minutes. Strain through gauze. In pomace to pour another glass of boiling water, insist and drain again. The resulting milk is flavored with vanilla sugar. Pour out one glass, and put the rest on fire.

To a separated glass of nut milk add a glass of potato starch, stir and pour into boiling almond milk. Immediately stir to make the kissel homogeneous and without lumps. As soon as he begins to lag behind the walls of the pan, remove from the plate, pour into a mold and put it out to cool for cooling.

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