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The most expensive things in CS GO. Income from items

The most popular of today's shooters among gamers, of course, is CS GO. But in addition to entertainment in the game there is a good opportunity to earn and stand out among many users.


In addition to the game process, many users are interested in the way to diversify their character, and this helps a lot of subjects.

In the game there are both the simplest and cheapest items that are not of special interest, and the expensive things that are desired by many users.

The cost of things starts from the very minimum of a few cents, and sometimes reaches unprecedented heights in the form of thousands of dollars. The most expensive things in CS GO, besides the way to stand out with something special, are of financial interest.

Trade in such items can become a good income for the player. However, as in many ways of earning, there are a lot of nuances here.

First you need to figure out what are the most expensive things in CS GO. In addition to the rarity of the subject, his condition is of great importance. Some rare specimens lose most of their value due to deterioration.

Where do the items come from?

Items in the game can be obtained in several ways. Which way to choose depends directly on the user.

The simplest way, of course, is to purchase things through the trading floor. At the site the player can find not only the necessary lot, but also to pick up an adequate price and choose the quality of the item.

Random shops are also popular now, where for a small fee the buyer is given a random item from the chosen rarity. Such stores are a good way to get expensive things. In CS GO, unfortunately, there are a lot of simple objects, so it's not a fact that a rare item from the store will drop out right away.

The most expensive things in CS GO can be obtained and more familiar to players by the method, namely, loss. After the game or the task is completed, there is a chance of dropping the case with items. Opening the case, sometimes you can get a rare knife or a different weapon.

You can get the desired object and the method of exchange. Finding a player with the right thing, you can agree on the cost for which he is ready to part with the thing.

Rare Items

Many knives are included in the top 10 expensive items. In the CS GO, the most expensive item is the M-9 bayonet knife. He was sold on the site in 2014 for an incredible amount - almost 24 thousand dollars.

More common representatives, such as Kerambit or some varieties of M-9, can be bought for the amount of 1200-2000 dollars.

Less rare knives start their cost from forty dollars and reach up to five hundred. The price affects both the state of the object and some additional features. Sometimes to increase the cost of the most simple things can be different postscript, for example, that this is a souvenir.

Of course, in addition to representatives of cold steel, firearms are also valued.

Ironically, firearms are not the most expensive things. In CS GO one of the most expensive items of firearms are SCAR-20 and PP-19 with the name "Bison" and the annotation "souvenir", such weapons cost about 400 dollars each.

Income from things

Having received a rare item, the player sometimes wishes to resell it. The simplest way in this business is to sell the item on the trading floor. Advantages of this method are reliability and confidence in obtaining money. However, the received money will not be able to withdraw from the client games, and you can spend only on purchases on Steam.

You can get real money from the sale with the help of sites for buying up. There are many online stores where they buy items and transfer money to a purse. Here only using this method, the seller loses a small part of the real value of the item.

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