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How to write the conclusion of the thesis

In order to write the conclusion of the thesis, first you have to decide what it is for. This part of the study is located at the end. After it there is a list of the literature that was used, as well as the application. The conclusion of the thesis is the totality of the main theses on the topic, which is devoted to the work, with the results of the research.

This part should not be too voluminous, it is enough to keep within 4-5 sheets. However, this should contain only basic information, it is advisable not to use common phrases. Everything should be laconic in the matter. The head, after reading this part of the study, should understand that the student really figured out the topic, conducted a thorough analysis of the literature and made the main conclusions.

The conclusion to the thesis should once again touch upon the main problems that were mentioned in the introduction. At the same time, in this part they should be covered from other sides, after the conducted researches. Conventionally, the theory, practice and recommendations to the application of the results obtained are singled out in this chapter.

A student here is advised to draw the attention of the reader to the main points of the analytical work. In addition, it is important to point out the value of the material in terms of practice. Sometimes teachers start to read the diploma from this part, therefore it is not possible to completely duplicate the material from the introduction or other chapters. Or it will serve as proof that the student did not understand the research and did not fulfill the goals set out initially.

Thus, the conclusion of the thesis summarizes the results of all the activities that have been carried out. In the main part of the study, any assessment of the problem is undesirable, since its purpose is to report the information. The conclusion is ideal for this. Here you can specify what kind of work was conducted, what difficulties the student faced, what interesting came from the activity. It is also important to give recommendations for the further use of the findings in practice.

Before writing the conclusion of the thesis, an example of it can be seen in similar studies. It is better to state your conclusions, to clarify whether the original hypothesis has been confirmed or not. If nevertheless the put forward assumption turned out to be true, then the practical significance of the work is emphasized. You can also write your own conclusions on how to fix the problem that has come to light.

The conclusion of the thesis must be the logical conclusion of all work. It should be designed in such a way that the reader does not have any doubts that the researcher understands the topic. After the graduation is completed, she surrenders to the pulpit. Further the student prepares for protection where it will be necessary to present adequately the work. Very often, fragments of imprisonment are used for this, which is one of the reasons why it should be carefully written. It is rather important for the teacher to see here the opinion of the student himself.

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