Shampoos toning and caring for hair

By dyeing our hair, we often face the problem of color washout. Time for the next procedure has not yet come, and the shade has already faded, lost its shine, and there is a natural desire to update it. In order to maintain the brightness of the colored curls, there are shampoos that tint the hair in the desired color. The range of their application is quite wide. They are relevant not only for dyed, but also clarified, melirovanyh, even natural hair. What are the features of such tools, and how to choose them correctly?


In comparison with conventional shampooing shade has a number of advantages. First of all, this is a composition that does not include oxidants, which ensure the penetration of pigment pigments into the hair. This means that the remedy is not harmful. In addition, due to the coloring pigments, additional shine and radiance is provided. Such products can be used even by pregnant women. Also shampoos, toning hair, carefully cleaned and looked after the curls. Most of them contain oils, silk proteins, especially for professional products. They save time, because they are convenient and simple to use, help maintain a well-groomed and accurate appearance of hair. It is impossible not to note the quality as a cumulative effect. With regular use, the pigments remain in the hair, the color retains firmness and shine until the next staining. In this case, you can reduce the use of shampoo up to once or twice a week.

How to choose the right one?

This is a reasonable question, the answer to which is, first of all, the price of the product. Expensive shampoos, toning hair, have the most sparing composition, without harmful chemical compounds, metal salts as pigments, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones. The more natural the composition will have shampoo, the richer, more beautiful, the hair will look better and the color will be firm and will not go into blackout. It is also a guarantee that the product will not give undesirable shades.

When choosing a shampoo, be guided by the already existing tone. Remember that it can not radically change the color, including lightening. Therefore, if you dye your hair in chocolate, copper, light brown - choose a product that corresponds to the already existing tone. If you are blonde - you can experiment, choosing between warm and cold shades. Regular use of the drug can neutralize yellowness, which does not give rest to many blonde young ladies.

Be careful, shampoos, toning hair, differ in type and give a different effect on gray, damaged or natural curls. Also, many cosmetic companies produce means for toning men's hair, because they have a different structure and require a different approach than women's.

Tint means for blondes

Shampoos for light hair have a soft composition and are designed specifically to correct unwanted shades: yellow, green, orange. Many professional products are effectively cleaned, while they do not wash out color, give shine even to very porous clarified hair. If you use a toning shampoo for blondes, try to use and moisturizing masks, in order to avoid dry hair. The time of exposure of the shade means depends on the intensity of the desired shade. The maximum time is 20 minutes. Shampoos with the effect of lamination are in great demand . These are products of double action, giving not only gentle cleansing of clarified hair, but also saturation with their nutrients. After such care, the hair is very easy to lay, they do not shake and have a beautiful shade.

Toning shampoo "Estelle"

The company offers a wide range of color products, which has 18 tones. There are no ammonia in the composition, which guarantees gentle care, UV filters, keratin complex, useful extracts, for example mango. Shampoo has a thick consistency, it is convenient to apply to any length, does not flow. The aging time is 20-30 minutes. The palette includes both bright, fashionable nuances, and shades for coloring of gray hair. The product is considered very stable - washed off after the 7th wash. Good cope with unwanted shades on light hair, gives them beautiful cool or pearly tones. For a long time keeps shine of hair.

Popular brands

The range of toning rulers is very wide, and each has its own advantages, features, and drawbacks. Of particular note are the following toning shampoos for hair: Schwarzkopf, Loreal, Wella, Curtin, Matrix. Using these tools, in addition to the impeccable reputation of everyone, has many positive points. Shampoos are ideal for thinned, weakened and severely damaged hair, capable of painting gray hair. With regular use, they accumulate in the hair, intensify the color intensity, leave no residue on clothes and skin, have a comfortable consistency, do not contain hard thickeners.

The use of shade shampoo is an excellent alternative to frequent staining and salvation for those who do not want to radically change, but only slightly change the shade. Be beautiful!

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