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What is the spiritual life of a person and what is this concept?

Adult people often think about self-development and self-awareness, questions of ethics and morals, spirituality and religion, about the meaning of life. What is the spiritual life of a person? We can say that this is a heap of his impressions and experience, which are realized in the process of life.

What is spirituality?

Questions of spirituality are engaged in such sciences as philosophy, theology, religious studies and social studies. What is the spiritual life of a person? It is very difficult to define it. This is the formation of the inner world, which includes knowledge, feelings, faith and "high" (from the moral and ethical point of view) goals. What is the spiritual life of a person? Education, family, going to church and rare charity donations? No, it's all wrong. Spiritual life is the attainment of the senses and the mind, united in the so-called spiritual values, which lead to the construction of even higher goals.

"Strength" and "weakness" of spiritual development

What distinguishes the "spiritually developed personality" from others? What is the spiritual life of a person? A developed, integral personality strives for the purity of ideals and thoughts, she thinks about her development and acts in accordance with her ideals. Weakly developed in this regard, a person is not able to appreciate all the charms of the world around, his inner life is colorless and poor. So what is the spiritual life of a person? First of all, this is the progressive development of the personality and its self-regulation, under the "leadership" of high values, goals and ideals.

World outlook features

What is the spiritual life of a person? Essays on this topic are often asked to write to students and students, since this is a fundamental issue. But it can not be considered without mentioning such a notion. As a "world view". What is it? This term describes a set of views of the individual on the world around her and the processes that occur in him. In the world view, the individual's attitude to everything that surrounds him is laid. Worldview processes define and reflect the feelings and thoughts that the world presents to a person, they form a holistic view of other people, about nature, society, moral values and ideals. In all historical periods, the features of human views on the world were different, but it is difficult to find two persons with the same views of the world. That is why we can conclude that the spiritual life of each individual person is individual. There may be people with similar views, but there are factors that will necessarily make their own adjustments.

Values and landmarks

What is the spiritual life of a person? If we talk about this concept, then we need to remember about the value reference. This is the most expensive and even holy moment for every person. It is these benchmarks in the aggregate that reflect the relation of the individual to facts, phenomena and events that occur in reality. Values are different for different nations, countries, societies, peoples, communities and ethnic groups. With their help, both individual and social goals and priorities are formed. One can single out moral, artistic, political, economic, professional and religious values.

We are what we think about

Consciousness determines being, as the classics of philosophy say. What is the spiritual life of a person? We can say that development is awareness, clarity of mind and purity of thoughts. It can not be said that the whole process is only in the head. The notion of "mindfulness" implies some kind of active action on this path. It begins with the control of your thoughts. Every word comes from unconscious or conscious thought, which is why it is important to control them. Behind words come actions. Tone of voice, body language correspond to words, which, in turn, are generated by thoughts. Watching your actions is also very important, as they will become habits over time. And to overcome the bad habit is very difficult, it is much better not to have it. Habits form a character, and this is exactly how other people see the personality. They can not know thoughts or feelings, but they can evaluate and analyze actions. The character, together with actions and habits, forms the life path and spiritual development. It is the constant control over oneself and self-improvement that make up the basis of a person's spiritual life.

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