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How to recognize symptoms of thyroid problems?

Among all organs of the human system, the thyroid gland deserves the greatest attention , which is responsible for the course of the majority of processes in the body. It's no secret that the symptoms of thyroid problems, which can manifest themselves in different ways, cause most people to panic. Is it really so terrible in reality? In any case, do not panic, and should as soon as possible to prevent any problems with the thyroid. Treatment may even be minimal, which does not require surgical intervention and does not leave too much perceptible consequences.

Speaking about the initial signs of the diseases of this organ, it should be noted that they occur at the hormonal level, respectively, to identify them at an early stage without the intervention of a doctor is almost impossible. Accordingly, the symptoms of thyroid problems at the initial stage are rather scarce, and if they manifest themselves, then in very rare cases, which is expressed by a sharp deterioration in well-being and a high degree of fatigue. This can include deterioration of memory, sleep disturbance, which can also be expressed by increased sleepiness during the day and complete apathy to everything around. In principle, such symptoms are typical for a number of diseases, therefore, it is not possible to diagnose hormonal disruption as a result of abnormalities in the thyroid gland functioning independently.

With the progression of the dysfunction of this organ, there are more prominent signs that will make it possible to unambiguously diagnose. If you are interested in how to identify problems with the thyroid, you should pay attention to such signs:

  • Markedly puffy face, the appearance of a general edema of the body;
  • A significant increase in weight without changing the lifestyle and eating habits, and even when dieting, weight decreases very slowly;
  • Fragility and hair loss, general dry skin, not previously characteristic;
  • State of "freezing" regardless of weather and conditions;
  • A violation of sensitivity and a pronounced pallor of the face, characteristic of the sick person.

At the same time, describing the symptoms of problems with the thyroid, one should not bypass the most important organ - the heart, which is struck first in this case. For example, most often in this case, there will be a so-called bradycardia, which is a soft pulse, the filling of which is very weak. In addition, the symptoms of thyroid problems are accompanied by hypertension, which at times makes it very difficult to diagnose. Most patients write off their condition for heart problems without taking into account possible problems with one of the main organs of the whole system. If there are no improvements after taking antihypertensive therapy, you should check the condition of the thyroid gland and pass all the necessary tests to reveal the general hormonal background of the body.

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