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Teardrop psoriasis: causes, diagnosis, treatment

Noncommunicable diseases are not transmitted from person to person. They have, as a rule, a chronic form and slowly progress, with a long time negatively affecting human health. At treatment, the goal is first to suspend the destructive effect of harmful factors, and then, if possible, completely "cleanse" the body.

Non-infectious diseases are, for example, cardiovascular, oncological diseases. Psoriasis also belongs to this group, it is not transmitted from person to person. This is a chronic ailment that affects the skin.

Most often occurs at a young age, but it may appear in the elderly, and in children. To the same extent, it affects both women and men.

Features of teardrop psoriasis

Psoriasis has several types. This is not such a rare skin disease. One of its varieties is a drop-shaped psoriasis.

It appears suddenly and can be confused with allergic reactions. On the skin are formed small papules, the shape of which resembles a drop. The size of the speck does not exceed 1 centimeter in diameter, but over time they can expand and merge into plaques covering large areas of skin on the human body. Papules have a red, perhaps even purple color. In this case, there is also a peeling crust along the edges. Most often papules cover the hips, but can also appear on any other area of the skin. The least chance of psoriasis is on the feet, face and palms.

Causes of psoriasis

One of the main reasons is hereditary predisposition to the disease. However, there are other prerequisites:

  • Disturbances in the work of the nervous system.
  • Psychological failures.
  • Presence of infectious diseases: streptococcal and staphylococcal infections.
  • Metabolic disease.
  • Viral infections.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • Intolerance to cold.

Any of the listed reasons can provoke the appearance of teardrop-shaped psoriasis.

Symptoms of the disease

In most cases, drop-shaped psoriasis appears in adolescents. The disease can provoke a transmitted infectious disease, for example, it can be otitis, tonsillitis. The first symptoms appear 3-5 days after recovery from an infectious disease.

Begins teardrop-shaped psoriasis with the appearance of several spots on the skin, they can appear on any part of the human body, while causing severe itching.

Psoriasis itself does not pass, most often it goes into a chronic form. It happens that the papules disappear in one place on their own, however, just as easily they can appear in another.

Teardrop-shaped psoriasis can pass by itself when a child is growing up, but this is a small possibility.

Diagnose such an ailment can easily be a qualified dermatologist. However, in order to exclude the possibility of another disease, for example pink lichen, a sowing from the pharynx to group A streptococcus is taken. Its presence means that the patient's present malaise is teardrop-shaped psoriasis.

Treatment for psoriasis

The course of recovery of the body will be long and time-consuming. First, the doctor finds out the cause of the rash. Only at its or her establishment it is possible to receive qualitative treatment.

The first thing to do is to eliminate the cause that triggered the onset of the disease, and then a course of health procedures is prescribed that will help clear the skin of the "rash" and restore the body.

Guttate psoriasis requires an integrated approach to treatment. The patient is prescribed a strict diet to normalize the metabolism in the body.

The main directions in treatment are PUVA therapy and plasmapheresis.

PUVA therapy is a procedure in which the affected areas of the body are exposed to ultraviolet radiation together with the use of topical drugs. Irradiation is carried out only under the strict supervision of the attending physician.

Plasmapheresis - purification of blood from harmful substances. Passage of such a procedure contributes to the reduction of relapses and well relieves the exacerbation of the disease. This method is based on the use of drugs-immunomodulators. They do not allow the cell to divide, in this connection the affected areas of the skin are reduced.

Also used and such methods of treatment for psoriasis:

  • Treatment by physiotherapy.
  • Support of the body through the adoption of vitamin complexes.
  • Appointment of drugs to maintain the immune system.
  • Use of drugs with monoclonal antibodies.

There are many ointments and gels for external use, which are prescribed when a person has a drop-shaped psoriasis. Treatment is carried out in combination with a diet, it is necessary to continue to observe proper nutrition.

Psychological state of the patient

Psoriasis affects not only the physical condition, but also the psychological. A person with such a disease becomes more withdrawn, begins to worry more for his appearance, loses social ties in society. Therefore, it is necessary to provide friendly support to such people. For better social adaptation, it is desirable for a patient to get rid of external signs of the disease, in this case preparations containing monoclonal antibodies can help. Such drugs block certain cells of the immune system, which affect the development of the disease.

Monoclonal antibodies for psoriasis

Such bodies have one precursor cell, they originate from the cell clone. These are antibodies that recognize certain antigens and attach to them. Thus, they draw the attention of the immune system to the "enemy". The organism independently gets rid of antigens. In this case, monoclonal antibodies affect only the "sick" cells, without touching the healthy ones.

The use of such drugs can contribute to the complete cleansing of the skin and lead the body to a prolonged remission.

Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis

Recently, the Chinese ointment "The King of Skin" has become widespread. It is actively advertised and discussed by both patients and doctors.

In its composition, the ointment has clobetasol propionate and ketoconazole, sandalwood oil, tree leaves, tulasi (sacral basil), kachary kapi, turmeric, licorice, talc.

Ointment "King of Skin" is produced in small jars and is intended for the treatment of psoriasis of any kind.

The drug acts like this:

  • Reduces itching.
  • Reduces dry skin.
  • Fights inflammation and prevents the re-emergence of inflammation.
  • Eliminates peeling, smooths the skin.

However, it must be remembered that any treatment should be started after consultation and under the supervision of a doctor.

Teardrop psoriasis - prevention of disease

Prevention is a general strengthening of the body. This zakalivanie, proper nutrition, exercise, raising immunity. All this minimizes the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases. And if the probability of infection with an infectious disease decreases, the likelihood of psoriasis rashes decreases.

When there is a drop-shaped psoriasis, the prognosis for recovery is favorable, especially if you managed to see a doctor at the very beginning of the disease. If the specialist does not make an appointment in time, the ailment can turn into a serious form and his treatment will be difficult.

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