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What is inflammation of the joints and how to treat it?

Our joints are a junction between two bones, they allow the person to bend his knees and elbows, flex his back, move his hips and turn his head. The synovial fluid serves to lubricate the joint, it prevents direct contact between the two joint surfaces. Unfortunately, over time the surface of the joint wears out, and the cartilaginous tissue is destroyed, a similar condition is called arthritis. Diseases of the joints are divided into two large groups, the first of them relates to the metabolic diseases of the joints, the second - includes the inflammatory processes.

Arthritis - inflammation of the joints

Arthritis is characterized most often by stiffness and pain in the joints, this is due to the fact that inflammation occurs in the affected area, it is manifested not only by swelling and pain in the articular region, but by reddening and swelling of the skin in the affected area. Treatment of the disease largely depends on the severity. To an easy degree carry one affected joint, to an average degree - an inflammation of several joints simultaneously (for example, fingers and feet), a severe degree is considered acute arthritis of all joints. Most often, the causes of the disease lie in the genetic predisposition of the body, and the disease can manifest itself in different cases in different ways, sometimes with the inflammation of the jaw, and sometimes with inflammation of the vertebrae.

Inflammation of the joints. Symptoms and manifestations of the disease.

When arthritis joint very swollen, on the skin above it there are visible signs of inflammation, and this part of the body becomes stiff and inactive. The general state of the body at this point is suffering, there are signs of inflammation, chills, fever. Such symptoms often occur because of the infiltration of the joint. The seriousness of such a disease most often lies in the fact that untreated arthritis can progress and subsequently lead to complete destruction of the joints.

How to treat joint inflammation

Most often, inflammation of the joints is treated with special medications, including non-specific anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs that not only effectively remove signs of inflammation, but also prevent the disease from progressing. Nevertheless, many experts believe that it is impossible to cure the disease completely in modern conditions.

If you are asking the question: "How to relieve the inflammation of the joints?", Then you should pay attention to folk remedies that are excellent for inflammation of the joints. One of these means is a swamp saber, which can be bought in a pharmacy or prepared independently. 1 tablespoon of tincture is dissolved in a glass of water and taken inside with inflammation of the joints, it is quite possible that this same tincture to rub on the night sick spots.

The most common joint diseases

The most common inflammation of the joints is rheumatoid arthritis, a disease caused by autoimmune disorders in the body. In this case, the inflammation of the joints affects the body symmetrically. The disease most often occurs after an infectious disease (influenza, SARS, tonsillitis), most often it affects women.

Gout is a type of arthritis, the cause of it is a violation of metabolic processes in the joint, as well as excessive production of uric acid and leukocytes. Gout is most often affected first by a large toe, and later the disease spreads to all joints.

It is quite difficult to cope with this disease, but with the help of adequate treatment it is quite possible to achieve its stable remission, which will significantly improve the quality of life of the patient.

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