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Sea voyage is a romantic hype

The romanticism of spectacular sea voyages has always attracted people, regardless of their differences in gender or social disparity. And till now it remains the cherished dream of many inhabitants. Such fertile soil could not ignore the film industry. That's why there were some fascinating films that the audience liked, the story basis of which is the sea voyage.

Genres and types

The majority of films devoted to maritime romance refers to the adventure genre, the smaller part consists of dramas, fantasy and action films. There are among them, however, horror films. Also, the films describing the sea voyage can be conditionally divided into four semantic subspecies: legends about sailing ships, modern military and cruise themes, connection of the sea and coast (beach) and extreme situations, including survival in the middle of the ocean.

Romantic hype

An unprecedented romantic excitement is caused by films highlighting the theme of sailing ships. Pictures of the feature film extremely rarely show genuine historical details: drunken fights of sailors in the cockpit, punishment by whips and the tyranny of sea captains, bordering on tyranny. Films about the ships of a bygone era acquaint the viewer with sea legends, brave explorers and pioneers, their heroism and firmness of spirit, devotion to ideals and principles. Unfortunately, the time of sailing ships has gone forever, leaving contemporaries with windsurfing and yachts. But, thanks to cinematography, a sea voyage is always associated with romance, and the viewer has the opportunity, with bated breath, to look at pictures of ships and their brave crews.

Excellent examples of films of such themes are the adventure thriller Moby Dick (1956), the war drama "The Master of the Seas - on the Edge of the Earth", the adventure thriller "Bounty", the historical drama "New Earth" and all parts of the comedy fiction thriller "Pirates of the Caribbean" .

Scale spectacle

The films, based on the storyline of which lies the sea voyage, almost always offer the spectator a large and fascinating spectacle. And this is not surprising, since every large ocean vessel is a huge floating city. Therefore, any plot, the action of which unfolds on board such a liner, acquires a scale, and therefore becomes very intriguing and interesting. The main plot milestones of such plans are armed conflict (sometimes it can happen even with extraterrestrial civilizations, but more often - with modern pirates or terrorists), a clash with elements or mystical phenomena.

The best films about sea voyages and their consequences: the James Cameron drama "Titanic", the dramatic thriller Hans Horn "Drift," the thrillers of Wolfgang Petersen "Poseidon", "Sea Fight," "Death Ride," "Ghost Ship."

Extreme survival

Sea voyage, according to the idea of the writers, sometimes ends in disaster. In some cases, the characters initially reside in the post-apocalyptic world (without land). In any case, the characters of the paintings must survive on the high seas. Religious representatives of this area are the films "Life of Pi" and "Water World".

Ocean is shaking…

The film "Sea voyage" critics say good, but with a few teenage comedy. This film masterpiece does not burden the mind of the beholder with hidden subtext and the search for the philosophical meaning of life. This first filmmaking of ex-screenwriter Mort Nathan is rather unassuming and is pure water unthinking entertainment.

The plot of the picture is based on the story of the misadventures of two friends who are taking place with them on a liner during a cruise. Nick and Jerry, because of the insidious revenge of a travel company employee, get on the liner, crowded with young people with unconventional sexual orientation. All comic situations are due to the fact that the guys are forced to pretend to be in love with each other, so as not to stand out against the general background. But at the same time, Jerry manages to fall in love with the only girl on the ship. However, after and Nick is lucky, because he manages to knock down a helicopter from the rocket launcher, on which the models from the Bikini competition were flying. And this is only the beginning of funny and naughty sea adventures.

By the way, in the original name of the film Boat Trip contains a visible allusion to the well-known television series Love Boat ("The Ship of Love"). "Sea voyage" - a film that has in the domestic box office another version of the title - "Sea Adventure."

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