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How to flash Nokia

Before answering the question "how to flash Nokia, let's first discuss the pros and cons of this action. Why do I need a flashing?

To start with the pros:

1) You can get the updated software, fix minor errors of the current software;

2) Change the interface: replace pictures, ringtones, color schemes, screensavers;

3) Change the function of the buttons;

4) Improve the quality of shooting photos and video;

5) Improve the volume and quality of sounds.

Manufacturers now offer many official free updates and step-by-step instructions so that problems, like to flash Nokia, did not arise. In this case, everything is quite simple: the phone must be connected to the computer, go to the official site, flash the Nokia according to the instructions on the models. As always, at the same time, there are their "buts" ... For example, Nokia 6131 can be updated, but only with the help of a signed service in the phone, which is not supported by domestic operators. There are other nuances.

- The warranty for the phone ends after its self-firmware. In case of problems, the service center will fix them only for money.

- After updating, the phone may not respond to activation, or it will not be possible to make a call from it.

- Some functions of the phone may disappear, for example, Bluetooth or sending SMS in Cyrillic.

Well, and other troubles. Therefore, before you look for opportunities, how to flash Nokia's phone, you need to answer the questions: what do you get from this action, and whether the game is worth the candle. A less risky way is to take your favorite phone to a service center in order to get guarantees of its operability in the future.

But if you still decided to update the firmware yourself, and the phone after that ceased to show signs of life - what to do? Let's take a look at the example of the 6300, how to flash Nokia in a "dead" state with the Phoenix program.

The firmware of a non-working phone is not very different from the usual one.

Connecting the phone to Dead Mode (if the phone does not load at all):

1) Find the "Device Manager" on the computer in the "Hardware" folder.

2) Remove from the phone a sim card and a USB flash drive, connect it to the computer via a cable. It is important that the phone is maximally charged (at least 30%).

3) Install the driver. To do this, on the phone connected to the computer, you need to press the power on and hold the button for a few seconds, then release. Repeat this three times with an interval of 10-15 seconds. Eventually the USB flashing generic Nokia and Nokia USB flashing parent will be installed. If any of these devices are marked with a yellow exclamation mark, then the installation went wrong. The reason is the remaining drivers that were not removed before installing Phoenix. If everything is ok, you can start the firmware.

How to flash Nokia:

1) On the computer, run Phoenix and select No Connection mode. In the program itself we find "File" - "Open Product".

2) Choose the type of phone, click Ok. A new menu appears on the screen. Choose "Flashing" - "Firmware Update".

3) Next, you need to select the correct code (Product Code). If you know it, just enter it. If you do not know - then choose one in the title of which you see or "RU" or "Cyrillic". This is when you need Russian in your phone. If it is not important - choose any code.

4) After selecting the code we put "Dead Phone USB flashing", then press the "Refurbish" button.

5) The "Press the phone's power button" appears in the Output window, which means that the phone needs to be turned on in the standard way.

6) Then we wait for the firmware to go. If all goes well, the phone will turn on automatically.

Guarantees that the dead phone can be revived, there are no. Most often, phones stop working just after unsuccessful self-updates or after the current firmware version is downgraded. Therefore, it is necessary to have at least a minimum of knowledge and skills, and be sure to thoroughly study in advance the possible complications and reviews of other owners of similar phones. Even a small mistake that arose due to inattention or misunderstanding can lead to the fact that the phone will not take to restore even in the service center.

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