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The phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver. How to deal with this?

In our world, people no longer imagine life without a smartphone. It became the continuation of our hand. Most of the breakdown of your favorite gadget will cause panic and hysteria. This, of course, is not very good, but this has to be tolerated. Modern mobile devices - very capricious things. Sometimes they behave unpredictably. In order not to remain without communication, you need to know what to do with the device if it suddenly "vzbryknul" and does not respond to the user's actions. The most common problem with gadgets is that the phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver. What can I do to revive my "pet"? Let's try to answer this.

Possible causes of failure

There are several reasons for this behavior of the smartphone. And depending on them, a decision will be made about the repair. The first (and most common) reason that the phone does not turn on beyond the "Android" screensaver is a crash during the installation of the operating system update. This happens, because the OS "Android" is not very stable. It's not so bad. However, the same result can be obtained after the device falls from a hefty height. This is much worse.

Also common causes may be malfunctions of the battery, the charger or the connector itself for charging the gadget. Now let's see what to do if the phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver. In most cases, everything can be fixed independently. Fatal cases of breakdowns are extremely rare. But at the initial stage the main thing is to correctly diagnose the problem in order not to make mistakes in the future.

System Failure

This is the safest of all that can be. If the operating system fails, go into the recovery mode and reset the factory settings with clearing the cache. Be careful! After this procedure, there will not be any third-party applications installed by the user. You can enter the recovery by holding the volume button up and the power button simultaneously. However, for different models of devices there can be different combinations. Then you need to go to the Wipe data and factory reset and confirm your choice. Then select Reboot system now. After that the phone will reboot. If everything is normal, then the reason that the phone does not turn on the Lenovo screen saver was the system failure.

Sometimes resetting the settings to the factory does not help. Then there is another option. You just need to reflash the phone. It is not so difficult to do this. The web is full of instructions for each specific smartphone. And on any adequate forum you will be happy to help carry out your plans. Do not be discouraged.

If the cause is in the battery and charging

It can be checked very simply. It is enough to find somewhere like a battery and a similar charger. If, after replacing all the components, you did not see the changes, then the reason that the HTC phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver is much deeper than you thought. There are only two options here: the failure of the charging slot or the board itself.

Coping with a faulty battery or "buggy" charging is easy. These are not particularly expensive smartphone components. They can simply be replaced with new ones. Much more tangible will be the problem with the hardware board. Here already (in most cases) can not do without a visit to the workshop. Sometimes you have to pay a very considerable amount for repair.

If the reason in the board and the "iron"

With this, doing something by yourself is very difficult. It is necessary to have certain knowledge in radio electronics and to possess the appropriate instrument. If you have it all, then you can easily solve the problem. But if the phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver due to a defective board, and you do not understand anything in this case, it's better to take the gadget to the service center. For by repairing your forces, you risk turning your device into a dead brick.

You can try to find a familiar repair specialist for "hardware" smartphones and save on repairs. Only it is unlikely that he will reanimate your device for free. Only if it's a very good friend. But, in any case, it will be necessary to spend money on "maharach". And it is not known how much it will be.


Now you know the main reasons why the phone does not turn on beyond the screen saver. Methods to combat this unpleasant phenomenon is. If only it is not a problem of "iron". But, as statistics show, in most cases such a problem can be caused by a malfunction of the operating system. And to eliminate this annoying misunderstanding is very simple with the help of several buttons.

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