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Alcatel One Touch POP C7: Features and Features

The main difference of the smartphone "Alcatel One Touch POP C7" - a lot of colors of the case: black, blue, white and pink. This model will certainly find fans, so it should be discussed in more detail.

Design, size, controls

To begin with, the phone "Alcatel One Touch POP C7" looks like most of the available smartphones running Android: the classic back and front panel, plastic, rectangular shape and sloping edges. For a device with a 5-inch display diagonal, the dimensions are relatively compact - 141x71.8x9.9 mm. The smartphone in the hand lies well, which is provided with rounded corners, smoothed sides and non-slip surface. Fingerprints are quickly and easily removed from the screen. Traces on the back panel are almost invisible. The screen protects the glass, so it is extremely resistant to scratches. As for the owners' opinion, "Alcatel One Touch POP C7", testimonials indicate that this model has received a fairly well-made body. Indeed, there are no backlashes here. The back cover does not bend down to the battery, it does not make sounds when squeezed. The event indicator is on the top, on the front panel. It lights up or flashes white. Speech speaker is to the right of this element. The volume is high, mid and low frequencies are listened . The timbre of irritation does not cause, clearly hear the interlocutor, the owner is also well heard. To the right of the microphone are proximity and illumination sensors . They work correctly, react quickly. At the bottom are touch buttons: "Menu", "Home", "Back". They are marked with a translucent white paint and have a similar color to the backlight. The standard headphone jack is located on the top panel, micro-USB - on the bottom. The left side is empty. A little above the center, in the right panel, there was a volume and on / off button. Both control elements are easily detected, although they are almost completely immersed in the body. As for the speakerphone dynamics, it is hidden behind a special grille. In addition, it is curious that the camera rises a little above the body. The back of the device contains a second microphone, which provides noise reduction and flash. Open the cover by holding it by the lower left corner. Below it, on top, is a microSD slot, just below - a pair of SIM cards, the first of which supports the second and third generation communication standards, and the second one - only 2G.


The Alcatel One Touch POP C7 has a screen diagonal of 5 inches. The physical size is 63x111 mm. The frame on the top - 14, and on the sides - 4 millimeters. The resolution is 480x854 pixels, but the pixelation is not particularly noticeable. The density is 195 PPI. The screen matrix is made by TFT-LCD technology. In the case of direct viewing, the image quality is good. The capacitive touch layer supports a pair of simultaneous touches. The sensitivity of the Alcatel One Touch POP C7 is excellent.


This model has a battery for 1900 mAh. The device can withstand 12.5 hours of talk time or 630 hours of waiting. When playing video, the device can work for about 5 hours. The average time of autonomy is 10-12 hours, if not too actively use the phone in the 3G standard. The device is charging 2.5 hours. In addition, the settings provide for the item "Super energy economy". This mode disables almost all applications, reduces the brightness of the backlight, only basic functions remain active: a notebook, calendar, calls, SMS. With this feature, Alcatel One Touch POP C7 runs for 3-4 days.

Communication capabilities

The smartphone supports second and third generation cellular networks. There is a pair of sim cards. Implemented Bluetooth interface, for voice and file transfer. There is Wi-Fi - wireless. In addition, the device can be used as a modem or access point. The device is GPS. Satellites are identified quickly enough. Sensitivity is good. GPS does not cause any complaints.

Carriers, camera

There is 512 MB of RAM. Free of them about 200. Internal storage has a volume of 4 GB, of which about two freely. There is a memory card slot with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. There are a couple of chambers: the main one is 5 MP, the front one is 0.3. There is a LED flash. The camera is distinguished by good accuracy, high shooting speed and the correct white balance. Aperture F2.8. The camera also records FullHD video. Autofocus is present. The mono sound is clean. As for the "front" camera, she writes a video of 640x480. Here there is a chip MediaTek, 28-nm processor Cortex-A7 with 4 cores on 1.3 GHz, Mali-400MP2. The clock speed of the graphic accelerator is 400 MHz. The processor is more than enough for comfortable communication with this device. The device works smoothly. The icons on the main screen are slightly changed. Unlocking the display and setting is also redesigned. The device has a music and video player, as well as a radio. It should be said that the loudness of the speaker is above average. The headphones sound quality is good. The case for Alcatel One Touch POP C7 is not included in the package, so it will have to be ordered separately. However, it is encouraging that such accessories are present in a wide variety.

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