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Interpretation of dreams about the castle. Interpretation: door lock, barn castle, open the lock, the lock broke, the door without a lock

Sleep is a mysterious phenomenon, which has always been of great interest to ordinary people, as well as psychologists, psychics and other specialists. Naturally, there is a desire to decipher night vision. So, many people dream of a castle. The dream book helps to decipher this.

Traditional interpretation

Quite often people dream of a door lock. The dream interpreter interprets this vision as a harbinger of future troubles or obstacles to the achievement of goals. If you directly interact with the object (trying to open or close), then you should take a closer look at your surroundings. Most likely, someone envies you or seeks to get you into trouble.

If you have a lock broken in your sleep, be prepared for the fact that you will soon be in an extremely unpleasant situation. Most likely, you will want to present not in the best light. But do not get too upset because of the meanness of others, because there are loving people nearby who will always support and help find a way out of the situation.

Despite the fact that every day we come across new and beautiful things, quite unexpectedly one can dream of an old barn castle (covered with rust or moss). Despite initial fears, this vision promises you good luck in business or a pleasant trip. If you rip or throw the lock, then you will not be able to achieve the desired success.

Interpretation from the Jewish dream book

If you had to see a door lock in a dream, then for sure it is due to some aspirations. So, if it turns out to be locked, then, most likely, you have not been able to achieve your goal for too long, and therefore you will lose interest in this matter. If the castle you dream is opening, then expect new interesting acquaintances.

Sonnik Miller

Miller had his opinion about dreams in which there is a castle. He interpreted this vision as a harbinger of any embarrassment or awkward situation. Also, we can talk about unexpected problems or obstacles, if at the moment you are engaged in some serious business.

Opening of the castle Miller was associated with the fact that the secret can become obvious. In this particular case we are talking about the fact that in your environment there is some sort of foe or wrecker. But very soon you will be able to reveal his evil intentions and avoid danger.

A broken lock, which you can not open or close, is a harbinger of failure. Quite often this is treated as a future humiliation or public insult (especially if you are currently in love). As for work issues and travel, they will be unsuccessful.

Interpretation of an ancient dream book

The ancients believed that if the castle is in a dream to see, then you will come across some mystery. More often than not, this is associated with the affairs of the heart. If you are trying to open a lock, this does not mean that you will be able to expose someone. Most likely, your lies or secrets will be revealed. Also, beware of interference by outsiders in your personal affairs.

For all people, association with security and reliability is a castle. The dream book says that you are striving to protect your people dear from danger or ill-wishers by any means. If the lock does not work and does not open, then this indicates that you are tormented by any anxiety or doubt.

The opinion of Sigmund Freud

As you know, Freud believed that all the actions and thoughts of a person are related to sexual desire. This same meaning, he invested in the interpretation of dreams. So, if in a dream a woman tries to close the lock, then she is afraid of pregnancy. If the lock is locked by a man, then he has a fear of failure in the intimate sphere. But if there is an opposite action, then, most likely, a person regrets about the failed connection.

If the lock was broken or there is rust or other signs of corrosion, then it is possible that it is a harbinger of diseases in the genital area. It can also be a symbol of an unplanned pregnancy. In some cases, the castle is a reflection of stagnation in the intimate sphere.

Interpretation on the dream book of the Assyrians

The Assyrians are an ancient wise people, who knew many secrets. So, they interpreted such a vision as a castle in their own way. A conjecture proves that such a phenomenon indicates that there are certain obstacles to achieving your goals.

Another interpretation of sleep may be that you are forming some hidden knowledge and abilities that you must find use for. Also, the lock can be an indication that you are currently safe, or vice versa - you need someone's protection.

What did Nostradamus say

If we consider that Nostradamus accurately predicted the future, then there is every reason to trust his dream book. He considered the castle a symbol of obstacles and obstacles, as well as hesitation and indecisiveness. If it was some interesting and unusual form, then you can be dragged into some complicated and confusing business.

If you are trying to close the door, it symbolizes your desire to escape from reality. Most likely, you want to dissociate yourself from problems that have fallen down or from communicating with unpleasant people. If you see how the padlock itself or with your help fell to the floor, then in a short time you will discover some mystery.

If in your dream the castle was broken, then from the side of close people and friends it is necessary to expect betrayal or meanness. If, however, when trying to insert a key, you notice the absence of a well, it means that you should moderate your pride and take help from the people who offer it.

Interpretation on the dream book of Catherine the Great

Not only ordinary people, but also the powerful of this world regularly have something to dream about. It is worth noting that famous historical figures have always paid serious attention to night visions, believing that they can predict the future or warn about future events. So at the court of Catherine the Great there were people, whose duties included interpreting the dreams of the Empress. Based on their conclusions and conclusions, a whole dream book was drawn up.

The usual door or barn castle foreshadows that you will experience not very pleasant events. It can also mean that you are in a very awkward situation.

Closing or opening a lock is a warning that your environment is hiding a foe. You can be harmed by a person whom you would never suspect of such intentions. Sometimes such a dream indicates that someone is trying to take your place under the sun. This can concern both career and personal life. Be more selective in connections and acquaintances.

If you are trying to pick up keys in a dream or insert them into the castle, then this is an occasion to reflect on the situation on the personal front. Such a dream can be an indication that your feelings do not reciprocate, or your other half has no serious intentions for a joint future. Be careful, because you can face serious hurt or even humiliation. Well, if you tried to open the lock, you broke it, then expect cardinal changes in life.

Interpretation on the dream book of magicians and sorcerers

The castle is considered a sign of future difficulties and problems. But if you see the keys in a dream, then the solution will be given very simply. Most likely, in your life there will be a friend or an outsider who will help you solve a difficult situation.

If you are in a dream to close the door to the castle, then, most likely, you are too tired of the problems and complexities of the world around you. You need to retire for a while in order to gather your thoughts and rest morally. If, in your dream, you are trying hard to open the castle, then most likely you will have to meet with a closed and mysterious person, who is difficult to bring to a frank conversation.

Interpretation on the Eastern dream book

The East has always been associated with centuries-old traditions and wisdom, and therefore many people turn to Islamic knowledge if they need to explain the dream. So, the lock most often dreams in that case when in your life there is a person on whom it is possible to rely in any situation. Also, this vision can symbolize that soon you will acquire a true friend.

Attempts to open the lock mean that you are being pursued by some obstacles or anxieties that you want to get rid of. If you can open the door, do not worry - all problems will soon be resolved.

What Wang said

Vanga was a great seer and healer. Not surprisingly, the interpretation of dreams was for her commonplace. Speaking of castles, she, like many other wise men, believed that it was a symbol of obstacles and problems. If you open a locked door, you can be sure that you will soon find a foe in your immediate surroundings. But if the castle is broken, beware of insults and humiliations.

If you make a purchase of a castle in a dream, then, most likely, you will be able to defeat your opponent or competitor (in working or love matters). If the object turns out to be rusty and old, then this is not a bad omen. Such a dream means that any trips undertaken in the near future will be very successful.

Many mistakenly believe that if you throw a lock in a dream, then in reality you can get rid of problems. In fact, this means a failure in business. If in a dream you spied on someone in the keyhole, then you should be less talkative. It is possible that you will inadvertently give out someone's secrets, placing both yourself and this person in a very embarrassing situation.

If you dream that someone is peeking into the keyhole behind you, then wait for gossip and gossip. In your environment there are people who will meticulously study your life, taking all its details to the public court.

Probably everyone has ever seen how drunk people can not open the door, but misses the keyhole. If you had a dream like that, then the people you were counting on would let you down. But do not be offended, because it will not be done intentionally, but because of external circumstances.

English dream book

The English interpret this dream in their own way. The door on which the castle hangs means that certain obstacles will be expected on the way to success. In this case, if you do not have keys, then most likely, you will not be able to achieve your goal. But this does not mean that it's worth stopping and stopping work, because every person is able to change his destiny.

The vision becomes completely different if you have the keys. This is quite a favorable dream. A door without a lock is also a good omen. This means that you will not have any obstacles on the way, or you can easily overcome them, continuously moving forward. Also similar dreams promise success on the love front.

Modern interpretation of sleep

Most of the dream books were composed long ago. Modern life, its pace and rhythm make their own adjustments, so night visions can also be interpreted somewhat differently. So, if you dreamed of a castle, then in real life you are waiting for some kind of confusion or awkward situation.

If you can easily open the door, this does not mean a quick overcoming of obstacles. Most likely, in your environment you will expose a person who wishes you harm and builds intrigues. In love with young men and girls, the castle dreams that their happiness will be overshadowed by the appearance of an opponent.

If all attempts to open the castle in a dream proved futile, then this is a harbinger of failure. In the near future, you should not take on new serious business or start a romantic relationship. In dealing with friends and family, you should be especially careful to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels.

Interpretation of dreams for lovers

If all your thoughts are occupied by the second half, then dreams, most likely, will have to do with matters of the heart. If you saw the castle, then soon there will be a situation that will make you doubt the feelings of a partner or your own.

Any manipulation of the door (opening or closing) suggests that your relationship will be overshadowed by your opponent (or opponent). If in a dream you managed to do what you have planned, no one will destroy your strong union. If the castle turns out to be non-working, then your current relationship will not bring anything good to you.

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