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How to make waffle cakes with minced meat?

Wafer cakes with minced meat are a hearty and original snack, which will appeal to many guests. You can even put this dish on a festive table. To taste this appetizer more like pancakes with meat. However, the cooking process takes much less time. With waffle cakes everything is much simpler. So, how to cook unique patties in batter?

Classic Recipe

To prepare a tasty and original snack, you will need:

  1. 1 pack of wafers, preferably square.
  2. 400 grams of stuffing. It is best to use a pig.
  3. 2 chicken eggs.
  4. Head of onions.
  5. Spices and salt to taste.
  6. Sunflower oil.

Waffle cutlets in batter are prepared very simply and, most importantly, quickly. The whole process takes no more than half an hour.

Preparation of products

To prepare the cutlets in waffle cakes, you need to prepare the filling. To begin with, clean the onions and grind them to a gruel-like condition. To do this, you can use a blender or a small grater. Do not cut onions cubes, as it will not have time to be well fried. As a result, it will be felt in the filling and spoil the taste of the prepared dish.

Minced meat should be defrosted beforehand. In it, you need to put the chopped onions, as well as salt and spices. The products must be mixed well until smooth. The filling is ready.

Waffle cakes should be laid on a hard surface. They need to be greased with stuffing. To lay minced be thin layer and level with a spoon. The workpiece should be covered with a second wafer sheet. It should be pressed with your hand, so that later the cutlet does not fall apart. The billet should be left for 15 minutes. Only after that the wafer cakes with minced meat can be cut.

How to cook the original cutlets?

When the blank becomes softer, it needs to be divided into portions. You can cut impregnated wafer cakes into squares, or you can use cookie shapes. This will give the cutlets an unusual shape. It can be triangles, stars, fir-trees and so on. Children from this dish will be delighted.

On the fire, you should place a frying pan and heat the sunflower oil in it. In a deep bowl, place eggs and whip them with a whisk or a fork. Here you can add a little salt, a pinch of flour and about 50 milliliters of water. All this must be well shaken.

In the ready-made claret, you should lower the wafers with minced meat. Billets should be laid out in a pan in hot oil. Fry the cutlets on both sides on medium heat. If necessary, you can top up a little vegetable oil. The prepared dish is served hot. For a change, waffles can be greased with mashed potatoes and then stuffed. As a result, you will get a more delicious dish.

Recipe with cheese

Waffle cakes with minced meat can be prepared with cheese. This will require:

  1. Packing of waffle cakes.
  2. Chicken fillet.
  3. Onions - 2 heads.
  4. Mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon.
  5. Eggs of chicken - 3 pcs.
  6. Spices and salt - to taste.
  7. Cheese hard - 60 grams.
  8. Vegetable oil.
  9. Breadcrumbs.
  10. Parsley is fresh.

Cooking process

Onion should be cleaned and passed through a meat grinder along with the chicken fillet. In the received weight it is necessary to add an egg, the grated cheese, spices, the crushed parsley, mayonnaise and spices. All components must be thoroughly mixed until a uniform composition is obtained.

Wafers should be greased on one side with the stuffing received, and then cover the top with the second one. Obtained blanks should be neatly squeezed between the palms. Of the remaining eggs should be cooked. It is enough to whip them with a fork. In the resulting mass, it is necessary to dip the blanks from the wafers. After that, put them in the breadcrumbs, and then put them in a frying pan with heated oil.

Fry the wafer cakes with minced meat from two sides to a golden color over medium heat. Serve the prepared dish hot.

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