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Odor-Herb (plant): photo, magical properties, value

Not all the ancient names are now known to us. That's when you hear the words "odoleten-grass," what comes to mind? Most of the population is lost in conjecture. But in fact all this plant is known, seen repeatedly, admired by its modest charm. It's a water lily. He is also called a "bathing-place" or a "water chamber". The plant is extraordinary. About this and talk.

Where is the name?

There is such a belief that the odonen-grass literally corresponds to its name. It has long been endowed with the most magical properties. After all, our ancestors saw "evil spells" in many, even completely ordinary, phenomena. Just could not explain them. Diseases or fires in their presentation were not caused by physiological or natural factors, but by evil forces, sorcerers or witches. To escape and protect was helped by odo-herb (photo is presented in this article). It was endowed with the most incredible properties. This, in principle, is understandable. After all, a modest plant shows true heroism, raising its magnificent flowers from under the water. Our ancestors thought that since it can overcome pressure, giving birth to incredible beauty, it means that it contains the magic of incredible power. Used it differently. It was important to find a lake where the bathing-place grows. Then it was already possible to decide what part of it you need at the moment.

What to collect for magical application?

Look at what parts of the odolet-grass consists of (photo below). Like the others, this representative of the flora has stems and root, leaves and flowers. We must immediately report that any part is used in magic. Some sorcerers even collected seeds. Of these, special potions were prepared. In addition, parts of the plant were used for treatment. For example, odolen-grass was used to prepare potions for pain, insomnia, and temperature. Ancient "cosmetologists" also loved the bathing-place. She helped to save beauties from pimples and irritating freckles. The incredible charm of delicate petals, as it seemed to them, passed on to the skin of quivering beauties, making them even more attractive and desirable for the opposite sex.

Application for protection

It has long been believed that odolet-grass is an amulet. It was customary to keep it in the house so that the evil spirits did not cross its threshold. People firmly believed that the plant affects all evil, forcing it to flee to the underworld. Our ancestors were sure that a tender flower can save them from any misfortune, whether it concerns their body or spirit. Even the shepherds were obliged to bypass the flock, having in their hands the root of the bathing-place. According to popular beliefs, such a simple ritual protected cattle from loss or pestilence. It is interesting that the travelers made special "charmed" frankincense with this plant. People believed that such an amulet was not just defended on the road, but also led to luck, helped in achieving goals, gaining joy. When it came to the evil charms, it was necessary to mention the odolet-grass. The guard with its use was made for both warriors and children, for preserving the family and attracting love. Almost in all life spheres this flower found application.

How to prepare a wardrobe for a journey

You will need a small bag on the shoestring. Take a small piece of the water lily root. On the growing moon, say to him: "I'll go through the fields, everywhere a new land. I'll go through the mountains, I will overcome all the fences. According to morning dew and evening thunderstorms. By star roads, sunny paths, cloud tops, lunar valleys. Odor-the grass - a plant of power, will take away from me the shadow of the grave, bring luck, bring good to the good! It is said - sealed! Do not develop, do not dispel, measure one destiny! "Immediately the spine is put in a pouch. The charm is ready. Of course, you can talk it for yourself, but it's better if a sincere person with a loving heart does it. Usually mothers prepared a ward for their sons, and wives for husbands.

Flower of the mermaid

There were other beliefs about this plant. It was believed that the odolet-grass grew in the habitats of water magicians. Mermaids splashed and frolicked among the flowers, receiving from them their magical power. Single guys were not recommended to swim in the water bodies, littered with water lilies, on a full moon. It was said that mermaids could steal their heart. Still told terrible legends about the drowned men whom the magic beauties possessing fish tails, enticed in the swampy whirlpools and left forever for their own pleasure. Nevertheless, it was in such a "dangerous" time that the guy had to pick up magical flowers, if he wanted to use them to attract the girl he liked. To do this, it was necessary to overcome the grass. Its significance in the love rituals is still great today.

Water Lilies and Love Spots

It is necessary to go to the pond in the full moon and collect the hidden buds. They do not like nights. After sunset, the flowers are closed and go to a depth. The guy needs to break three buds. In order not to succumb to the temptation of the mermaids, who, according to popular beliefs, will necessarily try to enchant him, a young man should always think about his beloved. The old people said that water virgins are extremely jealous and resentful. Realizing that they do not cause admiration from a guy whose heart is occupied by another, they started to play a trick, trying to drown the "hunter". Collected buds must immediately be taken home and placed in a container of water. They were insisted for three days. Water was offered to drink to the girl. It was believed that such a "potion" can soften her heart.

For family well-being

Married women were supposed to use odolen-grass in the farm. The flour from its roots was used to make bread. Still a little poured into the dough, saying: "From morrow and shame, from inherent and separation, from quarrel I put fences. From the eyes of the wicked, from the fierce enemies, from the forest witch. Overcome all the grass. Take them out, do not let them into the house! "It was customary to decorate household utensils with carvings with ornaments that used the image of a bathing suit. It was said that its image protects livestock and the yard. And children's clothes were decorated with the appropriate embroidery. The same patterns could be seen on curtains and bed linens. The handicraftsmen were supposed to say: "Overcome all the misfortunes, let us be happy!" And, of course, water lilies, like other magical herbs, were collected for Ivan Kupala. Bunches adorned the house. And by the evening some of them were thrown into the fire, in order to protect the settlement from the otherworldly with fragrant smoke. The remaining herbs were dried and used to prepare broths, cures and amulets.

Use in cosmetics and medicine

Not many people believe in magic today. Herbs are considered to be an excellent source of microelements and vitamins. They are used not in magic rituals, but in medical and cosmetic procedures. The cesspool is no exception. Of course, to prepare potions to collect their own grass is not necessary. It is possible to buy in a drugstore. For example, a decoction from a bathing suit will help against toothache. Still it is recommended to drink at poisonings. It helps to cleanse the body of poisons. People suffering from depression or prone to nervous disorders, it is prescribed as a sedative. Water lily extract is used to produce sleeping pills. If the roots are to insist on hot beer, you will get a wonderful firming remedy for the hair. They rinse the curls after applying the shampoo. Falling in this way can be significantly stopped, and hair growth - stimulate. It is interesting that the ground dried rhizomes were brewed, while receiving an original drink that looked a bit like coffee.

Other interpretation

In some regions and regions, very different plants were considered odo-grass. At the same time, they imputed the same properties as described above. These herbs helped to drive out evil forces, to defend themselves against magical and sorcerous charms. For example, a sainfoin sand or blue blue people were also called an odolet-grass. About each of the plants were their own legends. So, it was believed that the cyanosis is born from the laughter of the child. It was customary to put her flowers into the pillows of the babies, so that they would protect his quiet sleep. A newlyweds bouquet necessarily put under the mattress. It was believed that he helps to conceive a healthy baby. Yes, much else could do, if you believe in oral folklore, odoleten grass. Fern also sometimes called that. In addition, it was used to protect well-being and search for treasures.

I must say that in different areas under oedolen-grass they understood their magic plant. This did not stop people from believing in his magical qualities and using them for their own good. And now many are happy to receive as a gift an amulet stylized as a water lily. Her image attracts and attracts with purity and trembling tenderness. As if in the blood we have a kind of knowledge that has been inherited from our ancestors.

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