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Are there vampires in real life: facts and speculations

At present, the hobby for vampires has become quite popular. A lot of movies and TV series instills in society an interest in these mythical creatures. Often many people ask themselves if there are vampires in real life. Many do not attach That phenomenon does not matter, thinking that these are just tales. However, in the world there is enough dark and black matter, which is capable of putting into doubt any skeptical arguments. Well, if vampires exist in real life, how do they look? Are they so dangerous to the average person? Let's try to understand all these issues.

Fundamentals of the concept

There are different interpretations of the word "vampire". Some speak of the animal origin of beings who feed on blood, some point to a supernatural component. According to ancient beliefs, vampires are demonic beings of the lowest level. Many believed that because of the fear of light, they lived in their coffins before dark. It was believed that the night for them - a great time to hunt for people, because they ate exclusively human blood. To kill this creature, according to, again, believe, you will need a stake or holy water.

But all this does not answer the question of whether there are vampires in real life. According to all the same beliefs of ancient peoples, only a man who died a brutal violent death became a vampire. That's why they represented Being evil and vengeful spirits, capable of sucking all the blood from the victim. If suspicions of vampirism fell on any deceased person, he should immediately be reassured by unearthing the body.

If the remains looked as if a man did not die at all, but remains in deep sleep, then there was no doubt that he had any part in the night's campaigns. To get rid of the remains, it was necessary first to pierce the heart with an aspen stake, and then burn them.

Vampires in our time

Ancient beliefs have not lost their power to this day. But still there is an open question about whether there are vampires in real life. Remember at least everyone known Count Dracula, whose image became the progenitor of all vampires in the world. It is noteworthy that Vlad Tepesh, who was the prototype of the main vampire, is a historical figure and really existed. He lived in Transylvania and was incredibly cruel and bloodthirsty. However, clear evidence of his vampire Snake was not represented. Therefore, the creation of the image of Count Dracula entirely lies on the literary conscience of Bram Stoker.

Now, in the era of mass globalization, the Internet is full of messages that there are vampires in real life. Photos of such creatures are unusual and even scary. However, how truthful these facts are, the question is also open. The only thing that is confirmed by science is the existence of energy vampires. Such people suck from the person is not blood, but energy. For sure, each of you met with a sharp feeling of fatigue or emptiness after talking with a certain person. Often energy vampires act without realizing it. All this happens because their own energy field is full of holes, like a sieve, so they have no choice but to draw energy from others.

Are there vampires in real life, the question is rather ambiguous. Believe it or not the facts that are constantly prefaced, it's up to you. One thing is clear: all legends and myths could not be based on an empty space.

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