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Is holy water a myth or a reality?

Water is a substance without which our existence is impossible. It is the basis of both the human being himself and his environment. The amazing and unique property of water is its ability to dissolve almost any liquid. In addition, it is credited with miraculous properties, as is repeatedly stated in the Holy Scriptures.

What is holy water, we first learn during the sacrament of baptism, when the priest thrice immerses the baby in the font, thereby blessing him for a righteous life according to the Laws of God. This fluid is universally used for the consecration of temples, houses and other various household items. We are sprinkled with holy water during the moleben and the crossings. Any Orthodox Christian knows that water for Baptism takes healing properties, and carefully keeps a vessel at home, the contents of which he communes during illnesses and other adversities.

Holy water, due to which the Orthodox have long believed, has now become an object of active study. And indeed, its miraculous properties have been confirmed in some scientific works. So, the famous scientist from Japan Misaru Emoto devoted his life to studying the properties of water. According to him, this liquid can transmit and store information. In his laboratory, he examined water crystals taken from various sources around the world. These crystals were exposed to music, human speech, thoughts, prayers, the radiation of electrical appliances. It turned out that even under the influence of thought, the structure of water can change instantly. That is why prayer for water at all times was considered to confer its healing properties.

The scientist conducted an experiment: on two vessels with water he wrote the words "you are deaf" and "thank you". In the bottle on which it was written "thanks", with a microscopic examination, beautiful crystals were found. The scientist concluded that good words, thus, favorably affect the composition of water, while evil statements destroy it.

It turned out that the holy water also has a clear and clear crystal structure. This is the heartfelt sincere prayer of one person or group of people. However, if the thoughts that are near the water are messy and unclean, then its structure becomes non-uniform.

Numerous experiments conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Emoto, allowed to find those words that best purify the water. It was the phrase "love and gratitude". If you pronounce it over a container with a liquid, it acquires a structure identical to that of holy water. If people often use foul language and curses in their speech, the crystals of water are destroyed, turning it from beneficial moisture into useless and even capable of harming a person's health.

Thus, contrary to the opinions of skeptics, the healing properties of holy water is not a myth at all, but a scientifically proven fact. Therefore, you need to take advantage of such wonderful properties of ordinary water and become kinder to surrounding people, charging it with your positive thoughts and words.

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