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Who is the Nine-tailed Fox?

In Japan, foxes are called "kitsune", but by mistake we so name all anthropomorphic animals. The difference is that in the original form these creatures are not only long Live, but also have many abilities. In general, the nine-tailed fox is a very powerful creature, but, alas, it is not good at all. The most important, key ability of this creation is to assume a different appearance. Most often, the nine-tailed fox becomes a beautiful girl, although sometimes the old women can also take the form. But these cases in the legends were not recorded specifically. Initially in Japan, the fox was not a demon. This change of outlook is a direct result of Chinese influence, where the nine-tailed fox had a clearly demonic origin.

Among other abilities of this fox is the ability to master human bodies, that is, to settle in them, and also create fire. For example, according to one of the legends, when at the celebration of the Japanese emperor the wind blew out the candles, the body of one of his concubines began to glow. But this is - almost the only case of a good deed committed Fox. Nine-tailed demon-fox in art is often a woman, because, as mentioned above, turning into a beauty is his main ability. But according to some sources, the demon can create very complex illusions, which are almost impossible to distinguish from reality. To them, for example, is the creation of an illusory second moon, strange trees and so on. In addition, the nine-tailed fox can bend time and space, which makes it a very dangerous opponent.

In some cases, kitsune has something similar to vampires or succubi from the European tradition. For example, they feed on the life force of people, come to them in dreams. Men who are visited at night by nine-tailed foxes, get sick and quickly They die. In folklore there is a legend about the Japanese emperor, who began to languish in front of his eyes. The doctor determined that the reason for this was his new beautiful concubine.

Characteristically, the more tails, the stronger the fox. It is believed that it grows one tail every 100 or 1000 years. But most often there are foxes with 9, 7, 5 or 1 tail. In this case, foxes, which have one tail, often can not hide it. Therefore, a person can recognize a demon if he loses control over himself, for example, in a state of intoxication.

Kitsune can also be guardians of souls. This is a very rare case, because the fox, as a rule, does not stay with a person for a long time. But if you were lucky enough to get favor and affection for kitsune, then your relationship can last a long time. And again, there are not so many lucky ones. This is the supreme mercy of the Gods, say the Japanese.

One of the oldest legends about the werewolf fox says that one day a fox married a man and lived with him for several years. But its true form was discovered when the fox scared the dog. She was preparing to leave, but her husband did not let her in, saying that she had given him several children, and that he could not just forget it.

Many are interested in the name of the nine-tailed fox. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is unknown. Perhaps you are lucky enough to make friends with him, and it will be to you kitsune will open his name.

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