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Love compatibility of Aquarius. And Aquarius does not play a secondary role

Aquarius is a free nature, which can not tolerate boredom and any restrictions. It excites all the unknown and original.

Horoscope compatibility: Aquarius male

This sign produces an impression on the people around the person who aspires to do pleasant things to others. Passive and timid, he waits for the woman to make the first step. He makes new acquaintances with great pleasure, however, many sooner or later notice that close contact with him never happened. Aquarius is not indifferent to the female sex. It's just that his passion comes only after the appearance of friendship. He is constantly in search of his ideal. The fact that it seems a little cold is just a hoax. Aquarius can go to love with a head, but marry only after long deliberation. In sex, he is inventive. In a close relationship is capable of tenderness. Sometimes he can flirt with other women, but only because he is attracted to the unknown. This man will wake sensuality, even in a cold woman.

Love Compatibility of Aquarius

Both Aquarius-man and Aquarius-woman should, first of all, respect their partner as a person. For the representatives of this sign, spiritual contact with the chosen one is very important. Aquarius is always genuinely interested in people and is happy when he can take part in their lives. This sign always has many friends. He is ready to solve their problems all night long. To interest Aquarius, it is enough to tell him about some difficult task. He will come to the rescue always. Sex and love for a man of Aquarius exist separately. He can love a woman whom he has not touched, and do not feel any feelings for his constant sexual partner.

Relations with other signs of the zodiac. Best Compatibility of Aquarius

Both Aquarius and Gemini perfectly fit intellectually. They will always have something to talk about. Variable and excitable Gemini is easily influenced by Aquarius. In the bedroom, this pair will be very good.

Calm and practical Taurus could make a good pair of Aquarius, which has already managed to walk up, but it is unlikely that the described sign will be able to stay at home for a long time.

With representatives of fire signs, the best compatibility of Aquarius. And Aquarius-woman, and Aquarius-man bring to life Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sea of originality and a new energy splash.

Virgo is too logical for a representative of the water element. Between them, there is unlikely to ever be a sexual attraction.

Capricorn is very calm and practical for the sign described.

For relations with Pisces and Cancer Aquarius lacks deep emotions, tact and sensitivity.

Sensuality is not enough for the narcissistic Libra and the passionate Scorpion.

Professional compatibility of Aquarius

Both Aquarius man and Aquarius woman are distinguished by originality and eccentricity, ingenuity and creative mind, rejection of old patterns, persistence and even stubbornness. Often they go to life's goal in a roundabout way. It happens that representatives of this sign with one stroke "cross out" the already mastered profession and start all over again. Aquarius needs all kinds of changes, freedom of action and independence in decision-making, so he chooses free professions. With the research and experimental work, both the woman and the man Aquarius will perfectly cope. Compatibility with the sphere of film, theater and vocal art with this sign of the Zodiac is also ideal. A lot of Aquarius among writers, poets, screenwriters.

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