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The meaning of the name Margarita

Beautiful, the name of Margarita, Margot, speaks for itself. Often the meaning of the name Marguerite is associated with the queen or a beautiful flower daisy.

Origin of the name Margarita

In translation from the Latin language Margarita ("margaritis") means "pearl" or "mother of pearl", the very same name comes from "margaritos" or Aphrodite - the goddess of beauty.

The meaning of the name Margarita

Margarita - a pathos name, even in places sharp and impatient. Its owner is characterized by straightforwardness and independence, she is never afraid to express her opinion, even if it is radically different from the opinion of others.

Childhood. Margarita-the child is good at contacting peers, loves adventure. In studies, he always tries to be the first, loves to argue with teachers, which is often the cause of conflicts in school. Humanitarian sciences prefer accurate.

Work . If we are talking about the professions in which Margarita can manifest herself, then most likely, the role of a teacher, engineer, and chief will suit her.

In itself, work for her is not the main thing, only the material component that fully meets the needs, of which there are many, is important.

Society . Margarita has practically no friends, this is due to her distrust of people. And who wants to communicate with a person who has his own ego in the first place, and the problems and concerns of others are of little interest.

If Margarita looks self-sufficient and calm in appearance, then in her heart she always rages a storm of desires and conflicting passions. It is difficult to interest her with unattractive things, which she will never pay attention to.

For women, the owner of the name prefers a male company. Men in turn never leave it without attention. At the same time, Margarita likes to be sought for or for the sake of "dueling".

Relationships . In the pair and the relationship he prefers the dominant position. Heavy experiences a break, can close in itself. Sex Margarita loves a bright, unrestrained, diverse. But getting to her bed is possible only to the strongest and self-confident person. The one who had the misfortune to fall in love with Margot, can not forget her ever.

Family and marriage . Margarita can hardly be called a monogamous one, so it is quite possible that she will marry more than once. But marriage, concluded in adulthood, will be lasting and lasting until the end of days.

On the one hand, Margarita does not like family bondage, on the other hand she likes to do home, children.

Often my husband has to be jealous of his Margarita - even being married, she does not mind flirting with other fans.

Compatibility . If we are talking about compatibility, then for the name of Margarita Michael, Gennady, Eduard, Sergey are most suitable. With these people, she can have quite a long-term relationship both in the family and in civil relations.

Marriage with Cyril, Ivan, Vitali or Vladimir, most likely, will not last long.

The meaning of the name Margarita by the seasons

Margarita-winter - demanding, sometimes too despotic.

Margarita-autumn - business, practical, stingy.

Margarita-summer - can be slightly soft, has a bright spirituality.

Margarita-spring - has an extravagant start.

Characteristics of the name Margarita

So, summing up all that has been said, the meaning of the name Margarita is reduced to the following character traits: straightforwardness; independence; intolerance; selfishness; practicality; Purposefulness; Leadership on the brink of despotism; Sharpness; Extravagance.

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