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Than to have a cup of wine? Classic traditional snacks

A holiday is not only a rich and varied menu, but also, so to speak, a wine list. Drinks are served differently to the table, so that anyone present can find something to their liking. And often mistresses ask the question: "Than to have a bite of wine?" The culture of wine drinking in our country is somewhat lost, harmonious combinations of drinks with food are forgotten (or were not known). And I do not want to hit my face in the mud before the guests. Especially if there is a celebration at which unfamiliar people will be present - friends will forgive mistakes, but how outsiders react to this is not known.

Than to have a cup of wine: general rules

There is a fairly simple, but unshakable principle. And if you comply with it, then it is possible to be known as a connoisseur of etiquette. The way to bite wine depends on what its bouquet is. If the aroma and taste are complex, saturated, then the wine should be served the simplest snacks, not able to "score" the refined notes. Do not change the wine "spirit" only three products: bread, cheeses and fruit. And the cheese is taken without additives, with a strict and soft taste, and the fruit should be contrasted to the wines: if the latter are sour, then the snack is taken from the sweet varieties - and vice versa.

If you have the opposite situation, and on the table - dishes that have their own "character", a subtle and vulnerable taste, to them the company puts the most simple and ordinary wines. Here they do not have to eclipse their food.

That categorically does not fit

There is also a list of what you should not bite wine in any case. First of all, they include any dish containing vinegar: it is able to destroy even the most pronounced taste. In second place, strangely enough, nuts. They knit receptors that become immune to taste subtleties.

Give up salads and other dishes with mayonnaise, especially if you drink sparkling wines. Mayonnaise not only tastes the taste, but (in combination with "bulbashki") can lead to difficulties with digestion.

To poison all sensations from savoring wine can also certain spices, which include cinnamon, vanilla and mint. So if you are planning to serve baking, avoid these traditional seasonings. And meat dishes are cooked without curry, which is also not too friendly with wines.

Cigars, hookah and cigarettes interrupt the aromas of wine. So, smokers need to make a significant pause before using it. And the sommelier insists on several hours.

The best company for white wines

Let's start with a list of what to eat a white wine. Seafood is best for him. The only thing that will not be very harmonious with the drink is fatty fish. Fruits - whatever, the only ones that do not eat dry wine are citrus. They are too strong sour taste. It is not necessary and to abuse with sharp seasonings, hammering aroma and scorching language. Quite harmonious with white wines are cold varieties of veal or pork.

If you have elegant, expensive white wines, rash to serve caviar. Suitable and red and black, only not artificial and cheap.

Fortified wines are ideally combined with sweet fruits like peaches, pineapples and pears. Here to them, by the way, you can serve and citrus, just not lemons, and mandarins with oranges. Chocolate and sweets from it, ice cream and light sweet desserts will also be good.

Red Vine: harmony with snacks

Now let's figure out what the red wine is eating . It is considered to be heavier, so it is served with meat - fried or baked. And if you use a fortified version, it is better to give preference to shish kebab and spicy dishes. In their absence soups will be the best choice. As always, cheeses are appropriate, but not greasy.

Semi-sweet or semi-dry table varieties are good with sausages, fried mushrooms and fresh vegetables. And this applies to white species.

Pink semi-sweet perfectly goes to smoked sausage from expensive, fried fish, soft cheeses and grilled chicken. And, oddly enough, it perfectly harmonizes pizza. Naturally, without too sharp components.

Appetizer for champagne

The roughest misconception that has come to us since Soviet times is the conviction that chocolate will be the best accompaniment to sparkling wine. In fact, it is impossible to imagine the worst snacks. A win-win in combination with champagne of any degree of "dryness" was and remains fruit. And the best apples or strawberries. They emphasize the delicate taste of wine, soften bitterness with sourness and leave a bright, but gentle aftertaste.

Champagne is great and with Japanese dishes. Sushi and rolls do not conflict with him, but they get on well and complement each other.

If you follow French traditions, then champagne is better to eat with salines. Especially recommended are gherkins (can be replaced with homemade salted cucumbers) and olives. Only the latter should be either without a filling, or with a neutral filling - the same cucumber, anchovies, cheese or shrimp. Lemons or hot pepper will spoil your pleasure.

Semisweet sparkling is usually served as the completion of a banquet, a sort of dessert. Accompanying him is appropriate: sweets (with a minimum of chocolate, and preferably without it at all), baking, juicy fruit. From baking is given preference to not very sweet and fairly light versions: fruit pudding, low-fat pies, cheesecakes. Sorbet, creme brulee and ice cream, apple and strawberry in particular are also quite approved.

Elegant and exquisite

Those who are well versed in what to bite wine best of all, but do not want to get along with a primitive menu, you can advise preparing a quail. The appetizer will turn out to be universal, suitable for both white and red varieties, like any other game.

Preparing a snack is not too difficult, and your guests will be delighted. Carcases pre-fried for fat (not oil) almost until cooked. The melted fat merges, the birds are transferred to the saucepan. To them are added fresh cherries, rid of pits. Eight carcasses will go somewhere grams of 200 berries. Half a glass of broth (bird, chicken) and a spoonful of good cognac are also pouring in here. From spices - only salt. The quail is quenched to the final readiness, transferred to a deep beautiful dish, sprinkled with fresh cherries and sprinkled with the resulting sauce. Perfect choice! Especially willingly quail a semi-sweet wine.

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