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Georgian cognac "Galavani" (5 stars)

Needless to say, that cognac can be called only that drink, the grapes for which it was grown, and all the stages of production were performed in the same region of the province of Poitou-Charentes in France? All other distillates of this type are called brandy. And even those that are fulfilled by all the canons of cognac mastery. But in the Soviet Union, laws on the classification of "quality controlled by origin" have never been heard. And even if they knew about him, they did not pay attention to these demands. That's why "Soviet champagne" and Georgian, Armenian, Moldavian and Transcarpathian cognacs were sold here . This tradition of brandy names has survived after the collapse of the USSR. Well, we will follow it. In this article we will describe the Georgian cognac "Galavani" 5 stars. The composition of the drink, its taste characteristics and reviews of real customers we have been studied and analyzed. We hope that a short essay on this brandy will make you a good choice.

Georgian cognac "Galavani" for 5 years: manufacturer

The history of this drink goes back to the 80s of the nineteenth century. In a small village of Askan, in the wine region of Kakheti, Antimoz Chkhaidze decided to start making distilled beverages. He built a factory on which the production process combined the traditions of French and Georgian cognac art. Antimoz Chkhaidze stood his products in the quivers - huge clay amphoras, which burrowed into the ground at the very neck. This method was practiced in Kakheti in ancient times. The factory produced cognacs, chacha and wine. The products of the family enterprise, thanks to its excellent quality, have become famous far beyond Georgia. Soviet power completely destroyed all private enterprise. Only after the collapse of the USSR, in 1998, the great-grandsons of Antimosa Chkhaidze - Jimshir and Gocha Ascaneli - were able to revive the work of their ancestor. Their factory produces, among other alcoholic products, "Galavani" cognac.


In 2005, the company "Brothers Askaneli" refitted its plant in accordance with modern requirements for the production of brandy and wines. New equipment was purchased and the best specialists in blending cognac spirits were invited . Factory of brothers Асканели - the enterprise of a full cycle. This means that the company has its own vineyards, which supply raw materials. Under the plant are extensive cellars, where ripen spirits and wine. The brothers of Askaneli did not renounce the cultural heritage of Kakheti. Some names of drinks are made in the traditional way. The product range of this family business includes four types of chacha and 32 kinds of wines. The cognac "Galavani" and eleven brands of brandy are supplied not only to other regions of Georgia, but also exported to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and even to some European countries.

Awards and popularity ratings

The wine-house "Brothers Askaneli" is one of the main producers of strong alcohol in Georgia. His products are regularly awarded at such exhibitions and contests as "Decanter", "Best Drink" and "Prodexpo". Cognac "Galavani" is a whole family of brandy. The youngest brother of the family is three years old. Average - five. The oldest brandy over the name "Galavan", which is sold in Russia, is eight years old. But let's figure it out with the age of cognacs. After all, this is a blend of beverages. It can have ten or more different-aged cognac spirits. The manufacturer labels his products according to the youngest of them. In this article, we consider the cognac five-year "Galavan". His rating is also average - between three and eight years of his brothers. The reviews call it an excellent value for money and often reward it with an estimate of 4 out of five possible. Of course, his eight-year old brother is more delicious and difficult. But it's worth more than an example (more than a thousand rubles for a bottle against 750). Brandy-three-year plan is the most budgetary option. It captivates a beautiful bottle, which is not ashamed to put on the table in front of guests, and the price of five hundred rubles. But to savor this brandy is not suitable.

Decor. How to distinguish an original from a fake

The reviews are urged to study the label and the bottle so as not to pay money for falsification. Georgian cognacs are very in demand in Russia, and this is what the fake manufacturers of fakes are cashing in on. So, what you need to know in order to buy a real Georgian cognac five-year "Galavan", and not ethyl alcohol with flavorings, tinted with tea brewing? For this drink, the manufacturer chose a bottle that gradually tapers to the top. This is not a bell or a pyramid. The bottle has a weak but pronounced transition to the neck, though. Particular attention should be paid to the label. The trading barcode of Georgia is 486. It is with these three figures that the inscription under the "zebra" in the lower right corner of the label on the back should begin. All the inscriptions on the original product are clear, without erosion, made in a beautiful uppercase font. The neck is filled in black plastic with the inscription GalAVani. In the special round window of the original bottle is the figure 5 - the age of the youngest of the blended spirits. A bottle of clear glass makes it possible to examine the color of cognac. This drink is a dark golden amber hue.

Gastronomic qualities

The advantages of the five-year-old brandy "Galavan" can be read on the label on the back of the bottle. The manufacturer reports that alcohols were produced in one of the best wine-growing regions of the country - Kakheti. The Georgian cognac "Galavani" (5 years old) has a harmonious and full taste. It feels the shades of honey and almonds. The drink has a delicate and rich bouquet with floral nuances. The manufacturer promises a long aftertaste that will caress the palate with velvety notes. And the color of dark amber will please your eye, bringing not only gastronomic, but also aesthetic pleasure. But somewhat depressing composition is poured into a beautiful bottle of liquid. The producer himself admits that, in addition to brandy distillate, softened water and syrup, the drink contains caramel coloring "simple color E150a". However, he immediately calms the potential buyer, that in brandy the level of harmful substances does not exceed the established regulations of the Customs Union regulations.

How to serve and drink

Cognacs and brandies do not cool before serving. On the contrary, if the glass is slightly warmed in the palm of your hand, the drink will more fully reveal its gastronomic qualities. To use cognac "Galavan" is best as a dezhivastiva, that is after a meal. He is a good drinker in pure form. The mild taste of this brandy will emphasize the quality of freshly brewed black coffee. Excellent cognac behaves in the composition of alcoholic cocktails. Its harmonious taste is well combined with juices and other drinks. In Georgia, it is not customary to use such distillates as a volley, like vodka. It is necessary to give the cognac time to stand in a glass. So from it the excess charge of alcohols will erode, as a result of which you will hear in the aroma of the drink distinct flower notes. Warming the glass in the palm of your hand, slightly tilt it in the sides, admiring the "oil" traces on the glass. Drink a sip of the drink, feel the whole gamut of honey-nutty hues. The aftertaste will give you new sensations - the warmth and caressing palate of the velvet chocolate spreading over the body.

Luding-Trade LLC: what is this and what is the role of this institution?

Users who happened to visit Georgia are very much praised by the "Galavani" cognac. The reviews characterize it as one of the best brands of brandy in the country. All those who tried the drink in his homeland, give the product five points. Far from such bright reviews for the product of the same name, bought in Russia. The authorized "Brothers of Askaneli" importer and distributor is LLC "Luding-Trade". The task of this limited liability company is to settle all customs formalities at the border when transporting the goods and distributing it over the trade networks of the Russian Federation. But somehow this activity affects the quality of the drink. Russian users have heard in the taste of cognac not honey and almond notes, but an aromatic essence. As a result, the popularity rating of "Galavani" cognac dropped from five to four points.


In the Russian stores the brandy of this wine house is occupied by the lower and middle segments. Three-year "Galavan" can be bought for five hundred rubles for a half-liter bottle. It is a simple drink for use with coffee or in cocktails. Five-year cognac is more refined. He has a complex taste, which is worth experiencing, drinking brandy in pure form (and not on an empty stomach, as tannins will make themselves felt). The price of such pleasure is from 700 to 950 rubles. Very praise users eight-year-old cognac "Galavan". Reviews recommend buying it for special events. After all, the cost of it "bites": more than a thousand rubles for a half-liter bottle. But, if you compare it with French cognacs, such a price will not seem excessive.

Georgian cognac five-year "Galavan": reviews

Unscientized users say that after such brandy does not hurt your head and there are no problems with your stomach. This cognac is easy to drink, it does not have fusel impurities, it does not cut a throat. Brandy will appeal to ladies and lovers of soft drinks.

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