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Dog lewretka: description of the breed (photo)

The dog is a small, elegant and elegant animal, which has a mild character and gets along well with children even in infancy. Animals are timid, so unexpected actions will be followed by an immediate response.

A levretka is a dog that does not get along with cats and other small breeds. Almost all small animals are afraid of their sharp barking. This breed was bred in Italy. The average growth of doggies is from 30 to 38 cm, and weight is from 3 to 5 kg. These lovely creatures live for 12 and even 15 years. Левретки are perfectly suitable for apartment maintenance, but it is recommended to start them to dogs with the experience.

Dog with a surprise

When you see a slender animal with thin paws, a long neck and a lean physique, it may seem that the dog is a very weak, like porcelain calyx. When you look at the pet, who strains to peer into the distance and twitches, it seems that he feels fear and freezes. When you see black eyes that do not break away from your piece of bread, the thought arises that the dog is already hungry for the first time.

All this only seems! This little dog (Italian levretka) is characterized by obedience and inexhaustible tenderness by nature. She is devoted to the last hair to the owner and attentively follows his speech. Destructive behavior for her is unusual. It can manifest itself only in stressful situations, when ill-treated or during a long absence of the owner.


Leverette - the dog is pretty playful and smart. She will become a favorite member of the family. Pets are very attentive and cautious. Handling animals of this breed should be softer, because they always perceive commands and intonation of the owner in all seriousness.

The competent content of the dog is possible only when the owner finds a way to overcome her shyness and shyness. Luretki perfectly feel the mood and individual characteristics of the owner. It is easiest for them to get used to a calm natural environment. During a stressful situation, animals need encouraging words and stroking.

They are independent of nature, but at the same time they need a master to create a sense of peace. What else is this breed of dogs known for? Leverette is very easily annoyed during a sense of fear, excitement or embarrassment. Such animals are not so easy to maintain, because the emotions arise regularly.


Is the lioness running well? Photo of the dog demonstrates this ability. Nature has made the Greyhound excellent runners. They perfectly jump, are able to overcome fences and develop high speed.

These Italian dogs are afraid of big relatives, since they do not have the proper protection from them and can get injured. But they are excellent neighbors with other lewrets and live together in pairs.

Natural instincts and gentleness of character help them to communicate perfectly with children of any age. But during games it is necessary to watch, that the dog was not frightened. But with the representatives of the cat's and other room dogs, the levreets do not come into contact.

Is this dog breed simple? Lionretka does not apply to animals that require little attention and care. However, most of the difficulties are overcome with time due to training and patience.

The cost of a puppy

After analyzing the announcements about the sale of puppies of the levretka breed (photo of the dog is in the article), we can state that their average cost in the Russian Federation is 25-30 thousand rubles. Elite doggies, who shine a beautiful exhibition career and the opportunity to leave a good offspring, sell a little more expensive (from 30 to 45 thousand rubles.). Moscow prices do not have any significant differences from prices in the regions. In some countries it is possible to buy a puppy cheaper than in Russia.


The dog, the little lioness, needs almost no special care. The most important thing for her is the manifestation of love, care and attention. First of all, the ears should be cleaned with a cotton swab. The veterinary pharmacy has special preparations for these purposes.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the claws of the dog. As they grow, they are shortened with a special claw-nail and the nail file. You can not remove the claw to the base, because it contains the sensitive ends of nerve fibers.

Lionretki unusually clean. They do not exude a sharp puff smell, and wool does not smell of street. Therefore, there is no need for frequent water procedures. However, cleaning the paws on return from a walk is not superfluous.

Dogs of this breed need daily brushing of their teeth. The choice of a brush and paste is desirable to be carried out together with the veterinarian. The assortment of these goods in zoomarkets is quite wide. To accustom the puppy to this procedure follows from 2 months already. At this age, he will quickly become addicted. The dog will begin to perceive this as something mandatory.

During the change of teeth should be particularly careful and cautious. An uneasy movement can hurt a tender gum. Infection of the damaged site is not excluded. This can lead to a disease, the treatment of which will require an examination by a veterinarian.

From what to protect the puppy?

Lefties are afraid of cold. To protect them, you need to prepare a warm place and waterproof overalls. Peculiarities are so fragile that they can damage their limbs, trying to get rid of their hands. They are not afraid of heights, because they do not know what it can threaten them. Luretki able to jump out of the window of a high-rise building.

History of the breed

The breed of dogs is a lioness, whose photo shows her exquisite appearance, is one of the oldest in the class of pygmy. Her ancestors existed in ancient Egypt. Even the pharaohs revered these dogs and injected them into the immediate surroundings. A proof is found that the rulers took the greyhounds (the ancestors of the lefrechaute) in the last way.

The dwarf dog of this breed was found mummified alongside the first wife of Pharaoh Psammetich. The main features of the animal resembled modern breed representatives.


One of the legends tells of the miraculous salvation of the son of Pharaoh by a lioness. After the conquest of Egypt by the Persians under the leadership of King Cambyses, Pharaoh and his family decided to kill. The elder heirs were executed, and the youngest was thrown in the middle of the desert, where he was threatened with martyrdom.

A small dog, a lioness from the moment the baby was born, was next to him. When the cart took the boy to the desert, a four-legged friend followed her and stayed with Pharaoh's son. He warmed the child with his warmth throughout the night. The little girl was cold, her little shivers rang small bells that were on her body.

The sound was heard by the servants of the ruler of Egypt and saved the little heir. Since that time, the thrill of a lewreta is considered magical, saving lives.

Features of the breed

The breed is widely known, but its prevalence is low. The reason lies in the small number of puppies in the litter. At the time of the turn of the day, 2-4 puppies are born. If compared with other dwarf species, it is very little.

The dog has an interesting feature, which is that there is no need for long walks. Lefties like to be on the street, but they will not resent if the exit does not take place.


What does this dog eat? The dwarfish levret was descended from wolves and wild dogs, which produce food by hunting and gathering. Consequently, the diet of pets should include all the components inherent in their wild predecessors.

A dog needs a balanced mixture of animal and vegetable products. It is allowed to use dry and canned forages provided they are selected taking into account the basic parameters of the animal.

The basis of the natural diet of levreets is meat. It is desirable, if it is beef. Animals happily weave it with cartilages, veins and films. Meat piece, which began to fade slightly, is better absorbed by the liverwort organism than fresh meat. In addition, dogs eat it with great pleasure.

Boil meat is not necessary, but if there is a danger of infection with worms, it should be subjected to a small heat treatment. You do not need to give a broth to a dog, because it damages its health. The stomach of lewrettes is tuned to digest whole meat pieces, so do not cut them smaller.

Fish is a useful component of the dog's diet. It does not have many calories compared to meat, which is a significant advantage for a dog living in a city. It is allowed to feed exclusively marine fish with a low fat content, that is capelin, herring, sprat, mackerel, etc. should be excluded from the diet.

It is allowed to include sour-milk products in the menu of small dogs. The choice is desirable to do in favor of those that contain a minimum amount of fat.

It is impossible to completely exclude the feeding of vegetables, fruits and porridges. But they should not form the basis of nutrition. It is not recommended to give at the same time meat products and cereals, since for their digestion it is required to produce different enzymes.

Does a legion greyhound eat? The dog described above should in no case eat peas, beans and lentils. Useful for her will be Herculean, millet, rice and buckwheat porridge. Vegetable and fruit dishes should preferably be given in the intervals between the main feedings.

It is allowed to feed the dog with salads dressed with vegetable oil. Greens can be added to almost everything. Feeding with natural products should be accompanied by a parallel intake of vitamin-mineral complexes, selected by a veterinarian.

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