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Alcoholic cocktails: names and composition

Several countries, such as France, America, Spain and aristocratic England are arguing about the origin of the word "cocktail". They put forward various versions of its origin and offer their own translation, but in the world the most understandable version of the simple man - "tail of the cock" was fixed. Traditionally, it includes a harmonious mix of drinks with certain additives, colorful details in the form of fruit slices, berries and even greens. For a long time he was associated with alcoholic cocktails, the names of which were and remain their zest. Each of them also has certain taste tones and a unique serving, distinguishing it from many others.

Since at the moment people are trying to expand the boundaries of taste and try unusual combinations of products, new cocktails continue to replenish the piggy bank of their kind. Any self-respecting bar, restaurant or club always offers a rich selection of these drinks, each of which is capable of either cheering up, or relaxing, or simply delivering pleasure!

Cocktail and alcohol are friends forever

When you mention this word in your mind, either a well-known drink from milk with ice cream or alcoholic cocktails, the names of which have long been fixed in any bar menu, immediately appears in your mind. It is the latter who would like to pay attention in this article. Is it not interesting to find out what this or that mix, ordered from the bartender, is and that brought a portion of fun and euphoria? As they say, warned - it means armed, so further in the article will follow classic alcoholic cocktails, photos with names attached. And they are considered such for their unqualified popularity around the world and, of course, a bright individuality.

They got their "Oscar"

We are talking about the famous "Mojito", "Bloody Mary", "Cosmopolitan", "Pina Kolada" and "Margarita". Regardless of the peculiarities of this or that country and its people, they are drunk, tasted and idolized on every continent. Given that they are welcomed around the world, it will not be superfluous to duplicate every name of alcoholic cocktails in English, which most people know. Among them there is no competition, therefore acquaintance with these creations will follow in any order. The proportions of the ingredients in them will not be indicated, because the trained bartender knows the formula of each drink better.

Dear ladies - "Margarite" (Margarite) in person

The name of cocktails (alcoholic, above all) often has its own history of origin. "Margarita", for example, keeps in itself legends connected with the girl, whose name is guessed. Not surprisingly, in bars this drink usually requires a weaker sex. Because women, as a rule, pay for the taste of a cocktail, while men, for the most part, are for strength and simplicity.

And the taste of "Margarita" remains for a long time in memory. It includes (according to the genre classics) tequila and lime juice, and the third component can be liquor: orange, strawberry, watermelon, juice or syrup is also added. The highlight of "Margarita" lies in its presentation - in a glass, powdered with salt.

"Cosmopolitan" (Cosmopolitan) - cocktail for a hot party

This drink is one of the most ordered among the aperitifs. "Cosmopolitan" is able to kindle appetite and give energy to the body. His scarlet shade, he owes cranberry juice, which is poured into the juice of lime. After adding vodka and excellent liqueur "Cointreau" to it, the cocktail becomes very strong.

This fact ensures that the party, where the "Cosmopolitan" is served, will become memorable. Drink it better chilled, if you dance and have fun planning for a long time and actively!

"Bloody Mary" (Bloody Mary) - this is when inexpensive, tasty and simple

Usually alcoholic cocktails, the names and composition of which are both original, and at the same time enthralled by their plainness, acquire the status of "top" ones. "Bloody Mary" unequivocally refers to such. First, such an intriguing naming of a drink can not but arouse curiosity in people who want to drink something original.

Secondly, to pay for a glass of "Bloody Mary" is a minimum. As you know, it consists of tomato, lemon juice, which generously adds vodka, severely flavored with salt and pepper. And the uniqueness of the "bloody" mixture is attached by a sprig of celery, which is piquantly stirred.

"Mojito" (Mojito) - world cocktail

He is considered one of the firstborn in the art of mixing drinks. On the peculiarities of the good old "Mojito" you do not need to say much - they are better to feel on yourself.

To prepare this drink, as a rule, mix Bacardi rum with soda, put in it slices of lime with sprigs of mint. All this with a drop of sugar syrup and cubes of pure ice is a refreshing mix, cooling and invigorating body and spirit.

"Pina Colada" (Pina Colada) - decoration of a sunny and noisy summer

Imagine a tropical landscape with tall palm trees, hammocks and a bar on a sandy beach. After all, it was in such areas that the "Pina Kolada" was born, which carries a name that is not understood without proper translation. Alcoholic cocktails in hot countries have been invented a lot, but this drink has become most popular.

These two words, translated from Spanish meaning "strained pineapple", although it is rustic, but sound very attractive even for foreigners. The tropical ingredients of "Pina Kolada" harmoniously complement each other: it consists of fresh coconut cream, pineapple juice, white rum and syrup.

The original name - and 50% of the success of the cocktail is guaranteed!

Now bars and clubs with their varied bar menu can not but rejoice, and this is probably one of the reasons for their popularity, which grows from year to year. Together with this they are actively practicing new flavor combinations, enthusiastically developing fresh design of drinks. The income from cocktails is always decent, and, therefore, business in this area is moving forward successfully. Mixing drinks is also very interesting, because you can enjoy both the process of cooking them and the fruits of the work.

In order to attract more visitors to its establishment, many different tricks are used in the course. For example, to make people buy more or less alcoholic cocktails, the names in the clubs are written on the walls or interior details (so that they attract attention to themselves). At the same time, there are actions for drinks, and they are coming up with alternative bright names. Other owners of the restaurant (club) benefit from the bar variety, periodically updating the menu.

So, there are a lot of people who want to try:

  • "Reanimator" of brandy and sweet vermouth.
  • "Maiden's Prayer", in which, in addition to the main gin, syrup, fresh lemon and orange juice and "Cointreau", there is egg white.
  • "Slippery nipple" - an infernal combination of layers from the grenadine, sambuki with the liqueur "Irish Krim".
  • "Cranial hemorrhage" - from the previous it is distinguished by peach Schnaps instead of sambuki.
  • "Balalaika" and "Kamikaze". Their compositions are similar: familiar vodka and "Cointreau", only in the first they add lemon juice, and in the second - lime juice. They are ordered mostly by men, in order to prove that "a real Russian is not so easily intoxicated".
  • Finish the list of cool names of cocktails (alcoholic, of course), like "Annushka", "Katenka", "Natasha". Each of these drinks is really delicious as a selection. For their preparation, vodka is taken as a basis. The first cocktail is lilac, with liqueur Creme de Mure. The second one is bright and sunny, with apricot brandy, lime juice and a sprig of mint. "Natasha" is striking with a sweet taste, creating a mixture of strawberry and banana liqueurs with "Cointreau".

Continuing the topic of titles

Despite the fact that most of the mixes from the bar menus are called quite adequately, fashionably and up to date, without exceptions anywhere. After all, funny names of cocktails, alcoholic, as a rule, are remembered best. And this is due to the fact that they usually have a peculiar taste and have an unpredictable effect on the body.

  • Just want to note a drink called "Death after lunch" - a la bouncing champagne for gentlemen.
  • It is impossible not to single out the cocktails-brothers "White Russian" and "Black Russian", prepared from vodka with a certain coffee liqueur, only in the first one there is cream.
  • "The last word" also surprises with its name. It is a mix of gin, green "Chartreuse", lime juice and maraschino liqueur.
  • "The chest of an angel" is no less amusing! It turns out that this is a mixture of the already mentioned maraschino liqueur with whipped cream, served in a graceful glass.
  • From the "Monkey's Iron" it becomes uncomfortable. But the daredevils who tried this drink, usually demanded to repeat, as the taste of gin with orange, pomegranate juices and "Ricard" tincture is worth it.
  • Scotch tart Scotch tape and unparalleled liquor "Drambui" together give birth to a cocktail "Rusty nail". It is not recommended to hurry with him: as long as possible savor his taste.

Cocktail asking the soul, but sorry for the money to go to the bar? There is an exit!

After a hard and nervous working week, you want to get rid of the mind-filled thoughts? You want to relax cheaply and angrily, because the prices in the club or bar bite? Will get alcoholic cocktails in stores, their names are similar to restaurant ones, the taste, of course, can differ from the original, but they are really inexpensive. Find these will not be difficult in any supermarket, in departments with alcohol.

The choice will be, of course, not like in a bar, but "Pinus Colada", "Whiskey with cola", "Bellini", "Daikiri", the likeness of "Screwdrivers", "White Russian" and "Martini" is not a problem to find.

When the right mix is bought and already stands in the refrigerator, it will only be necessary to pour it into the glass, so that it looks aesthetically pleasing, and throw a couple of ice cubes with a slice of some fruit and a sprig of mint. But since these alcoholic cocktails are sold in bottles (some have aristocratic names), it will not be fatal to drink them straight from there.

Guide to begin to conquer the bars

For sure, everyone has heard about the lists of films that everyone should see, places that are compulsory to attend. Similar there are for books and for legendary dishes. In this case, we will talk about something similar, but the main roles will be the name of cocktails (alcoholic). The list of them is made up for people who are just beginning to discover the world of spirits and mixes from them. It is worth all the same to have some information to know exactly what to order from the bartender, and to realize the effect of the desired drink.

Thus, beginners should take note of the following alcoholic cocktails. The names of drinks, which, as mentioned above, received their "Oscar", it is worth remembering the first, starting with them and practice.

  • "B-52" - three liquors: "Irish Krim", "Gran Marnier" and coffee "Kalua".
  • "Daiquiri" is desirable to try, when the rum, included in it, in addition to the juice of lime and syrup, is a real Cuban.
  • "Sex on the beach" - a fiery boom of peach liquor, vodka, raspberry liquor, cranberry and pineapple juices.
  • Traditional "Tequila Sunrise" from juice of a pomegranate, an orange, tequila, soda and "Cream de Cassis" (liquor from a black currant) is magnificent in correct execution.
  • "Mimosa". It skillfully mingles orange fresh with sparkling champagne. She is recommended to drink with a hangover.
  • Drink "Martini" in its many variants of performance is also a paramount task. For example, praise "Dirty Martini": gin, dry vermouth, orange bitter and olive brine do in one glass something.
  • Even the beginners are familiar with the cocktail "Vesper" (James Bond's favorite drink, remember?). However, not all will survive his fortress, because vodka, gin, vermouth "Lille Blanc", in which lemon peel is leavened, it is not easy to overpower in one glass.
  • With a smile, remember and the feeling after the "La Long Island East Ti". Mix of tequila, white rum, vodka with gin, lemon juice, cola and "Cointreau" will turn upside down instantly, and the body itself rushes to the center of the dance floor.
  • Reflect on the great can be with a cocktail "Alexander", which make up cream, syrup, gin and white "Cream de cocoa".
  • For the same purpose, it is ideal to order a cocktail "White Lady" with a liqueur "Cointreau", gin, lemon juice and egg white.
  • In a harsh evening, you can enjoy the "White Russian", "Black Russian" and "Screwdriver".
  • "Manhattan" is added to the piggy bank of alcoholic beverages. Bitter-sweet notes are felt in him at the expense of bitter "Angostura" and sweet vermouth, dilutes which bourbon.
  • Nothing to end the evening is boring and quiet when there is a cocktail "Hurricane". That's really where there really is a storm in the glass, which was injected with dark rum, lemon juice and passion fruit syrup.
  • Achieves his madness "Hiroshima." This shooter, except as a volley, not to drink. This is obvious, because in it sambuca, absinthe, creamy liqueur "Irish Krim" and a bitter grenadine give rise to a hell of a mixture.

A curtain

The article does not mention all alcoholic cocktails, and their names can be listed for a long time. But why? After all, if there was a desire to taste something from the above, then quenching it is easy and simple. As an option, go to a proven club or store and leave there the right amount of money for a particular "balm for the soul." Or you can take a risk - to open a beginner bartender and prepare a cocktail yourself. For this, there is a necessary literature in the bookstore and a supermarket not with a sparse alcohol department. This is a wonderful hobby, because "the results of creativity" will be pleasant to experience. The main thing is not to be overwhelmed by the creative process.

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