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How to write an ad: highlights

How to correctly write an ad so that it is effective and bring the desired result? This question is asked by many people who want to sell something, be it real estate, a car, clothes or household appliances. The most important thing in any selling text - it should "hook" the potential buyer. Therefore, deciding to write an advertisement, you need to come up with the most interesting title. In doing so, it should aim precisely at the person who is looking for this product, which means that its name must necessarily be present. In addition, many marketing specialists, advising how to correctly write an advertisement, suggest including a "highlight" in the title to stand out among the mass of such proposals. You can, for example, do not overload it with superfluous words, but simply play a register of letters, make a spelling mistake, similar to a typo, but does not indicate illiteracy.

Further, experts who know how to correctly write a notice of sale, are advised to specify the characteristics of the object. The most basic parameters that are important for most readers should be indicated, not just for the current owner of the car or apartment. However, one should not be too laconic, it is desirable to add some adjectives that favorably emphasize the advantages for the buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to decide how to write an advertisement in each specific case. For example, if it concerns an apartment, the words "spacious", "bright", "cozy neighborhood", etc. are appropriate. For the car, the announcement can be supplemented with information on careful operation, systematic maintenance, new rubber, good technical condition.

To specify or not to specify the price depends on the item being sold, therefore, when thinking about how to correctly write an advertisement, it is advisable to study the market. If it is stable and there are no strong fluctuations in value, then it can be specified. This will exclude people who have not yet matured for the transaction, but only make inquiries. If the market is not particularly stable, then a fixed price can lead potential buyers into confusion and scare them away. Because of the fluctuations, it may be lower or higher than the real one. In such situations, the price is better to write comparative: cheap, expensive, market.

A good move may be an indication of the reason for the sale. And it is not necessary that this will correspond to reality. The main task of this method is to attract, perhaps, more profitable (in comparison with similar announcements) deal conditions. For example, it is often written that an object is sold in connection with the departure or plans to buy real estate. In this case, the person reading the ad will hope that because of this, the owner of the car or garage urgently needs money, and therefore will have to make concessions on certain points. And one more important detail: it is always advisable to write about the possible bargaining, after all, having "moved" for a certain amount, you can save time and, in the end, win. Also, we must not forget that when you specify a phone number, you must choose the one by which someone will be qualified to respond to the buyer.

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