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Maria Shriver: biography of a journalist

Journalism ... How many famous people work and worked before in this field ... And after all, we can talk not only about the USSR, Russia or other countries of the post-Soviet space, but also about America.

Maria Shriver is a journalist whose news programs are known throughout the world.

Childhood and adolescence of Mary

She was born on November 6, 1955 in the city of Chicago. About the childhood years of Maria Shriver, you can not say anything special, because her parents were not very rich and famous people, although her mother carried Kennedy's name. Most likely, she was a relative of the presidency family. School science Mary comprehended not in Chicago, but in the middle school of a small town Bethesd in Maryland. By the way, the practice of sending children to study in a smaller city at that time was very common.

At the age of 22, our heroine graduated from journalism at the University of Georgestown.

Career on TV

Maria Shriver immediately after graduation got a job in a television and radio company in the city of Philadelphia. There she edited texts for news programs. A year later, in 1978, she changed jobs for the first time, receiving a more advantageous offer from the Baltimore TRC. Here she worked for five years. It was in Baltimore that Maria Shriver (photo in her youth is in the article) received her first work experience on the air. Let and not always the news came on the air, but all the same the complexity of the work of the editor and presenter who speaks in front of the camera (and it is the televiewers who see it) can not be overestimated.

In 1983, Maria Shriver moved to Los Angeles. This was one of the most important events in the life of this famous person. Of course, without work, she did not stay here. She was moved by the offer from the company "StBS" to take the vacant position of a news program journalist.

The starry hour in the role of TV presenter came while working for one of the largest American channels NBC (since 1986). Here Maria Shriver participated in many projects, some of which were copyright. At the start of her career at NBS, she worked as a correspondent for the evening news. A year later, in 1987, Maria Shriver (photo in her youth see below) created and started her own Main Street program. From 1987 to 1990 she was also the leading Sunday final news day and night. Many also remember the comments of this journalist from the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. An important professional feature Shriver critics have noted the exceptional ability to interview the "powerful of this world": George W. Bush, the King of Jordan Hussein, Fidel Castro.

Personal life

In terms of personal life, Maria Shriver is also a very successful person. Her husband is a famous Hollywood actor, governor of California and an Austrian by nationality Arnold Schwarzenegger. They met in the distant 1977 when filming a news clip, but they were married in 1986. Arnold and Mary have two children - Katherine and Patrick.

Today, Arnold and Maria are in divorce (since 2011), but, of course, maintain friendly relations.

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