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Aram Gabrelyanov: biography, nationality, photo

Aram Gabrelyanov, whose nationality is Armenian, Is a well-known Russian entrepreneur. He is the president of the holding, which produces high-circulation tabloids in the Russian Federation. Launched the video portal He is the chairman of the board of directors of the newspaper Izvestia.


Aram Ashotovich Gabrelyanov was born in 1961 on the tenth of August in Dagestan, in the city of Derbent. His childhood passed there. Gabramyanov Aram Ashotovich, whose biography is closely connected with business and the media, like many people, first graduated from high school. Then he entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism.


In 1985, Aram Gabrelyanov, whose wife was from Ulyanovsk, moved to his homeland. First he trained in the newspaper "Ulyanovsk Komsomolets." Then he began to work as a correspondent. Gradually went up the career ladder. First he became the head of the department, then the deputy director, the executive secretary. And finally, the editor-in-chief of the publication.

Activities in Ulyanovsk

At the plenum the regional committee proposed to transform Komsomolets into a new edition, The Word of Youth. This was approved. As a result, in the early nineties the newspaper began to be published with the features of the yellow press. In 1991, the publication was privatized by employees and changed its name to "Simbirsk Gubernia news". And Aram Ashotovich was a controlling stake. The company became a Closed Joint-Stock Company, and Gabrelyanov - its head.

By 1997 the circulation of the edition had grown considerably, reaching two hundred thousand copies. The newspaper had its own informants, whose work was paid for. The most recent information about significant regional events was always delivered to the newspaper very quickly. Therefore, the edition quickly gained circulation and enjoyed success among the population.

Establishment of publishing holding

In 1995 Aram Gabrelyanov, whose biography from the point of view of working activity began with printed publications, bought in Ulyanovsk the publication "Local Time" in Dmitrovgrad. At the end of the same year, he acquired fifty percent of the shares of the commercial organization SKiF. She owned the newspaper "Scythians", which had an economic direction. After a while, a new edition with the name "Scythian" was created on its base. The founder of the new newspaper was Joint Stock Company "SGV".

Based on the last two newspapers mentioned above, the publishing holding was gradually created with the name "Vedomosti-Media". It was later included printed publications of Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd and Saratov.

Moving to Moscow

In the ninety-sixth year Aram Gabrelyanov, whose photo is in this article, moved to Moscow. The weekly Moskovskie Vedomosti was registered and started publishing. Because of the 1998 default, Gabrelyanov had to save his own business by his own means. He not only invested all this money, but he also sold his cars, laid down an apartment and borrowed money from friends.

By 1999, the business situation had leveled off, and Aram Ashotovich already owned twenty-nine newspapers. In the same year he returned to Ulyanovsk, but already as editor-in-chief. In 2000, the press controlled by Gabrelyanova helped in the election campaign of the governor and mayor of Ulyanovsk. But with the new leadership Aram Ashotovich could not work together and again went to Moscow.

The first main tabloid

There he renamed "Moscow News" to the weekly "Life", for which he created a separate publishing house. The format was borrowed from the famous English tabloid. The edition quickly became popular, as it printed scandals related to the personal life of Russian showbiz stars. In 2006, the weekly circulation exceeded two million copies. Gabrylyanov Aram Ashotovich became general director and editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

In 2001, on the basis of the publishing house, the Open Joint Stock Company "News Media" was established. "Life" became a brand, under which other publications (Life, Ulyanovsk, etc.) began to be printed. The newspaper was on a par with the main Russian tabloids. In 2004 she entered the top five most popular. Mainly due to paid informers who provided exclusive materials.

By 2005, the brand "Life" had already united fifty-two Russian print publications and had a representative office in Kiev. In some cities, newspapers were issued daily, in others - once a week. At the end of 2005, a reshuffle occurred in Zhizni , Aram Gabrelyanov resigned as editor-in-chief and became chairman of the board of directors.

Starting in 2000, negotiations were held on the sale of the "News Media" part. The deal took place only in 2006. As a result, slightly less than 50% of the shares were sold to the fund, which was created by former Finance Minister Boris Fyodorov and his partners.

On the proceeds from the transaction, Gabrelyanov increased the circulation of many of his publications and organized a large-scale advertising campaign. At the same time, he re-branded the newspaper "Life". From the publication were removed criminal and sexual topics. As a result, the newspaper became solid, for family reading.

Growth of business

In 2006, a new edition appeared - "Your Day". Regional offices were located in several cities of Russia. In 2007, Gabrylyanov Aram Ashotovich replaced the post of CEO of News Media for the post of editorial director and chairman of the holding's directors. Subsidiaries of the company appeared in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

In 2006 Gabrelyanov planned to open his printing houses and develop a distribution network. But changed his mind and spent the available funds on the Internet site, which was based on exclusive videos.

Initially, the idea was laid to create not just an Internet portal, but an operational information agency, so that visitors could not only provide their materials, but also get royalties for it. In a short time, turned out to be on the seventh place in popularity on the Runet. In 2009, Gabrelyanov divided it into three parts. The first is urgent news. The second is show business news. The third is sport.

In 2009, journalism courses were opened in News Media. Along with other specialists, Aram Gabrelyanov himself taught. In the same period, two more new projects appeared. The first - "Heat" (secular magazine). The main editor in it was appointed Philip Kirkorov. And the second project appeared in 2010 - the business newspaper "Marker". It should have been strikingly different from similar publications due to exclusive materials and the promptness of their placement. At the same time, the calculation was mainly based on the popularity of the publication among young people.

In 2010, Open Joint Stock Company "News Media" became the first Russian company selling video materials to the leading TV channels. By this time, the holding already managed two - "REN-TV" and "Petersburg-the fifth channel." In 2011 Gabrelyanov became deputy director of NMG, which oversaw the Internet projects of the holding and the publication of Izvestia. In the same year Aram Ashotovich headed the board of directors in it.

Then there was to be a contract, according to which News Media holding started to deal with the newspaper. All the expenses for the publication he took upon himself. In 2012, due to Gabrelyanov's plans to integrate Izvestia, many employees and the editor-in-chief resigned. New staff were recruited.

Gabrelyanov and Politics

Some journalists drew attention to the pro-Kremlin direction of the printed publications of Aram Ashotovich. Notes appeared in the mass media about his connection with United Russia. Gabrelyanov in good relations with the head of the presidential administration.

Thanks to Surkov, Gabrelyanov has access to the presidential press pool. Prints of Aram Ashotovich professionally and objectively covered the Crimean events in connection with the return of the republic to Russia. For this Gabrelyanov was awarded on behalf of the President of the Order of Honor in April 2014.

Aram Ashotovich Gabrelyanov: reviews, criticism, scandals and conflicts

Periodically Aram Ashotovich's publications were criticized. He was accused of unethical, illiterate and unprofessional. In 2010, Kashin's blog posted a screenshot of one of the articles Life News, which talked about provocations at the rally. As a result, Gabrelyanov expressed himself in strong terms at the meeting on staff. This angry speech was recorded on the recorder and posted on the network.

On some of the materials published in the News Media, the heroes of the articles were sued. And they accused the publishing house of the unreliability of the published data and interference in private life. But Aram Gabrelyanov believes that the public person and so the whole life in sight. In principle, it can not be a secret, since celebrities are always in the spotlight. And public people need to be ready for this.

In 2011, photos on the Life News website were published, as deputy Oleg Mikheev is at a wedding in the fascist form of V. Canaris. As a result, Gabrelyanova was sent a complaint to the court. But 4 experts confirmed that the pictures are genuine. As a result, Mikheev had not only to compensate Aram Ashotovich for moral damage, but also to publish on REN-TV a refutation of the accusations against Gabrelyanov.

In April 2014 Aram Ashotovich decided to close the Ukrainian publication "Life". The reason was the refusal of the local editorial staff to print pro-Russian materials. As explained by Ashot, Gabrelyanov's son, the employees refused to publish the materials sent because of fears that the authorities of Ukraine will apply sanctions to them.

A family

Aram Ashotovich Gabrelyanov married his classmate. He has a happy marriage, the couple lives a soul in the soul. Gabrelyanov Aram Ashotovich, whose wife gave him two sons, a happy father.

His first son, Artem, graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism. Successfully defended a diploma in the tabloidization of modern Internet media. But before that, in 2008, he already worked as a deputy editor in the international news department. Artem himself wrote many articles for glossy publications. In 2011, he was appointed editor-in-chief of the Bubble comic book.

The second son, Ashot, also became a journalist, like father and elder brother. He started publishing from the age of fifteen. His first report was about the American drunk director Tarantino. At the age of nineteen, Ashot was appointed editor-in-chief of Life News. In 2012 - the executive director of News Media.

After a while, Artem went to live permanently in the United States of America, in New York. Ashot until 2014 worked as general director of the media resource.

Aram Ashotovich's grandfather, Nikolai Ter-Gabrelyan, is known for having founded his own account in his village. Tatev is an Orthodox monastery.

Character and beliefs Gabrelyanova

Aram Gabrelyanov is convinced that the mass media must be emotional, truthful. Even if for this it is necessary to get video footage of where and how a public person dies. Gabrelyanov first of all appreciates the result in his work, which he pays well. Indifferent people next to him, he does not tolerate, prefers active and agile. For his subordinates, he is an example of how a person can achieve heights by starting in the small - from the position of a simple correspondent.

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