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The recipe for moonshine from sugar. Discovering secrets

Of course, in our country there are no such people who do not know what moonshine is, because it is a traditional alcoholic drink of the Slavs. It is necessary to emphasize that in terms of the quality and composition of the preparation, it has much in common with rum: the difference will only be in the raw components. At its core, rum is nothing more than raw moonshine.

Married in shops

According to statistics, a significant share of vodka products, which is put on the shelves of our stores - this is a real fake for the simple reason that the technology of preparing a Russian spirituous drink is often ignored by the requirements of GOST.

Home-made product - the best quality

Of course, consumers have an alternative that does not fall for the bait of unscrupulous suppliers of alcoholic beverages. Which one? Naturally, to prepare an intoxicating drink with your own hands at home. And for the sake of justice it should be noted that the Russians have already acquired some experience in this matter: it is enough to recall those times when a dry law was introduced in the country and many families had to stock themselves with moonshine.

Methods of making schnapps at home - a huge variety

It is also necessary to emphasize that today there is a whole arsenal of ways to make home schnapps, and from a wide variety of ingredients.

The recipe for moonshine from sugar is simple enough: it can be mastered even by the one who first hears about the existence of "home" vodka. You just need to make some effort and have a few hours of time.

The recipe for moonshine from sugar, of course, implies the use of a moonshine. In order for the beverage to be properly cooked, it is very important to read the instructions to the distiller and clearly observe the ratio of the constituent components.

Method number 1

So, the recipe for moonshine from sugar. The proportions will be as follows: 10 grams of special yeast, 10 grams of fermentation activators, 2 kg of granulated sugar and 8 liters of water. As a result, you will get 10 liters of quality braga.

Experts recommend using wine shakes for brewing, as they accumulate less volatile acids than bakeries, and also wander quickly enough, eliminate the negative microflora in the drink, and in combination with glucose provide him with a fortress.

The recipe for moonshine from sugar provides for the following actions: it is necessary to put yeast in a special container, pour warm water and leave them to swell for a quarter of an hour. In parallel with this, 8 liters of slightly warmed water and sugar must be assembled in the fermentation tank.

Then, fermentation activators and yeast should be added to the resulting formulation. It is very important at this stage to ensure high-quality fermentation. In order for the above process to proceed intensively, it is necessary to add about 150 g of peas to the substance. Next, close the fermenting container tightly with a lid and install a hydraulic seal, through which the fermentation process is normalized, and the carbon dioxide that is formed is properly removed.

However, the recipe for moonshine from sugar does not end there. The next step is to place the fermentation tank in a room with a temperature of + 30-32 degrees Celsius. It will only be several times a day to mix the resulting composition. Braga will wander about a week.

The readiness of an alcoholic beverage made at home is determined by the taste: it should not be sweet. Pay attention to the septum: if the bubbles do not stand out, then moonshine fermented.

However, the above recipe for the preparation of moonshine from sugar also involves the distillation of the brag obtained. This is done with the help of special devices: alumbika, moonshine, alquitar.

In the end, you will get a pure alcohol product without foreign impurities and taste.

How to make moonshine from sugar yet? There are many recipes.

Method number 2

When preparing "home" vodka, many prefer to save on sugar, replacing it with jam, since glucose in it - even more than enough. In this case, the fact that it is possible to use last year's or even last year's conservation is curious: the degree of corruption of the product is of no fundamental importance here. However, make sure that there is no mold. The advantages of this recipe include the fact that a variety of types of jam are suitable for making schnapps: cherry, strawberry, apricot, raspberry, plum. Why bother with the question of how to make moonshine from sugar, when you have a whole arsenal of jam at hand? Thus, you not only can try a drink prepared with your own hands, but also free up space in your basement or pantry.

So, what will it take to make moonshine? You need to prepare wort or sourdough for schnapps. To do this, open a couple of three-liter jars with jam and place them in a warm room. As soon as the fermentation process begins, the contents should be put in a separate container, into which 30 liters of water is then added.

The next step is to put 3 kg of sugar and 200 grams of wine yeast into the container. The resulting composition should be thoroughly mixed and placed in a dark place for 6-7 days. During this period of time, the fermentation process must be completed. At the final stage, the resulting substance must be distilled in the brewing apparatus. In the end, it should be about 9-10 liters of quality moonshine. You can combine several types of conservation, then the drink will have a very original flavor and aroma. In general, do not be afraid to experiment, and you will succeed!


Of course, the first time you can not all turn out as we would like. The main thing is not to despair: for the third or fourth time you can treat yourself to the brewing process with a quality alcoholic drink of your own preparation for your relatives and friends.

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