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Chateau wine is a noble drink with a long history

Chateau wine is a noble drink of French origin. This alcohol belongs to the First Grand Cru category - this is confirmed by the official classification of Bordeaux wines of 1855. It is not surprising that the wine of Chateau enjoys such popularity among real aesthetes.

Production features

First of all, it should be noted that the grapes used for the production of the drink are selected carefully from each separate site. After collection, it is subjected to a special process - fermentation, in order to preserve the identity of each of the sites. The wine of the Chateau is unique in that it preserves its own traditions in the process of its production, but, nevertheless, all this with the use of modern technologies.

Fermentation takes place in large vats, made of natural high-quality precious wood. In them, the wort for a certain time (usually a period of 18-25 days) is macerated. This is the initial stage of production, and after that the wine is tasted and then poured into other containers. Next is the second stage of fermentation, which is also called malolactic fermentation, and it is final.

Wine Lafite - Quality Score

Special attention should be paid to the red Wine of the Château Lafite. A drink of the Bordeaux type, which is produced in the Medoc district. This wine gained its popularity on the territory of the Russian Federation at the end of the XIX century, and all because it was the main imported alcohol at that time.

In 1868, the Lafite vineyards acquired the Rothschilds. This event did not go unnoticed, as they conditioned their loan by the fact that Russia, it turns out, is obliged to import lafite. And in considerable volumes. As a result, it turned out that now the word "lafite" is synonymous with any refined and expensive wine.
To date, one of the most prestigious beverages is the Chateau de Wine. The wine of this production is the embodiment of wealth, respectability and durability. After all, this alcoholic drink is produced since 1868, and such a period is a serious indicator.

History of the brand

I want to say that Château de Wine is a wine that has long been a trademark. For many years, the drinks that were produced by this company either transformed or ceased to exist, or simply began to be produced in smaller quantities. Other, on the contrary, reached the peak of their heyday.

It is interesting that under the name "Chateau" wines are produced in the Krasnodar Territory. They are also popular. These include premium wines. They are produced from grapes, which are collected on their personal plantations by the workers of the wine holding "Ariant". And the most famous representative of the company is the wine of Chateau "Taman". The guarantee of their success is carefully selected high-quality raw materials. Grapes in the production process on the best equipment produced in Italy, which gives an excellent opportunity to produce wine material. To reduce acidity in the drink, the process uses the technology of apple-milk fermentation. Due to this it is possible to make wines more harmonious and soft to the taste. And, most importantly, the entire production process is under the strict control of highly professional winemakers from France, from the province of Champagne itself.

Bordeaux is a classic of the wine genre

A drink like the wine of Bordeaux (Château), today is heard by all people who are at least a little acquainted with alcohol. Well, we should talk about him. Bordeaux wines are made in the South-West of France, in the same area, in honor of which this drink was named. Alcohol produced in this region is prepared solely in accordance with the traditions that are passed here from one generation to another. By the way, in the province of Bordeaux more than ten thousand different manufacturers are engaged in the production of wine.

The best are considered to be dry red wines. For their manufacture, elite grape varieties are used: Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon , etc. It is interesting that the wines of "Bordeaux" stand for at least 50 years, and as a maximum - a hundred. So it's not surprising that this gorgeous beverage is loved by connoisseurs of quality and expensive alcohol.

Drink true wine connoisseurs

Well, now it's worth talking about individual drinks. You should start with Carbonho Rouge wine Pessac-Leonyane. It is a drink that has been produced since 1989, produced in France, featuring a pleasant dark ruby tint and soft, supposedly "woody" taste. There is a bottle of this wine about 13.5 thousand rubles. And this is still a small amount, which can be given for Wine Chateau. The price of this drink varies depending on the type of grapes, the duration of aging, the country in which it was produced, and also from other nuances. One bottle of Chateau La Fleur-Petrus can cost about one hundred thousand rubles - if it was kept since 1989. There are others - 2004, 2008, for example. But the wine of the seven-year endurance will not cost much - about 45 thousand rubles. So such alcohol is a privilege of those people who can afford it.

Inexpensive alcohol from the manufacturer

But for the sake of justice I want to note that there are more "budget options."

One of the inexpensive (in any case, it can be called that, meaning the Chateau) is the wine le Grand Vostock 2010 production year. A high-quality and well-kept drink, ranked fourth in the list of the best wines of 2012 in the Russian Federation - its cost is 2400 rubles.

But there are also cheaper wines. Take, for example, Chateau Dargo. Its cost is 200 rubles, but it is worth noting that this is a young drink, almost without aging. It is referred to the classification of canteens, and it will be an excellent choice for fans of just such wines.

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