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Rest in March: where to go on vacation?

The successor to the winter months of March most often does not please Russians with good weather. In large cities, slush appears on the streets, and the northern regions of the country are still snowing. Therefore, I would like to go somewhere at that time to enjoy the warm bright sun, which was so scarce during the winter. Rest in March is quite common among Russian citizens as a time for travel to resort countries. However, not all routes popular among tourists at this time will be suitable.

For example, the weather in Turkey in March is still quite cool, winds often blow and rains. The air temperature fluctuates around 18 degrees, and the water is not yet warmed up. It is best to start a season of trips to this country in mid- May. Rest in March in Greece is about the same picture. However, there are advantages of traveling at this time: first, the good discounts on accommodation offered by tour operators; Secondly, you can devote time to walking around the local attractions.

In Egypt in early spring, the air warms up to 25 degrees in the daytime. The drawback of this time of year are sandstorms, which are frequent enough that last for several days and can end with mud rain.

Holiday in Goa in March is described as one of the best options. At this time of the year, the daytime temperature here can exceed 30 degrees, while the humidity is low, making tourists from Europe feel comfortable in this climate. Here, travelers are offered a very high-quality service together with a lot of entertainment. The amazing animal and plant world of this area will delight almost any tourist.

Interesting for travelers is India. In this country you can admire the most beautiful ancient palaces and temples, as well as visit other cultural attractions.

Popular holidays in March at ski resorts. At this time tour operators offer tempting offers for trips to Switzerland, Austria, Finland, etc. Snow-white snow against the backdrop of the bright sun is an attractive landscape for those who prefer active pastime. In addition, at these resorts tourists are offered quality service, equipment rental and services of experienced instructors.

One of the most tempting offers of how to spend a holiday in March is a bus tour of Europe. If you have a Schengen visa, you can visit several countries at once and see the sights in them in just a few days. The weather at this time is quite favorable here to spend most of the time on the streets. And spring Paris is an ideal place for a romantic or wedding trip.

A lot of impressions can leave the trip in March to Brazil. If you are not afraid of a fairly high price and a long flight time, then a trip to this country promises an unforgettable experience and vivid emotions. Thus, there are a lot of options for conducting a holiday in March, it is necessary to be guided in choosing a direction only by material possibilities and own desires.

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