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Actor Konstantin Yushkevich: biography, personal life and interesting facts

Russian actor Konstantin Yushkevich is known to the modern spectator for his numerous television roles. It can be seen in different TV projects, and on the set of serials. His filmography is constantly filled with paintings of diametrically opposed genres. These are historical tapes, and militants, and melodramas. But what is hidden behind such a successful facade, let's try to find out.

Children's wonderful years

Little Kostya was born in the family of ordinary Soviet engineers in September 1969 in Sverdlovsk (now - Yekaterinburg). His parents had nothing to do with cinema, they were proud of their profession and tried to impart this love to their son. But the heir did not express any desire to continue the family tradition.

Becoming a schoolboy, the future actor Konstantin Yushkevich became a rebel. The boy could not sit until the end of the lessons calmly. But the rebel out of it turned out to be quite intelligent: the boy never bullied, did not rip off lessons. Kostya preferred to play his classmates and teachers. It was for such antics that he was under the personal control of the director.

Often parents of Yushkevich listened to monologues of teachers about the behavior of their son. There was even a separate diary in which teachers marked the boy's behavior after the end of each lesson.

What dream will come true?

To at least a little calming boyish temperament, parents write it in the Theater of Miniatures, which was at the Palace of Pioneers. Just like Constantine Yushkevich (actor), whose biography is filled not only with interesting works, but also with family worries, began to join in the theatrical art. Gradually he was introduced to the performances, which made him very happy, because he liked very much to go on stage and play some role. But at that time he did not even think about how this could become his profession: Kostya dreamed of a tank school.

But this dream was never realized (there were some health problems). Then the future actor Konstantin Yushkevich decided to refer the documents to the legal one. Everything changed a random phrase.

From the school - in GITIS

After one of the amateur productions in which Yushkevich played, he was given a very important (as it turned out later) advice: to become a professional actor. The guy thought and went to the Sverdlovsk Theater School.

He was a very diligent student, but he had to interrupt his studies because of his service in the army. Demobilized, actor Konstantin Yushkevich, personal Whose life was never a presentation for the masses, finished his studies at the school, but this seemed to him not enough. Therefore, he moved to Moscow to become a student of GITIS. He managed it with a certain ease, and he was enlisted to Zakharov himself. The actor later recalled that in these walls everything was exclusively "adult". Students did not seem to be trained specifically, but they "cooked" in this environment, they ate it. The producers of the plays were Roman Samgin and Viktor Shamirov (later life confronted Constantine more than once). In 1996, Yushkevich became a graduate of a prestigious institute.

Theatrical works

After the end of GITIS, Yushkevich Konstantin (an actor whose photo can often be seen in different glossy publications) becomes part of the legendary Lenkom troupe, which he gave seven years of his life. He liked to work there, but there was one "but": in any repertory theater the hierarchy was identical with the army one. "Lenkom" did not become a benign exception.

Over time, the actor began to understand that something needs to be changed, because he did not want to put up with the predictable existence, with the already familiar performances and rehearsals. And here Victor Shamirov came to the rescue. Yushkevich leaves the Lenkom and goes to the Independent Theater Project, where his multifaceted talent has been fully revealed. Only modern plays were staged here. And since that year the actor has been constantly cooperating with him. He became a favorite of spectators thanks to several performances - about the game in truth, about the driven horses, which are being shot.

Only for women

The great popularity of Yushkevich was brought by another production, which became a classic of the theatrical stage. This role opened it entirely from a new angle, and, not only in the figurative sense of the word. So, the famous production with a non-trivial name "Ladies' Night. Only for women".

This performance was to end with a striptease performed by the main characters - Gosha Kutsenko, Konstantin Yushkevich, Euclid Kurdzitis and Marat Basharov. Such exposure on the scene of his favorite actors caused an unchanging spectator delight. Especially, the female half of the audience.

Thongs for florets for real men

Konstantin Yushkevich (actor), whose biography with the release of this theatrical work has become much more intense than before, very long and hard got used to this work. On the one hand, it was a completely new show with an undeveloped format and tough dialogues. On the other hand, it was even worse for the actor: you had to get used to strings in a flower, both at rehearsals and at home. So the costume designer tried to accustom the actors to a new job. Most of all Yushkevich was afraid, as it will be perceived not only by the audience, but also by his parents. But everything was not so scary, as it seemed: the audience was delighted, and the parents laughed.

His epic film

The movie came to life in the actor's life in the nineties, however, at first the roles were almost insignificant and they did not add much popularity. For some reason, the cinema unfairly ignored Yushkevich and, perhaps, lost some of his roles, but the following years managed to improve the situation.

In the difficult for the Russian cinema of the nineties, the actor Konstantin Yushkevich acted in only a few small pictures. It was always difficult for him to answer the question about why it happened. It is clear that in the profession of the actor very much depends on some accident. And yet he could not find himself in a certain place at the right time. But the actor could never get into the eyes and impose himself, and did not consider it necessary.

Yes, such an honest and proud man was always the actor Konstantin Yushkevich. Filmography of its beginning is broadly supplemented by interesting works with the onset of the new century. He worked on the film sets of such projects as "At the Corner of the Patriarchs", "Turkish March", "Holed", "Russian Riot", "Men's Work" and similar paintings.

And then there was a role that brought him popularity. This was the movie "Savages", four friends who played Konstantin Yushkevich, Vlad Galkin, Gosha Kutsenko and Alexei Gorbunov. The picture told about the crisis of middle age of men, but with such deep philosophical sense and subtle humor that she immediately fell in love with the audience.

The next significant work of the actor was in the film "Plan B", where the character of Yushkevich was businessman Anton Kopylov. The director considered many candidates, but he stopped exactly at Yushkevich. Then there were other films and serials - Gromovs, Always Say Always 4, Keys to Happiness, Puteytsy, Equation with Everyone Known, Heiress, Son, Sklifosovsky, Pure art". In his film set more than seven dozens of diverse roles. He played prosecutors and police captains, traumatologists and engineers, diplomats and businessmen, photographers and drivers. And to each of his characters, he appropriated a few of his qualities.

Brothers or namesakes?

Actor Yushkevich Sergey and Konstantin Yushkevich brothers Or just namesake? This question has long been of interest to viewers who enjoy watching films in which these talented and impressive men were shot. The paintings that both Yushkevich worked on are equally interesting, because among them there are those that are reviewed many times: "Advocates", "Cavaliers of the Starfish", "Five Steps on the Clouds", "The House Without an Exit", "Red."

Actor Yushkevich Sergey and Konstantin Yushkevich did not cross on the set. The only exception (and then with great stretch) can be called the series "Always say always." But even during this work they were not in one shot. Because their characters did not touch the script.

Actor Yushkevich Sergey and Konstantin Yushkevich brothers, if I may say so, only in the actor's shop. But this is its own charm, because not knowing about whether there is a relationship between the two men, I involuntarily want to compare them both externally and professionally.

Personal life of the actor

Really very talented actor Konstantin Yushkevich. His personal life has developed long and firmly. He married at the age of 21, taking his classmate Olga to marry. After the acquaintance, they got married very quickly, and their wedding was rather modest. Now Olga works in the children's department of Mosconcert.

The couple is growing up two daughters - Catherine and Evdokia. About the girls the actor always speaks with special warmth and tenderness. He assures that his daughters are completely different from each other: Katenka is a fighting woman, capable of standing up for herself, and Dusya is very vulnerable and romantic. The Russian actor Konstantin Yushkevich, whose personal life includes not only family, but also one passion - fishing, often regrets that he does not give his girls - his wife and daughters - as much time as he would like. But he has quite a lot of work. But at every opportunity he spends all his free time with his wife and daughters. The family likes rollerblading and having fun in the water park.

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