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Types of 'Martini'. Cocktails with 'Martini'

To create the "Martini" used a combination of flowers, roots and seeds of about thirty-five plants. This idea was born approximately two thousand years ago. A special wine drink (sustained on the island of Crete), mixed with flowers of wild plants, has certain (curative and not only) properties. As time has shown, its taste is fully appreciated today. Thus, the "Martini" is currently represented in several forms, cocktails with "Martini" are very popular.

"Martini-Bacardi" owes its appearance to the merchant Don Facundo Bacardi who emigrated to Cuba from Catalonia. Considering local rum varieties too sharp, he decided to create a new variety, using the best cleaning and other components for alcohol. In the process of developing his company, Bacardi created a trademark (bat), which was considered a symbol of happiness and harmony in Catalonia. The recipe for "Martini-Bacardi" was passed between generations. Extract of the drink is made exclusively in oak barrels, which from the inside are specially charred to achieve a special dark rum color.

The variety "Martini-Rosso" has a sweet and slightly bitter taste and a very juicy, rich, bright aroma. It successfully selected a combination of wines and special (collected with all care) herbs. Popular cocktails with "Martini-Rosso", where juice is an additional ingredient. Also, this variety is good for eating with lemon or ice.

Variety "Martini-Bianco" features a soft, with a light spicy and vanilla flavor, and a more delicate and less bitter taste, in comparison with "Rosso". Lovers of sweet prefer exquisite cocktails with "Martini-Bianco", recipes of which include such ingredients as soda, lemonade or tonic.

The variety "Martini-Extra Driver" has a truly unique taste. He with a relatively high strength contains a little sugar. This drink is superbly drunk in its pure form. In addition, it consists of "exotic cocktails with" Martini ".

Variety "Martini-Rose" is a kind of drink, in the taste of which there is a shade of carnations. It collected varieties of wines, creating an amazingly strong, tonic and, at the same time, a gentle bouquet.

Variety "Martini-Bitter" features a dense "ruby" color, rich flavor. In his taste, bitterness is combined with sweetness. This variety is an example of the highest craftsmanship of winemaking.

However, the most popular and favorite is the Martini-Bianco brand. It can be combined with cream, fruit, chocolate, strong alcohol. This variety is used in the preparation of both simple and complex cocktails. It is perfect for romantic cocktails. The magnificent aroma and sweetness of this variety allow combining "Martini" with vodka. Despite the fact that many adherents of conservatism do not want to recognize this combination, it is very popular. In this case, in cocktails with "Martini" can be added more or less parts of vodka, gin or vermouth. This results in a more sweet or dry taste. Ingredients can simply be poured into a glass (necessarily chilled), mixed or shaken with ice. At the same time, many believe that it is better to mix (which, by the way, is usually done today), while others are for shaking the components. To the cocktail you can add olive (or olive), lemon or some other component. Particularly relevant is the lemon in the "Martini" with the addition of vodka.

On the basis of "Martini" you can create very interesting and very original cocktails. For example, "Martini", lemon, strong chilled tea (necessarily black) and green olives form a cocktail with unforgettable taste "A la Bruce", which can be called a very affordable luxury for fans of unusual drinks.

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