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The invasion of locusts throughout Russia

The situation is already becoming traditional for the southern regions of the Russian Federation. Locusts came to the farmland , which caused the introduction of the emergency regime. The crops are under threat of destruction. The swift invasion of locusts is horrible to all.


Specialists note that the locust has captured a third of the crops. Means for its destruction are not enough, and help from the center comes late. Several years ago, 500 thousand hectares fought with this insect, but now this figure has exceeded two million.

Owners of fields in the Astrakhan region are only assessing the damage from the locust invasion. Rural plague - so they say here about it, after it there are practically bare fields. In many places a terrible picture appears before your eyes: insect streams are moving along the roads. The war with locusts is conducted with the help of aviation equipment. The invasion of locusts in the Astrakhan region is causing enormous damage to all of Russia.

Landless Lands

Astrakhan received new types of equipment and tools for treating fields from insects. However, according to farmers, the benefits of this little: locusts often come from abandoned land, on which it does not fight.

Landless land no one treats from insects. To resolve this issue, a law has been passed allowing the seizure of these plots from owners. But it is problematic to obey. The Ministry of Agriculture confirms: the procedure requires a lot of time. Perhaps such measures will prevent the invasion of locusts in Russia.

For the withdrawal of unused land, it is necessary to prove that they have become less fertile, that the efficiency of their use is low. This should be a decision of the court and the municipality. The selected land plots through the auction are transferred to the use of organizations that intend to effectively use them.


Locusts do not wait until the judiciary's decisions are made and executed, but goes to where the most food is. Pests appear in central Russia and the Southern Urals. The Orenburg region has already met locusts, but the number of insects increases every year. Farmers comment on the locust invasion and are asked to take action.

Dagestan is also actively fighting insects: the fields have been processed several times already. However locusts still occur, the situation in the local Ministry of Agriculture is kept under control. The situation is not yet extraordinary, but the speed of locust occurrence is higher than the speed of its destruction. In the region, they hope for interaction in this issue between the regions, without which there will be no effective struggle. Often flocks of locusts fly from northern neighbors, which complicates the process of exterminating the pest. The colossal invasion of locusts in Bashkiria also shocked local residents and farmers.

During the flight, an insect per day can easily move to a distance of up to two hundred kilometers. In this case, no one else can predict the direction of movement. With the increase in the size of the flock, the rate of destruction of the crop also increases. Once the insects have risen to the wing, the spraying of chemicals will lose effectiveness. And other methods of counteraction are still under development.

Methods of struggle

Astrakhan University has developed a special complex to combat insects. He lures pests and turns them into animal feed. The creation of an operating copy requires about seven hundred thousand rubles. Sponsor for this project has not yet been found. Perhaps in the future, the invasion of locusts will not threaten crops.

The locusts are eaten by monkeys. Zoo in Moscow does not have time to breed them for the needs of monkeys. And this element of food should be present in sufficient quantity in the diet of animals. According to entomologists, monkeys with locusts, of course, can not cope. In the museum of Darwin believe that to effectively combat this insect you need to better study it in terms of behavior. The invasion of locusts in Russia can be conscious.

A flock of locusts has a leader behind whom moves. Someone had even thought of killing the leader so that the rest of the pack stopped moving for a while. To do this, tried laser weapons, but the result is still unknown, the employee of the Darwin Museum shares.

Absolute victory over locusts, according to scientists, so far you can not wait. Science does not know the solution to this question. The Ministry of Agriculture says that as a whole, insects have become less in the country than in the previous year. They also promised to destroy locusts before their flight. Agricultural producers, who lost part of the crops, are not happy about this. The rest of the farmers are anxiously awaiting developments. Today, the locust invasion destroys acres of fields.

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