The layout of the plot 10 hundred parts: useful tips and photos. Scheme and layout of the suburban area 10 acres

To buy suburban areas today is fashionable. Someone wants to become the owner of a small territory. Someone, on the contrary, loves space and freedom. It is believed that the larger the plot area, the easier it is to equip it. Is it so? We will deal with this in the example of the territory of 10 hectare.

Project: general information

It is with him that the planning of the household plot begins. 10 hectare is a large enough territory. Here you can place many elements. The layout of the plot of 10 acres is made taking into account the owner's preferences and landscape features. You can use the pencil and paper to compose the project. Very clearly looks like the layout of the 10 hectare plot in various computer programs. A lot of them are for beginners and do not represent anything complicated. With a project, even the simplest, hand-drawn on paper, it's much easier to work on the embodiment of all ideas.

What should be in the project

First you should place all the objects that are already present in the territory. In this case it is desirable to observe the scale as precisely as possible. After drawing all available plantations, you can proceed to fill the remaining space. In doing so, it should be remembered that part of the site will be allocated for construction. What can be accommodated in the territory? First, it should be zoning the site. On the territory there should be a place for rest, a garden, shrub or tree plantations and certainly flower beds.

Distribution of elements

The plot of 10 hectare plot can be carried out as follows:

  • 150 m2 - children's playground, decorative plantations, garage, veranda;
  • 150 m2 - alpine slide, gazebo, swimming pool;
  • About 127 m2 - beds of vegetable crops;
  • 22 m2 - a greenhouse.

The remaining space is expediently distributed between farm buildings, paths, gardens.

Examples of the layout of the site 10 hectare

In the issue of styling and design of the territory, first of all, it is necessary to determine the type of location of objects on the ground. Today, there are the following types of planning:

  1. Rectangular. This layout of the 10 hectare plot is distinguished by a strict geometry of the position of the landscape objects. Tracks pass through the territory at right angles. In general, straight lines prevail on the terrain. This layout of the 10 hectare plot is considered traditional and quite common.
  2. Round. Such a layout of the suburban area of 10 acres will require a certain experience in combining different landscape elements and combining them into the original composition. On the territory in this case the rounded forms of flower beds, flower beds and other components prevail.
  3. The diagonal. Such a layout of the suburban area of 10 acres will visually increase the space. Diagonal lines are perfect for such a square.
  4. Free. The main task in the design of the terrain is thus the rational use of the available space. Free lines are typical for both buildings and plantations. Such a layout of the garden area of 10 acres is a harmonious combination of all landscape elements - from a pond to ornamental plants. It is worth noting that the territory, equipped in this way, is quite simple to care for. First of all, this is due to the lack of the need to closely monitor the multiplication of plants from seeds that fall into the ground. When planning a site in a free style, you need to determine the locations for key landscape compositions. The flowerbeds, gazebos, small architectural forms will perfectly look on the territory thus designed.

Which option to choose

Having an idea of what can be the layout of the garden area of 10 acres, you need to choose the most suitable solution specifically to the terrain. To facilitate the task, you can again turn to the sheet of paper. It can depict a plot in different types of planning. Visualization will help determine the choice. With the drawing it will be clearer that it pleases the eye more - a classically decorated space with symmetrically distributed elements or a free style with compositions created in a random order. As one of the options you can use a mixed layout. It is used, as a rule, on the terrain of irregular shape. If there is no possibility of placing the tracks entirely, it is also possible to use their fragments.

Location of buildings

The best option is to build a house along the red line. It is located about five meters from the road adjacent to the site. It is necessary to determine the sides of the world, where the windows of the house will go. Here you should remember about simple things. It will always be hot on the south side, constantly cold, respectively, on the northern side. In addition to temperature, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of light. For example, if the bedroom windows will go to the east, then in the mornings the room will always be brightly lit. This is not very convenient for "people-owls." Economic buildings are best located near the recreation area. In doing so, it should be done so that sheds and other structures are not very conspicuous.

Zoning Space

The territory for rest is best placed from the side or back side of the house. In this case, the site will have a magnificent view of the landscape. Particular care should be given to the area for children. The playground should be viewed from the windows of the house so that the kids are under supervision. Parking space is usually provided near the residential building. This zone is equipped so that the car does not block the facade and does not interfere with the passage. All these areas should be placed so that they are as far as possible hidden from prying eyes and direct sunlight.


When registering this part of the territory, it is necessary to take into account the distinctive features of plants, the ability to get along with one another or another with each other. Equally important is the degree of adaptability of plantations to the climatic conditions of the region. It should be remembered that in the northern part of the garden it is better to plant plants preferring a shadow. But fruit trees and shrubs are best planted on southern territory. Proper planning of the land (10 acres) will solve several practical problems. With a competent placement of plants, you can get a perfectly decent crop every year. In addition, a saving shadow is created in the hot summer. On the site of 10 hectare can be planted behind the house crimson bushes, strawberries, strawberries. Here the main thing is patience and desire, necessary for caring for plantings.

Important points

The layout of the countryside 10 hectare must be primarily convenient. Speech in this case is not only about the owners of the territory, but also about the neighbors. In order not to cause any inconvenience to anyone, shrubs are planted at a distance of not less than 1.5 meters from the border of the site, and trees - further. This is necessary so that the plantations do not cast a shadow on neighboring plants. If such placement is impossible for some reason, then it is possible to try to place dwarf cultures. When placing a plant, you need to remember that it needs a certain free space. A bush or a tree should not feel constrained. Only in this case the plantations will be pleasantly surprised by their appearance and yield.


This element can be included in the project of the site. For the device of a reservoir the place, hidden from direct beams will perfectly approach. This moment is important, because with constant sun the water will "bloom" and the plants develop poorly. For the arrangement of the reservoir it is possible to use ready-made structures. Some owners build a pond independently, as they say, "from scratch." In the artificial pond are inhabited hygienic plants, undemanding to care.

Paths and flower beds

The form of these elements must be combined with the general direction of the style of the site, the type of planning. For example, if rectangular motifs prevail, then the flower beds with paths must have strict and precise lines, be symmetrical about the buildings and each other. Round forms, respectively, assume bends, rounded paths and flower beds.

Lawn and terrace

These two elements are present in almost every section of a large area. The terrace is best located on the south side. It is more expedient to place the lawn on the territory near the recreation area. They can also fill the space, free of plantations and buildings. Original compositions look like stones, plants, small waterfalls and fountains, placed on the lawn.


Implement the layout of the site in 10 acres as a whole relatively easy. The main thing - before the beginning of the work is to clearly determine the style of the territory, the appointment of a particular zone. Substantial help in this will be the project. You can do it yourself, but you can entrust this business to professional landscape designers. In the arrangement of the terrain, many factors must be taken into account. Among the main ones one should mention the climatic features of the territory, the properties of the soil, the location of the site, its evenness. Also, when zoning should pay attention to the degree of illumination of this or that corner. Taking into account these factors, the distribution of cultural plantations is carried out. When building a site, do not be afraid to show imagination. However, everything should be in moderation. Elements of landscape design should harmoniously fit into the territory and be combined with the overall style of the house.

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