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Irene Ferrari: the owner of the biggest breast in Russia dreams of children!

In their desire to stand out and become a real ideal, some people sometimes go to extremes. A good example is a secular lioness and successful businesswoman Irene Ferrari. The girl just wanted to become the most beautiful, and eventually put the all-Russian record as the owner of the biggest bust in the country. And this is not the limit, according to the record holder herself.

Short biography Irene

On February 12, 1981, a girl Irina Matsyno was born in a small village of Ilinogorsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. After graduating from school, the girl entered a law school and successfully graduated. After passing the practice in the police, Irina went to conquer Moscow and worked for a whole year in a law firm. But even while studying at university, the girl fantasized about what could be changed in her own appearance. She dreamed of opening a beauty salon, and if she was lucky - and a whole network. Having worked a little in a low position in a law firm, Irina came up with a new name - Irene Ferrari - and went to the first plastic surgery. From the clinic the girl came out as the proud owner of the fourth breast size. But this operation was not the last.

Body-modification of the lady "perfection"

Getting an impressive bust, Irina-Irene became much more self-confident. Very soon, with the help of another boyfriend, she realized her old dream and opened a beauty salon first in Nizhny Novgorod, and then in the capital. Both establishments were quite successful, and very soon Irene Ferrari became a prosperous business lady and was able to fulfill all dreams of her own appearance. There are rumors that more than 20 plastic surgeries have been done to date. Irene does not hide the fact that she chose one of the role models for herself as a well-known actress of adult films Lolo Ferrari, even her Russian female telematics lover borrowed her name from her. Inspired by the Russian record holder and an example of Dita von Teese. Irene Ferrari, just like this star, removed a pair of ribs. Also, the businesswoman made herself a plastic of the buttocks, using silicone implants, and several times corrected the shape of the nose. In addition, Irene has a lot of piercing, in some interviews she claimed that she can boast of 20 punctures at once.

Personal life and dreams of women's happiness

Businessmen, showmen and even famous politicians - Irene Ferrari can boast of such partners today. The biography of this amazing woman is reminiscent of a fascinating love story, and at times frankly, an erotic novel. In the press from time to time there are rumors that Irene this time fell in love for real and finally going to get married, but further gossip business, as a rule, does not go. Having made herself "perfect", this woman does not strive to become the "property" of a single man and prefers to enjoy the life of a free lady. However, as Irene Ferrari herself says, "Children are the main happiness in a woman's life, and they must necessarily appear in every family." She sees herself in the role of a mother as an outrageous beauty, but she does not name specific dates when she will have the first-born.

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