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Sticks of bread. Technology of cooking bread sticks

It often happens that the bread at home is over, and nobody wants to run after him to the store. Or simply there is no such possibility. What to do in this case? Bread sticks, baked quickly enough, can win. Many housewives are aware of this and often use this option. Especially because the sticks are great not only with hot soup or tea, but with ordinary milk, and with many other dishes. Today we will also prepare this delicious meal - rods-zashchalochek, in addition, with various additives and seasonings.

Recipe for chopsticks with cheese and aromatic herbs

Cheese can be used any that is only available at the right time in your refrigerator. Necessary products: warm water - 150 ml, granulated sugar - one spoonful of tea, quick-acting dry yeast - one teaspoon, flour - 250 grams, salt - half a teaspoon, hard cheese - 200 grams, cumin and rosemary - half teaspoon, One chicken egg, olive oil - two tablespoons, poppy seeds or sesame seeds. We cook bread sticks with cheese. We make the spit. Pour warm water into a cup, pour the sugar into it , mix it, add the yeast, cover it - and let it stand for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cut fresh cumin and rosemary, grate cheese on the grater. Sift into a large bowl of flour, put salt, herbs and cheese, stir. Now pour in the yeast, mix again. Add the egg and then knead the dough. To make it easier to knead, pour olive oil, two spoons. Turn on the oven to 200 degrees. After 15 minutes, we begin to form bread sticks. For this, part of the test is picked off and rolled over the kitchen surface with your hands. Next, pour out a little sesame seeds on the table and roll them into the dough. At the end of the process, put the sticks on a baking sheet covered with parchment, and send it to the oven, where we bake for 10-15 minutes.

The recipe for cooking grissini - Italian bread sticks

Such products are available in every restaurant and cafe in Italy. To prepare them you need the following products. For the test: flour - 600 grams, salt - two teaspoons, dry quick-dissolving yeast - two teaspoons, water - 350 ml, olive oil - three spoons. For additives: large salt, herbs are dry, cheese, poppy, sesame. Cooking breadsticks grissini. We sift the flour, mix it with salt and yeast. We add oil to warm water and gradually pour it into the flour, mixing the dough constantly, which should turn out to be soft and elastic. Cover it and remove it for 60 minutes in a warm place. Then divide into four parts, each of which is rolled into a thin layer, lubricated with oil and sprinkled with grated cheese, sesame, provencal dry herbs. Slightly squeeze the dough into the dough. Then cut it into strips of two centimeters thick. We twist them in a spiral and lay them on a baking sheet with parchment, which then for half an hour we send it to the oven, heated to 200 degrees. The prepared dish is cooled and stored in a bag or a closed container.

Recipe for chopsticks with sesame seeds

This dish can easily replace the usual bread in some situations, for example, when decorating a buffet or a buffet table. Ingredients: fresh yeast - 50 grams, premium flour - one kilogram, sugar sand - two tablespoons, salt - one teaspoon, one hundred grams of vegetable oil and sesame seed. Now consider the lean recipe for how to make bread sticks with sesame seeds. Pour into a deep bowl of warm water, exactly 500 ml, add the yeast and sugar sugar, stir and leave for 20 minutes alone. After that, pour in salt, again we interfere. Then add the whole kilogram of flour and begin to knead the dough. At the end of the process, we pour in vegetable oil and mix until the whole flour is taken. Cover with a towel and leave for 20 minutes at room temperature. And then we knead it to a homogeneous state.

We form the sticks and bake

After 40 minutes, divide the dough into three parts, roll them out in a thin layer and sprinkle sesame seeds on both sides. Then cut into long thin strips up to one centimeter wide. We cover the baking tray with parchment and lay out these strips on it. If desired, you can twist them into spirals, and you can leave them straight. Before the bread sticks go into the oven, let them a little, 20 minutes, go away. But it is no longer necessary that the dimensions do not greatly increase. Warm up to 200 degrees oven, put a baking sheet in it and bake the sticks for 15 minutes. On the availability immediately remove from the baking tray and collect vertically bouquet. The table is served in a basket or a high vase.

Traditional breadsticks: a recipe for cooking

Your attention is offered one more recipe of traditional Italian bread hand sticks. Products: dry yeast - 1/3 pack, can be replaced with one tablespoon of fresh bakery, warm water - 100 ml, sugar sand - one pinch, malt extract - two teaspoons, salt - one tablespoon, top grade flour - half a kilogram. For kneading the test, we will use a glass container. We warm it by pouring hot water. Then dry it dry, put the yeast, pour in warm water and add a pinch of sugar sand. Stir until the yeast dissolves, and leave for 15 minutes alone. Mix the malt extract with a wooden spatula , a third of the flour and salt. Gradually add another third of the flour, constantly mixing, until the mass doubles in volume. For kneading the dough, prepare the working surface and sprinkle with flour. From the bowl, spread the mass and, adding a little flour, we knead the dough for ten minutes. It should become elastic and smooth. We make a big ball out of it.

The process of cooking breadsticks in Italian

We tear off a small piece, the size of a walnut, form a ball from it and put it on a flour-strewn table. The same is done with the rest of the test. The result should be about 30 balls. We take one of them, we knead with hands, then we put it on the table and roll it out to the shape of a thin long sausage. We put it on a baking sheet, oiled or greased. Repeat the operation and with the other balls, folding on a baking sheet. This is our future breadsticks (about 30 pieces). The oven is heated to 280 degrees and we send the baking sheet into it for 10 minutes. Then we take it out and turn the products over. And again in the oven. It's already 7-8 minutes. Do not allow brown baking. Let them cool down - and you can serve on the table. Cooked properly with this recipe, the sticks should be crispy. Dilute the dish for a couple of minutes in the oven immediately before serving.

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