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How to cook beetroot - an actual summer theme

Beetroot soup - homemade cold soup on the basis of beets with vegetables - a wonderful dish for the body in the summer heat. It refreshes and sates, not burdening with weight. How to cook beetroot to make it exceptionally good and tasty? Many people save time and energy trying to cook beetroot for a few days, so you do not have to stand by the stove for a long time, waiting for the beets to cook. We just add fresh vegetables and herbs to a ready-made beetroot broth. Let's try to figure out how to cook beetroot, to save time, and get the most benefit.

First of all - a few secrets. In beetroot must be added only natural lemon juice - it's easy even without a juicer to get from a lemon. Simply cut the lemon in half, and press, while the cut is lowered and hold it with your fingers (so that the bones do not hit the cup with the juice). Avoid adding to cold soup citric acid or, especially, vinegar. Beetroot is a good component for borsch, however it should not be placed in beetroot. So do with the potatoes. It will be better if it is boiled or baked separately, and served to the table with a beetroot.

Let's pass to the first and the main stage of preparation. You will need a young beet - one kilogram, half a glass of rinsed prunes, lemon, 5 liters of hot boiled water. To taste, you need to add salt and sugar. Experienced housewives believe that these components can be taken more to give the future beetroot a rich taste. Having all these ingredients available, take a small pot and boil the beet until half cooked. If the beet is young and the fruits are not large, this process will take no more than 20 minutes. Note that the tails of the beetroot fruit should not be cut off or cut off, otherwise much juice will be lost during cooking. Place the hot beetroot in cold, even icy water. This will make it easy for you to clear the vegetables. Slice the beet with a thin straw, put in a large five-liter pot and pour prepared with hot water, preferably - with boiling water.

Put the saucepan on a strong fire and add the lemon juice. Because of this, the brightness of the broth will remain. Add prunes to give the cold soup an original flavor note. The contents of the pan should boil no more than two minutes. Then cover the frying pan with a lid and put it in a cool place where the base for the beetroot will cool down more quickly. Cooled broth should be stored in the refrigerator. Before consumption beetroot is seasoned with crushed fresh vegetables and herbs - cucumbers, radishes, onions, dill. Beetroot is traditionally laid hard-boiled and finely chopped eggs. All this is put in a plate, and then filled with beet broth with beetroot. To taste add sour cream, you can put and one or two ice cubes. Beets are served with boiled or baked potatoes.

And here is the answer to the question that concerns us: a beet broth can indeed be stored in the refrigerator for a whole week. Thus, the soup is very beneficial from the point of view of saving time, because you can cut the greens, vegetables and eggs very quickly - and a cool refreshing soup is ready!

Beetroot is a classic example of Russian cuisine, it is loved by both adults and children. Let's talk about how to cook beetroot for babies.

First, carefully wash the potatoes and beets under running water. Boil them should be, without cleaning, to preserve the maximum of useful substances. If you want to feed this kid's soup during lunch, it is better to boil vegetables in advance - in the morning. Cook the boiled potatoes and cut them into cubes. Cook and brush the eggs. If the child is less than one and a half years old, then it is better not to give him a protein. Older children can eat both yolk and protein. Egg can be ground with a fork. Just put it on the bottom and mash it by pressing the teeth on the egg. Rinse the dill and clove of garlic, cut it all into small pieces. Pour half a liter of water into a saucepan. Boil, salt. Add potatoes, you can - a little bay leaf. Fire do not diminish, and when the water boils again, add greens, eggs and garlic. Again bring to a boil and turn off the fire. If the baby does not have a good appetite, you can draw his attention to the soup by decorating it. In advance, separately boil carrots and beets, cut beetroot with plates, and from them (more conveniently - using a cookie cutter) cut out, for example, flowers or hearts. The same can be done from carrots. If you cut flowers from beets, you can cut out small mugs from the carrot and make a middle for the flowers. Decorate gently on the edge of the plate, and pour soup into it. In it you can add a teaspoon of olive or unrefined sunflower oil. After a year and a half you can put sour cream in the soup. If you want to give the child a hot beetroot soup, then you can boil the meat separately, cut it and put it in a bowl.

So we figured out how to cook beetroot for adults and children. Bon Appetit!

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